Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recent happenings...

We have had a busy week.. what else is new, right? There was a gymnastics meet at Alabama and then a birthday party (for Fritz) and little stops along the way. Here are some pics.

My youngest sister, Ruth, trying to get Eva to smile. 

Rachel, other younger sister, holding her favorite little angel. 

Fritz embarrassed that everyone is singing to him! 

the boys chugging Fanta.. can you tell they rarely get soft drinks? 

Eva loves her daddy.. they were both making raspberries.. 

LOVE this photo of her in his lap.. she is just a little model, that girl.

Alex pulling Jack around in the radio flyer (at the bday party). 
my hubs pulling the four boys around (his pants are rolled up, not bc he is starting a new fad, but bc they had all been playing in a creek a few minutes earlier).  

I am just patiently waiting for next week.. we are headed to the beach with all of Jorge's side of the family.  About 16 of us all (kids included) in a four bedroom house.. should be wild!  Definitely will have pics of that.  

Have a good day! 

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Rachel said...

too cute!! And that beach trip sounds like it will be. . . .interesting, yet fun. :)