Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Only a two, almost three year old can say these things.. (btw, he will be three on June 10th)

Any man he sees, "Mommy, is that my daddy?"

"AW MAN, I want the candy."

"Mommy, I like grapes." Instead of "mommy, I WANT grapes." everything is "I like" for "I want"

"Mommy, I toot." still announcing to those in the stalls next to us.

"Alex go night night, Jorge go night night. Mommy go night night. Eva go night night." (explaining that its nap time for everyone).

He doesn't understand the difference between "why" and "why not" so when I tell him we are going to eat at the house he says, "why not?" or that daddy will be home later..he says, "why not?"

these are funny to me. I guess its that cute little voice and those deep brown eyes that get me everyday.


Missy said...

So cute!!!! Enjoy that age!
And isn't it great to have a blog to document such cuteness?!

Anonymous said...

I love toddler quotes!