Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Danger, Poison Control and too much fifth's.

I love this picture. Big Jorge took it on his phone while out at the park with the boys. Of course mommy was nowhere around, why else would Jorgito be standing on the SIDE of the slide where it is very DANGEROUS. Only a daddy would allow that. ;-)

Been very busy lately which is why I haven't blogged. Big and preggers, making a very hard effort to not complain although I will point out that this will hopefully be my last September baby! Ha!

Yesterday I got the lovely opportunity to call Poison Control. Jorge got a hold of my nasal spray (not the saline only kind). The toxicity level is 7 ml and the bottle has 30 ml and I had no idea how much he had gotten. The pc lady on the phone was very concerned and suggested that I take him to the ER immediately. I wasn't sure that he had much of it (not a teaspoon and a half, anyway) so I told her I wasn't sure I was going to take him right away. She was less than thrilled especially since i had mentioned that I had a sleeping baby in the other room (Alex- and he's really a toddler now since he will turn two in September). Her concern, as was mine, was that he could have a seizure at the house since the spray has a very rapid absorbtion rate. But I asked the question: how is a possible seizure going to be any different here at home versus in the waiting room while I'm filling out paperwork at the ER?

Anyway, I decided to wait it out at home. After having talked to my husband I might add. And he turned out fine. I know it could have gone the other way, but I really felt sure that he didn't get much in his mouth since I was out of the room for all of two minutes. Gamble I know, oh well. He's fine.

Oh other than the fifth's disease that we had last week. That's apparently what all of us got. Jorgito is still dealing with the GI issues of that and has the rash on his body when we go out in the sun. Which is the only way I knew it was fifths disease: the rash.

Well Im going to take a nap now. Here are some other pics for your amusement.

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care-in said...

It is definitely an adventure in your house!! Did you get my email about the girly cards I had extras of?