Friday, April 1, 2011

She always gets into something..

It seems that life with a 2 year old (as if i haven't done this a few times to know by now) is more about keeping them busy, lest they destroy your house or themselves. But anything I give her to do.. well she pours herself into.. literally.

What started as a "clean the table" assignment (with soap)..

turned into.. a taste test (yes, it was a NEW sponge, thankfully).

Daddy came home just in time. She was happy to show him her handiwork.

Is there any more water left in the bucket not already on her?

And then there is that whole "doing school with her older brother" thing. She was supposed to be (and was when I last checked on her) "reading books" and playing with her baby doll. I came when i heard the rustling of some kind of paper.. turns out, it was the bag of Wipey's. And yes, she had pulled out what was left in the bag and laid them out perfectly on the couch.

(i love her "what" look)

Then this morning my sister in Montgomery, who we visited yesterday, sends me this message:

"Eva strikes again, couldn't figure out why the radio was making such a funny noise last night and when Mark turned it upside down water came out, I knew she looked a little guilty when she came out of Levi's room"


As they say:
she better be glad she's cute!

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