Monday, May 26, 2008

Cats and Dogs.

Depending on if you are a "dog" or "cat" person will determine what you think about my analogy. But this is my blog so I can post any opinion I want I just have to be ready for the response. Anyway... to me, generally speaking:

Dogs are: Loyal to a fault. playsome. affectionate. want to be with you at all times. even after you have gotten on to them you are still on their good side, they don't like to be left alone

Cats are: loyal (to those they want to be loyal to. no questions asked), affectionate (to whom they deem worthy), want to be with you (if you have something they want, or they decide you're worthy), if you get on to them you need to find somewhere else to sleep, and being left alone is their first option.

Well at dinner tonight (the Terry's came over: Mom, esther, rachel and ruth) Ruth mentioned that she kept trying to pick Miguel up but he kept saying "No." He didn't want to be bothered. She noted that Jorgito was not like that when he was the same age. Then the above analogy came to mind. Jorgito is our dog. Alex (Miguel) is our cat. Truly. Even with his daddy, Alex is like a cat. Mommy is the only constant. Just because I am with him all day. I give him what he wants: sippy cup of milk and food, grapes, goldfish, etc.

Anyway.. I thought it was funny to acknowledge the differences between our two boys. God is so neat in how he creates us and gives us personality.

Speaking of.. I have a funny story of our Jorgito at Walmart today.. and it involves pee. Another post later.

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