Sunday, July 6, 2008

Toddler speak.

Big Jorge was fixing his shoes while we were in the van.  He had bought some special glue for the sole of his shoe and decided to fix them while in the van on the way to the galleria.  The smell was quite overwhelming and so I was giving him a hard time about being so task oriented, to the detriment of the others in the car (we had to suffer the smell).  Anyway.. we were jesting back and forth when he said something obnoxious (or silly/funny) and I said, "That's not funny."
then the following happened:

Big Jorge:  Jorgito is daddy funny?
Jorgito:  No. 
Big Jorge: Why not? 
Jorgito: You say 'Yes ma'am" to mommy.  

Awesome!  He was tired of hearing daddy "argue" with mommy and was telling him he was supposed to just say "yes ma'am." 

Love it!  We laughed for quite a while after that one. 


care-in said...

That's funny...I love the reasoning behind what they say. I'm the one Elliya checks with when Daddy is teasing her and I have to confirm that what Daddy is saying is true or not.

Anonymous said...

As an adult I have to watch the phrasing of my comments to Ella Grace. The other day I said to her "If that is not the cutest dress!" and she wanted to know why it was not the cutest dress. I have done a few like that, once I said to her "get out" as in really and she said she did not want to leave. There are more I just have to lower my 60 years down to a three year old and I will be okay. I love some of the comments she makes.....hummmm could be a book to be published with similar comments. If I weren't so lazy.

Natalie said...

Mmmmm, love it. Really LOL.