Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random Photos

Jorge on the bus at Briarwood.. this lady was nice enough to take us on a ride around the church.  Jorge was a little unsure about getting his picture made. 

this is how my son "plays" at chickfila.. he is inside the little spaceship bubble or whatever it is. 

Got on camera: Alex doing the classic- "if my eyes are closed, I can't hear you mommy."

The boys with daddy inside a firetruck.. just a visit to the firehouse.  no worries. 

They both loved seeing the trucks up close.

Alex actually tried for about 2 minutes to lift that ball.  the kind that weighs as much as he does. 

Jorge riding "his" motorcycle at Alabama Adventure.  

Alex trying to eat his shoelaces while watching Daddy and big brother on a ride. 

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