Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Where you be at?"

Bad grammar aside, this has been the question I've been getting. I didn't have a computer for about four days and then when the weather turned nice we have spent every possible moment outside (mom's with boys, you understand).. no playing with dolls here. Must be outside, tearing something apart. climbing (or they climb walls..I have proof.. more of that later) or yelling as loud as they possibly can. Anyhoo.. here are some fun pics to show "some" of our adventures.. some of which are poor quality BC they were taken with my cell phone.. enjoy!

This is just to show how adorable my, now 6 month old, daughter is.  I could eat her! 

Seriously.. I found him like this.. 

Just for the record:  WORLD magazine.. only the best for our little scholar.

Birthday cake surprise at my husband's.. um.. work..  

Beauty got her first bath in the bathtub.. yeah.. she liked it. 

can you count all the rolls?? 

Proof that "sit time" at home pays off out in public.  At the library. 

then reward for sit time at the Library.. playing like crazy at the park. 

still could eat her. 

Dinner out for his bday.. cell phone pic.. i love that man. 

Color time counts for "sit time."  
OCD Alex has to put the crayons in some kind of order.. they say this makes them good in math.. we'll see.. 

Okay.. DISCLAIMER:  My husband taught him how to do this.  And he gets down without incident.  But it still makes me cringe every time he does it.  He is spiderman. 

At the Zoo.. had a blast.  NOT going to stay two hours the next time.  We all melted down.  LOL. 

Fun with Fritz at another park.  Although after the kids got "bored" playing on the playground equipment.. I suggested that we go "over to that big hill and let them run up and down it."  They loved it and it did a great job wearing them out.  This was them taking a break.  See, Alex was even too tired to look up at the camera.  

It's been wild.  Lots of fun and not alot of time to blog.  Guess that's a good thing.  I hope to do a little more blogging this next week.. we shall see.   Just enjoying my kiddos right now and the fact that we can be outside and not sweat or get sucked away by skito's.  

going to bed. adios.  


Unknown said...

Wow! This is full of fun! I loved it. Yes, she is adorable, and I love that you let your boys climb walls. It made me so happy!!

Sarah said...

Ok - little confused- has the fireplace always been right there? I cant believe Jorge taught him this. Husbands...they are just big kids reliving their childhood thru their toddlers! :)

care-in said...

The bathroom picture just cracks me up! Great job with the sit time!