Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's all good!

Eva is just a tad bit "above normal." I'm 29 weeks 1 day and she is measuring 29 weeks 6 days. Not that bad. And I also asked the untrasound tech to "make sure she is still a 'she'." She got a kick out of that. She also got another really good "shot" of our proof. There is no denying Eva is a girl. ;-) The tech also let me just watch Eva for a few minutes. Oh our precious our little girl already is. She stuck her tongue out at me and had her hand under her chin and the other hand holding that arm. Too cute.

I also had a very encouraging talk with my doc (i heart dr. R) about the whole birth plan and also the plan b of induction (if medically necessary). He is "confident" we won't have any problems and said that he is "assured that I will get through an unmedicated birth with no problem." He is all for letting me do whatever I want to do (within reason, lol) to get through the process. He is also not as concerned about how much insulin I am on as long as the NST's (non-stress tests are normal). Which I begin those next week. Once a week, people, until I deliver. So those with multiple children imagine that "stress." Finding childcare once a week for the next 10-11 weeks for a doctors appointment. Oh well..

So that about sums it up. Thanks for praying.. those of you that did. So far so good. Now onto the non-stress tests.

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Erica Shepherd said...

I'm glad that everything is going well. I did pray for you today. So was miss thing in a ball the reason for the tape measure discrepancy ? Anywho, glad all's well!