Saturday, April 2, 2011

so my boys don't feel left out...

My posts have been a little "Eva" heavy lately.. so just in case you forget that there are also three little boys in this house..

I came when I heard hysterical laughing.. they stayed like this for a while. .

this guy really likes oreo's and cream Ice cream.. but then again, who can blame him?

Alex playing while at my sister Mishka's house. (post to follow). He loves that transformer toy and finds it every.single.time he goes to her house. My sister said she would like for him to "lose it" anytime he can. (bc she is still willing to put the thing back together for those that get frustrated and can't do it.. me, I'm a meany. NOPE not gonna play that game. over and over). But he is still cute while playing with it..

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