Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starting Week TWO

so I am on day two of week two of P90X.  So for those interested in my journey here are some cool tidbits and maybe some encouragement:

-it is so much easier to workout at home than in a gym.  Even though its an hour workout (whew) it is not surrounded by two hours combined time loading up kids and unloading kids in a gym. 

-although some do not like my instructor (tony horton.. ahem, you know who you are), I think its fun and heck, i don't care if he is annoying.. he's helping me get RESULTS.  

-if I can do this.. anyone can.  I am so bad at staying committed to anything but I take it a day at a time, following my older sis's advice: each day just ask yourself "when am I going to work out today?"  she had a busy day yesterday and found herself working out at 9 p.m bc other things had to get done too.  I folded five loads of laundry yesterday, did my workout, then put the laundry away.  Both things got done but I had to use some flexibility. 

-I may not have lost inches yet, but I feel like I have.  I just feel better having worked out. More energy.. and I also notice that the stretches and lifting really do help me in everyday activities.  

-Two of my favorite Tony phrases:  "Do your best and forget the rest" and "You won't see results until you press play." These motivate me so much.  

Anyway.. week two is off to a good start and I feel so good after i workout.  Comfort of my own home. . and I am able to work toward a goal..like I said, even though my pants aren't falling off me yet or people aren't noticing my chiseled abs (*sigh,* one day) I feel great!  

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emily said...

I love your new family pic!!