Monday, May 19, 2008

We're Back!

FYI, I went to Orlando for 36 hours with my sweet hubby.  We left the kids with his sister and just got back last night.  We were there for my lil' sister's (Rachel Terry) gymnastics meet.  It was the National Competition for Level 10's.  Of course that is the highest level and for those of you who don't know she is headed to the University of Alabama next year to be one of their gymnasts.

Rachel did really well but was just half a tenth a point away from placing. Not a big deal though because it was an honor to be there and showed her abilities by qualifying in the first place.  

Big Jorge and I got to go to Sea World (no thrill rides because of the growing Eva).  My hubby took some pics with his cell phone. But other than that I didn't get any.  I am really getting horrible about taking pictures.  


And on another note.. I had a dr's appt on Friday. I learned that Eva is measuring TWO WEEKS bigger than she is supposed to. Of course they are going to do an ultrasound on her at my next apt (in four weeks). I was freaking out. Dr. Ross was telling me not to hyperventalate and that everything would be fine.. but I assured him that I wasn't sure of my ability to push out a huge baby with no drugs. He laughed and said she would be fine. Of course SHE is... Im the one that has to push her out!

We'll see. Well the boys are napping which means I want to try to nap too! ;-)


Jaci Spain said...

That's awesome that ya'll got to visit Sea fun! You are getting bad about taking pictures:) You better remedy that when Eva is born!

Aimee said...

take the drugs, girl! no reason not to; the curse was adam's fault anyway!!!

Sarah said...

Dont worry about her being big. It will work, this is your 3rd - I have heard it gets easier. Just trust that you can do it with the Lord's help. When are you due?

Anonymous said...

Girl, if I can push out a 9 pounder you can too!

Marsha said...

I loved the picture of all the beached whales. (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist!)