Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beach 2009

this was supposed to be one of just me and the sexy hubs.. but the boys gave it a "real life" look.. sans Eva. 

Jorge, his sisters (Cecy & Vero) and his mom.  His brother was not able to come with us. :-(
Cecilia, Ciro and Marco
Martha and her current grandchildren......when we all got home we found out someone was expecting...

Not her.. Veronica and her family (l-r: Josh, Jeremy, Ernesto, Vero and Kevin (lil' man). 

HER!! Yeah Cecy!  Beautiful pregnant lady (7 weeks). the young girl up front is her daughter Natalie.. the young man in the back is her step-son marco, and Natalie's friend Emily.  
growing family! 
proud papa.. 
"hey kevin, let me tell you a secret.." 

Random fun beach trip pics to come.. 


jen wendorf said...

great pictures! congrats Cecy!!! that's so exciting! i'm guessing it's public news since you posted it on your blog ;-)

Jaci Spain said...

Those are beautiful pictures. And I love the one of Eva smiling in her dress. And how exciting the Cecy is pregnant...YAY:)

Rachel said...

Those are GORGEOUS pics!! Y'all definitely hit the sun at the exact right time. Those pictures will be handmedowns in your family for decades to come.

Oh - and the family is pretty beautiful too!! :)

Tina Ogden said...

i love the pictures! such an adorable family :) It also reminds me of the many trips to the Gulf with youth group. so fun