Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Healing Kisses

Being a mom you wear a lot of different "hats." One of my favorites is that of healer. You know, when your child gets hurt and they come to you to kiss it and make it better. Well this is a daily ritual with Jorge. Even from the simple stub of the tow to the finger caught between the chair and the table. I get to kiss them all better.

I've kissed toes, fingers, hiney's, armpits.. you name it.. all in the name of healing.

And daddy apparently does not have the same healing powers. Only mommy is allowed to kiss it.

Also, Jorge does not understand that there are times when I am unable to kiss it right away. Such as when I am driving, in the shower, uh hmm. .on the potty, etc.

One of the funniest times I have had to kiss a boo boo was when he grabbed my curling iron..while it was on and hot. Being the son that likes to put everything in his mouth (even at almost three) you can imagine what happened. He came running to me yelling, "mommy, I get hurt. I get hurt. Kiss it please, please now." I said, "okay, how did you get hurt honey?" " I stuck hot on my mouth. It hurt. Kiss it please." and then he stuck out his tongue and wholeheartedly intended for me to pucker up.

I kissed the side of his mouth hoping to appease him but to no avail. I truly had to kiss his tongue. Then I gave him Tylenol.

No more curling irons in the mouth. So as a mom enjoy your role as healer with kisses..and be prepared for the weird opportunities that may arise. ;-)

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