Friday, March 6, 2009

Bible Time Funnies...

Well more like "Prayer time funnies.."  

This morning we read about Jacob obeying God and going back to his homeland even though he was scared his brother would be mad at him.  Then Esau met his brother and gave him a big hug. (children's Bible).  

So after the story Jorge wanted to pray.  "Dear Jesus, thank your for we obey and thank you for our spanking and our discipline and for the duck that didn't bite Alex's finger at the Zoo.  And thank you for daddy to work and help people feel all better so that we can eat food."  

He covered  alot of ground, most of which we have prayed in different prayers.  For example, after he gets a spanking, we always pray and thank God for our discipline because He loves us.  

And when he says he doesn't want daddy to go to work I remind him that if daddy didn't go to work we wouldn't have money to eat. 

 Oh and he saved his brothers fingers at the Zoo the other day when Alex was not responding quick enough to my command to move said fingers because a large, nasty black duck looking thing was going to bite them off.  Jorge ran over and yanked his brother off the fence (much to Alex's disgust) and held him back until I could run that way and explain why he had to obey!  

Anyway.. cute prayers.. I love it! 

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