Friday, May 16, 2008


Hangin' tough... Please don't go girl... Funky, Funky Christmas.. Didn't I blow your mind this time.. 

Any flashbacks yet?  Are you seeing visions of your 7th and 8th grade year in junior high?  Big bangs, dangerous amounts of hairspray?  Tight rolled blue jeans?  Banana hair clips? 

Well ladies.. I KNOW that I am not alone in this world especially among women my age that were ALL about the New Kids On the Block.  Not surprisingly, I proudly attended 2 concerts here in the Ham (that's Birmingham).  I have a picture (that I will have to locate) of me and my bff, Lisa Stokes at Six Flags over Georgia, with a cardboard cutout of Jordan Knight.  I had the cd's, the christmas albums, the posters..although I drew a line at bed apparel.  

All this to say that I am bummed to find out this evening that their tour does not extend to the Ham...closest city is Atlanta on October 29th.  And I would go except for the fact that I will have a two month old.  But should that really stop me?  I mean that's what breast pumps are for, right?  

Who's with me? For ol' times sake.  In case, you don't think Im serious.. check this out!



Sarah said...

I am so sad I live way over here in LA :( I sure do miss Please Dont Go Girl...
How are things going with the little one growing in your belly?

Kristin said...

I'm TOTALLY THERE!!!! Christina has to go...I bet we could make her hair HUGE :-p

Missy said...

I think that would be totally awesome!!!