Monday, July 14, 2008


This morning seemed like an ordinary day.  Although my Jorgito didn't eat much for breakfast and whined a good bit.  But by 9:45 we headed off to the library to rent some movies for the boys.  We were there for four minutes when Jorge said he needed to go pee-pee.  But he was still very whinny.  He set his movies down on a chair and started to hold "himself."  I asked him to hold on a sec so I could put on Alex's shoes, but as I bent down to put on his shoes Jorge started to wail.  I looked at him and said, "you gotta go NOW?"  He said yes.  So I picked up Alex and off we ran for the bathroom. We got into a stall and I sat Alex down right as Jorge starts to throw up all over himself and the floor.  

I guess I was a little shocked because I didn't pick him up and hold him over the toilet, I just focused on keeping Alex, who was still barefoot, from stepping in it.  All the while telling Jorge "your okay baby."  I think the last "thrust" I did get him over the toilet while I grabbed some paper towels to wipe him down.  

I came out of the bathroom, with the boys, throw up still on the floor in the bathroom and had Jorge sit down in front of the counter.  Why?  Because I knew that if we were going to be at home all day then I needed to still check out those movies.  How sad is that?  Two minutes later we were in the car and headed home.  I made the mistake of caving in when he asked for water (20 minutes after the first event) so he threw that up too.   

So stay away, far away.  Hopefully this only lasts today and doesn't migrate to very, very pregnant women who can not imagine throwing up while carrying a massive belly (baby).  

that's all folks. 


Ole Miss Mom said...

I'm so sorry!!! Bless your heart!!! I went through that several weeks ago! ALL 5 of us together! You'll get through it! I'm afraid it moves south towards the end...and our was longer than 24 hours! least you don't have a newborn!!! :-)

Sending you speedy recoveries!!

Anonymous said...

bless you, rachel! i cringe at your story, not only because i am deathly afraid of vomit, but also because i cannot imagine having to deal with that out in a public place with two boys, while being pregnant at the same time. i'm so sorry! i sure hope he feels better very soon, and no one else gets it. thank goodness for library movies!!!

Jaci Spain said...

Ohhh...Yuck!:( You poor thing! Is he feeling better today? We'll wait a couple more days before we hang out with ya'll...LOL!:)

Sarah said...

Oh yuck, sorry! We had that virus last week - not fun. Maddy did the same thing with the water (I never want water when I am sick like that - I thought that was a weird request from Maddy). Anyway, I am really writing to tell you we are going to be in Bham Aug 1-4!!! We are speaking at Nathan Ingram's church about missions. We would love to see you guys sometime while we are there. We dont know our exact schedule yet, we would like to have a couple speaking engagments while we are in town. I will keep in touch.