Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is Eva and I starting out our hike at Oak Mountain to enjoy the beautiful Pevine Falls. We had to set out a wee bit later than the rest of the clan (hubby and two boys) bc it was "sprinkling." When we set out the boys were already at the falls. Right after I snapped this "happy" picture.. it started to rain, not sprinkle.

 We were too far onto the trail to turn around and head back. So what did Survivor mommy do? I took out my nursing blanket and swung it up over her to cover the sweet, poor baby. I was ill prepared for rain.

Needless to say.. our family enjoyed a nice day at Oak Mountain. And I got some extra cardio, courtesy of the 20+ lbs on my back. Good times.

(for those of you who have seen pics of my mom, you may pick up on the fact that this photo of me really resembles her.. its quite scary).


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Rachel said...

FUN!! It's been forever since I've been to Oak Mountain. . . too cute of a photo!!!