Friday, June 13, 2008

My funny Alex!

Yesterday I talked about how frustrating it can be to parent these guys and today Im focusing on the positive. I saw these pictures that we took that sum up Alex's personality. 1. He truly is fun loving. 2. He does what he wants to do, when and where he wants to do it. Allow me to prove my points.

1. This is at Alabama Adventure. He is riding on the train. He saw his brother do the hands up in the air "yeah" excitement pose and he decided to do it. However his was just too cute for words. Fun loving little guy.

2. This is at Chuck-E-Cheese. He was playing with Skiball, walking the ball up to the actual hole and then he decided he needed a break. Which always includes putting his thumb in his mouth and, this time, one hand behind his head. I mean a guys has to get comfortable, right? Big Jorge snapped both of these pics with his camera phone. too funny.

I also visited a friend at the hospital today. She had a baby girl (which was a surprise for them). The baby, Ana Elizabeth, is half hispanic so she came out with a head full of dark hair. She was absolutely gorgeous. And of course when I saw her I teared up thinking "oh my word, Im about to get one of these." A girl, I mean. It was funny. Is that normal? You see someone's baby (albeit, gorgeous and beautiful) and think about your own little girl coming in the near future? I'm going to say yes, it's normal.

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