Saturday, December 6, 2008

Some cute randomness

Here are some random pictures from random times all from cell phones. 

This one was from last night.  She was sacked out on her daddy's shoulder.  Look at the adorable dimples in her hand.. oh I could eat her. 

I was taking the boys to MDO when I hear Jorge say: "Look at us mommy."  they did this the whole way to school.  Too cute.  

Cute angel baby being held by her daddy at Chickfila.  This was from the night I will never do again. 

At Camp Maranatha.  This was enjoyable for about two seconds because there were no barriers on the pier.. you know what that spelled.. 


Little Monkey man.  These were his drums. 


Jennifer said...

very cute. i love those dimples.

Marsha said...

ahhh!! What sweetness!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel!

We took some photos of your family at Maranatha, too! If you didn't get the "view my photos" invitation I sent, let me know and I'll send it to you. You have a beautiful family!