Friday, July 31, 2009

cant.stop.laughing #2

I really enjoy this movie.. really..

"you have to's a valid suggestion."

yes, that is a tear in my eye.. from laughing..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Im a social zero.

So I got a great opportunity the other day.  I got to make a real life connection with a web friend. I don't know how many of your Internet acquaintances have turned into real life friends but it truly is a fun experience.  

Lindsay mentioned on Facebook that she was heading to the zoo.. and funny as it was, we had already decided that we were going that morning too.  So I mentioned to her that we might actually get to go and therefore could meet! Fun!  

When we got there it was as if we already "knew" each other because we follow each other on each others' blogs.  It's neat.  But after the fact I felt I had to apologize to her because I was sure I made a horrible "real life" first impression.  Why? 

Because having kids has made me inept in the social interaction department.  Actually, having three very young kids, that is.  My good friends that I see all the time could tell you that I just don't do very many play dates because I just don't get the opportunity to finish a thought, much less a sentence.  

I am okay with this season of my life, mind you, but I know it has to come across and my being rude or, worse, uninterested in others.. But nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, at this particular event I had "lost" the boys a couple of times.  By that I mean.. they went from the sprinklers to the "playground area" like little CIA undercover operatives (aka.. without my knowing it).  I am sure I seemed like I was the most absent minded parent but the truth is that I can only focus on one thing at a time.. conversation or my children.  I can't do both. 

I know moms understand.. but i just feel better not doing a play date because then I don't have to keep apologizing for the lack of focus on the conversation.  At least, until my youngest child is four.. and at the rate we are going with kiddos that could be a while.  

Moral of the story:  take the opportunity to meet "Internet friends" you will be blessed.  Also, don't volunteer to take my kids to the zoo.  :-P

Monday, July 20, 2009

Child Birth...

well if you count my own births, one of my sisters' three, and two friends' births, then today would total: 8. Eight births that I have been able to be a part of.   but of those births 3 were all natural, and of those three 2 were with pitocin and no epidurals.. but today was different in that I was solo.. in the coaching chair that is. I think the technical term is doula, but since I'm not certified or anything (who knows when I will get to that part... ) the role is still the same:  coach momma through contractions and help parents get the birth they want by dealing with pain management and working with the hospital staff.  

I LOVED it.  First I have to say thank you to Lindsay and JC for allowing me the privilege of being in the room during such a sacred and blessed event.  Wow, I could live off this high for a long time.  Lindsay was induced and stayed on the pit drip up until 7 cm's, which by the way: she went from 1 to 7 in a little over 2 hours.  Then the pit was turned off and shortly thereafter she had her beautiful baby girl.  She did fantastic!  Seriously! 

I know I have sung the praises about natural birth (namely mine), but there is such a different side to be experienced when you are the one coaching someone else, on your own, well not on your own, but without other doulas/coaches there.  I learned a lot today about trusting your gut and what the body is communicating.. Birth is so amazing.  God created our bodies to grow those babies and also to push them out.  And when we allow our bodies to do just that you will be amazed at how you CAN do it.  Your body was made for it.  

You truly can take it "one contraction at a time" until you are pushing that precious little head out and then onto scooping that little baby onto your chest.  Wow.. I am amazed at the gift of God through birth.  Seeing that even in our most painful moment, He is there and is able to give strength to our bodies (and mostly to our mental fortitude) to arrive at the end.  

Anyway.. I just had to share.  I am so thankful to the Lord for what I was able to gain from today.. and I look forward to more opportunities to help momma's get the birth's they want.