Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Get Well Soon"

Gotta love Mother's Day.

-Husband buys card. Toddler son picks out balloon; Get well soon. Love it!

-Toddler son finally falls asleep for a nap..five minutes before other toddler son wakes up. But today daddy gets up with him.

-only on Mother's day would your youngest toddler (19 months) decide to stick a partial pretzel up his nose. Blood soon to follow. Both parents manhandling the toddler while desperately trying to get the pretzel out. No luck. Time will tell (so says the nurse husband).

-mommy needs a break.. daddy taking kids to home depot. ;-)

Feliz dia del madres!


Anonymous said...

I love the effort daddies go through to give us a break!

Jaci Spain said...

Did the pretzel come out yet?:) That is hilarious!