Thursday, July 10, 2008

Big Praise the LORD!

I hadn't mentioned anything yet but it's official now.  Big Jorge finished and passed his training for the RNFA (Registered Nurse First Assistant) program.  This is a higher position in the OR and includes a sizeable jump in income for us.  It has taken a year and he still has more homework and so many hours that he has to build up in the next year to finalize the licensing.  Its confusing, even for me.  But the bottom line is that he gets paid for the title w/ responsibility, NOW.  We are blown away by the provision of the Lord and the reward for Jorge's sacrifice over the last year to get this done.  

On a different note we get the boys bunk beds tomorrow.  Although we are going to keep Alex in a crib for as long as we can, Jorge is going to use a big boy bed.  I am so excited.  In fact, in preparation for all the stuff we are doing to the boys' room I decided to take them to our church MDO drop-in today so that I could shop.  Can I just tell you that I actually went to about 6 stores in a three hour period.  I mean, got to go in, go out, look for what I needed and run back to the van, jump in and hop to the next store in search for what it was I couldn't fine.  No loading and unloading the stroller, or the boys.  Not to mention the ease of just shopping.  I could get used to that.. lol

Success or not in the stores I visited, I got a lot done in that short amount of time.

-Dropped the boys off at 8:45
-Hit Michael's for the big letters to go on the wall (ALEX, JORGE) and the acrylic paint to paint them
-JcPenny- looking for two twin solid blue comforters for the beds.  NO LUCK. 
-Sears- still no luck
-Linen's and Things- No luck.
-Trusty Wal-mart.  Found them.  Plus a matching blue valance for the window.  
-Home Depot- bought paint for the room.  Stonington Beige.  Basic Neutral color to match whatever sheets we decide to use throughout our time in this house. 
-Subway- sandwich to go that Eva was craving. ;-P
-Little Ceasars- for the boys. 
-11:40- picked up the boys from the church and headed home for naps. 

I am so excited to get their room set up.  Granted, Alex is not going to be sleeping in there for another two weeks.  I need all the time I can get, or sleep I can get, before I make that big jump.  Then it will be on to Eva's room for set up.  Although we aren't painting anything.  I'll be sure to take before and after pictures of both rooms.  ;-P

Fun times.. nesting is so much fun... only when I get to cross it off the list! 


Rachel said...

Congratulations to Jorge!!!
And way-to-go on tackling and accomplishing shopping!! :) It's amazing how much more we appreciate a solo shopping trip now than when we could do them any time we wanted.

Missy said...

I'm bought paint, but you aren't painting anything?

This is our room redo week too...will be fun for us to all see what everyone comes up with!

Dollar General said...

That is so exciting...can't wait to see the before and after pictures!

Anonymous said...

i craved subway when i was preggers too. (or maybe it was fritz.) i can't wait to see what everything looks like. i'd be happy to help when you get ready to start fixing everything up!