Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Doctor, still sick and new baby!

New look for the blog.  I hope you like it and its easy on the eyes.  I found out about the site that offers the free templets from Rachel C.  And she also helped me walk through how to change alot of the things I was clueless about.  So thanks again girl.  

I had yet another dr's appt today for Eva.  She's still doing great.  Lower heartrate today (120's) but still normal.  I talked to Dr. Ross about my numbers and trying to deliver at 38 weeks and he said that sounded like it was a good idea, based on all the diabetes "stuff."  He is good with my "natural" approach to inducing the labor before we go to pitocin.  So that's GREAT!  So people.. August 25th is the day I turn 38 weeks and that is the day that I am pulling all the stops to see what herb, wives tale, you name it.. will work getting my uterus going.  So feel free to leave a wives tale you have heard (that's worked before on you or someone you know) and I will consider it.. I'd do a contest to see which one worked but if I'm trying a bunch on the same day then there isn't a way to see which one worked. 

Jorgito threw up again at 1 a.m this morning.  And has already had diarrhea twice.  I really covet your prayers for him.  The doc called in a reflux med to see that will help with the throwing up in the middle of the night.  So we'll try that tonight.  God is giving me strength to function with three hours of sleep or six (combined) for the last two nights.  No complaints there. I just hate to see my little man continue to deal with this "thing" whatever it is.  

Also, for those of you who know Jim and Shelley Walls.. they just called and they delivered a beautiful baby girl about two hours ago: Naomi "Hope."  I will put up a pic as soon as i get one.  Its on my phone but I can't transfer it on my computer.  Yeah!! Jim and Shelley!  


Rachel said...

1. No problem! I'm really glad I could help! Thanks for the tag!
2. If you want to induce labor AND have an excuse for a really expensive pre-baby meal, I have heard that Bottega's has a meal that they GUARANTEE that it will send you into labor. I would call first and make sure they still have it, since I just heard that through the grapevine.
3. SO sorry about the stomach bug that will never go away. I will pray!
4. CONGRATULATIONS, Jim and Shelley!! I miss you guys! can't wait to see pics!

Kim said...

On two of my sister's due dates, she drank castor oil and orange juice to get things going. She said it worked, but it sounds disgusting to me.

Natalie said...

Unfortunately (and I hope you prove this wrong) my midwife, and other childbirth professionals, agree that "natural" ways of "inducing" labor will just not work unless the cervix is ready.
I'm just going to pray that your cervix is ready and that one of the "potions" works!
Woohoo! for 38 weeks (that's soooo not fair, by the way).

Rachel Garcia, CD(DONA) said...

Natalie.. that's where the primrose oil will come in.. its a cervix ripener.. i will start that at 37 weeks. but on my last go round i was 3 cm at 38 weeks and effacing. I really don't expect that to be a problem.. but have a plan if im not "soft" yet. ;-)