Friday, April 8, 2011

It's life in survival mode..

Yes, that is my daughter sitting on our table. While "playing Uno" with her brother. As you can see, I was productive in folding laundry. It just sat there for half the day before it got put up. I love that I also made sure not to cover the part of the table where their seats are so that I could have more flexibility to leave the clothes there. Yes friends, that was premeditated procrastination. Score!

It's amazing what happens the more kids you throw in the mix. I could care less that Eva was playing cards while sitting on the table. It was cute. And I grabbed my camera to capture it. And i also cared less that my laundry sat on the table for most of the day. I was just impressed it got folded (nevermind, it sat in the laundry room for two days). Ahh.. being overwhelmed.. it's allows you to relax a bit on all your "rules."

It's amazing when I think about how stressed I used to get over little things. Now I know Im outnumbered and I've stopped trying to keep everything in order. So here is to just keeping my head above water. ;-P

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