Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Running funny..

I am reaching new territory in my running "game." Being a little more fit this go around makes running less excruciating, but the fact that I am trying to run farther (and faster) makes it a very hard goal still. So it's time for some motivation.

While I appreciate the serious motivational running quotes..

I much prefer the funny ones..

But I have to admit, there is nothing more motivational than being covered in sweat and beating your own personal best. 

Anyone else out there running??


Heather Joy said...

Yes! I have read some of your recent statuses about running. I was pretty consistent about 4 years ago when I was randomly the assistant cross country coach at my school. Now I have been running for almost two months. The first month was really hard to run a mile. Now I am up to about 3 a day. You just have to get to that point of breaking the heavy breathing then it feels like you can run forever! Thinking of getting some good running shoes.... Any suggestions you have heard? Right now I use my under armor tennis shoes but I know there might be better ones out there.

The Lili Pad said...
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Abby said...

Taking a break while pregnant and sticking to elliptical and swimming.. impact was hurting my back. I ran my first half back in December and had a blast. Already got my races in mind for after this baby comes. Running is such a good sanity saver for moms! Keep it up!

emily said...

I'm training for my first half marathon in June! I've found that running, unlike any other form of exercise, is therapeutic for me:)