Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bible Time Funnies...

The picture is what we did for Bible Time today.. it was taken with my cell phone so excuse the quality. You may or may not be able to see that we have placed a baby peanut (Moses) inside a cupcake holder (the basket) to show the boys that Moses was in a basket as he went down the river. We are learning about Miriam and how she wanted to protect her baby brother and watched as her mom put him in the river. Anyhoo, The boys each got a turn putting "the baby" in the "basket." Jorge took the baby (peanut) and set it gently in the basket. I took it out and handed it to Alex to take a turn. To which Alex put the "baby" right into his mouth!

Then I had to rescue Moses out of Alex's mouth. Of course everyone, including my niece and nephews, got a huge laugh out it!
Too cute. Hey, its not his fault I was pretending with food. How would that have altered history, eh? If Moses were swallowed?

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