Sunday, March 8, 2009

too cute

Jorge and Alex were laying in the bed with us this morning.  Well more like wrestling and then Jorge got hurt. 

Jorge:  Ouch. . oh my head hurts. 

me:  oh honey, what happended? 

Jorge:  Daddy happened. 


Alex was asking for his sippy cup that was behind the baby gate in the kitchen.  I went in and got it and then I said: 

Me:  Alex, say thank you. 

Alex: Thank you Jesus.  


Michelle said...

LOL!!! Awwwww, that IS too cute. I wish we could remember these things forever. They are so sweet.

Amanda Leigh said...

I love kids conversations. They are sooo funny! Makes you smile! Your children are beautiful and I always admire the biblical principles you are establishing in your children's lives! I hope to do that one day too! Lots to learn. PTL

Anonymous said...

hahah thats great stuff!