Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hello all! My name is Rachel and I have had a very stressful week. To sum it up:

1. One sick child..nothing major just enough to make him miserable (Alex).
2. planning to go out of town for this past friday night and be back by sat afternoon. That was for one of my bff's birthday. To make that happen there were literally four different people caring for my children over a 24 hour period. Thank you Christiana, Ciro, Mom and Cecy.
3. Very little sleep this weekend.
4. Started insulin on thursday. Blood sugar still too high and feel like crud but this week should be better since they can adjust the insulin now.
5. found out our Ipod is as good as dead. The board is bad. whatever that means.

Some neat things that happened this week:
1. Realized God is slowly taking away all of our technological devices.. so we are going to be amish.
2. The boys got high praises from the caregivers.. that makes me proud.
3. really feeling Eva moving and is still much more dainty than with the boys. Ask me again in two months.
4. Mom got really excited and bought eva's easter outfit for next year. too cute. i mean really how in the world am I having a girl? I see these clothes and just can't put my head around it.
5. I got to eat some chocolate donuts when my blood sugar dropped. Yeah I caved. sue me! other women eat pounds of sweets and junk while pregnant.. im the goodie tooshoes (because I have to be) and so a couple of little chocolate donuts isn't going to kill me (okay, im done with my justification speech).
6. Seeing God do all kinds of awesome things in relationships that I have with others. Some of it through painful means..but oh so worth it.

Anyhoo.. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to post some much needed pictures up here soon.



Missy said...

I love your amish comment, Jah!

Good children reports are always so nice...keep it up!

Jaci Spain said...

Still waiting for pictures and a blog about your trip to Atlanta:)

PacoTheNewt said...

MISS happy you're going to have a little girl! That is so great. Thanks so much for CALLING ME. It made my week so great. Jeromy turned 30 yesterday. Aeeesh. I turn 30 in Sept. YIPPEE, right? Right? Holla?

PacoTheNewt said...

Oh, that was me, Megan. Sheesh.