Wednesday, April 13, 2011

don't play with your food!

I mean, seriously.

Did you not LOVE to do this as a kid??

I have memories of doing this. It makes my heart smile that my kids love to do this too. Even if their mom had to show them it was even an option.

Next thing ya know, they'll be slinging pasta on the wall to see if its done.

What food fun do you remember doing when you were a kid??

(Mishka, do not say "using mom's attempt at homemade biscuits as weapons or as a tennis ball." Because, obviously, I got that baking gene passed down to me).


Mishka said...

My personal fav. was when Mom got Mike to peel a bowl of hard-boiled eggs and put a raw one in the mix. Then when he cracked that one he threw it on her and said "haha, the Yolks on you!"

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

i tell that story all the time. LOVE it.

Greta said...

I used to like putting Bugles on my witch's nails.

Creepy huh?

Sandy said...

Bugles on the fingers and Pringles duck bills were always my favorites.