Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Story time..

So today I decided to take the kids to their first ever story time at the local library.  They do a creative take on a story, songs, a craft and then a snack.  I knew going into it it would be stressful, but I knew that the kids would like it.  So I hoped.  One thing that I love when I get into these settings is that I really want to take pictures of the kids enjoying "firsts."  However, generally speaking, with now three kids three and under, I am severely outnumbered.  So the pictures don't happen.  And the whole time I am aware that I am not taking pictures and at the time... honestly, I just don't care.  Because if I am not taking pictures it means that things may not being going as I hoped.  For instance.. enjoy the following pictures that didn't happen: 

**Here you would see a pic of us arriving to library and Alex making a stinky diaper and grunting very loudly.  The boy needs more prunes apparently. 

** Here you would see a pic of Jorge not understanding that we will get the Bob the Builder dvd AFTER we go to story time.. He is trying not to cry.  Sad picture. 

**Here you would see a pic of my face and the expression of "oh no" as i walk into story time to a room decorated for Halloween (makes sense. its two days before Halloween).  I realize that our first story time has a Halloween theme..and if you haven't guessed.. we don't "do" halloween.  Others may, we may not.  

**here you would see a picture of me asking the story time reader if the story is about Halloween.  She says, "no.  its about a square pumpkin that saves some round pumpkins that roll out of the fence."  Thats fine with me.  We stay. 

**here you would see a picture of Alex crying while I am trying to get him to sit in my lap.  But I didn't give up and eventually he got it. 

**here you would see a picture of Alex saying "no," constantly while all the other kids are happily singing songs and doing the motions.  And by that I mean.. he is telling me "no" every 4 seconds. Especially, when I would do the motions to the songs with the other little kids. 

Eva slept the whole time which was a blessing.  Alex didn't like it and Jorge kept asking me if "we done now mommy.  We get Bob da buider now?"  

Better luck next time.  And maybe some real pictures.  Ha!

Monday, October 27, 2008

..Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day..

The name of the children's book is actually "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" by Judith Voirst.  I am probably odd since I just recently heard about this book while hearing a sermon at my sister Mishka's church in Montgomery.  My terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day went something like this... 

-Woke up just fine.  
-Got the boys ready for MDO and headed to the car. 
-The boys started to not follow orders to get in their car seats the first time I told them.  
Jorge started to chew on the cable that goes to the dvd player on the back of the seat.  I lost my cool.  
-had to apologize and ask for forgiveness for loosing my cool. 
-Got to the school and found out that today was picture day.  Alex looked okay, Jorge not exactly picture perfect.  Eva is crying the whole time I am trying to fill out the form for pictures, while also trying to get Alex to go in his room. 
-Go back to the house.  Fold and put away 2 loads of laundry.  Unpack fall/winter clothes for my husband.  Pack up all my maternity clothes.  Realize I now have four shirts hanging in my closet that fit me.  Also realize that I have been pregnant for the past three years and really only had maternity clothes.  
-I eventually go pick up the boys from MDO.  in the car i realize that I left their coats at school. 
-Get home and get the boys in bed.  Eva is protesting nap time.  She wants to eat, again.  Then she complies with nap time.  I sneak in a 45 minute nap. 
-Kids wake up from nap time.  Mommy folds and puts away 2 more loads of laundry. 
-I start dinner.  Chicken pot pie.  Its the second time I made the recipe.  However, this time I changed one thing on it.  Not a good idea.  Lets just say that when it came out of the oven and I scooped it into a bowl.. i turned around to my husband and said, "Im not going to cry.  Can you please go get us dinner."  
-The boys eat cereal while daddy goes and gets a pizza. 
-I don't want pizza (i thought it was too heavy and I wanted something semi-healthy).  I decide I'll eat the little bit of chicken salad I made from the day before.  Im out of crescents so I decide on just a plain ol' piece of bread. I go to the pantry... No bread. 
-Well cereal it is for mommy.  I then realize I was out of cereal.  

Time to hang it up and go to bed and say goodnight to the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A little bit like Seinfeld...

I don't know if this has ever happened to you, but if it has I would like to know what you did or would do.  

Im a Seinfeld fan.   Although, my husband has one up on me there.  He may not remember the exact years his children were born but he can remember every episode and quirky situation that is presented in the classic sitcom.  Well tonight we had our own situation that, to us, seemed like good material for an episode.  

We were at Chickfila with the kids.  Another couple came in with their two boys (who happened to be 13 months apart and just a little bit younger that Jorge and Alex..who are 15 mo. apart) and of course we started chatting.  Our kids played with their kids.  We laughed and cut up with the other couple.  Found out lots about them (I do love to ask questions).  All in all they were a very down to earth, fun couple that we seemed to have a lot in common with.  We were in there about 30-45 minutes.  Then Jorge (my son) looked like he had to go to the bathroom..and he actually didn't make it (yes, and it was a #2).  Anyway, by that point it was time for us to leave.  Afterall Jorge didn't have underwear on.  So I asked Big Jorge to go ahead and load up Eva and Alex and I would meet him at the van.  On my way out I knew that Jorge's shoes were still in the cubby so I went in to get them.  But the couple told me that my husband had already gotten the shoes.  Then I told them to have a great night and then the wife said, "it was really great talking with you guys."  

Okay here is the Seinfeld moment:  I really wanted us to hang out with them again.  But do you ask another couple "out?"  I mean, AWKWARD.  I got in the car and told my husband that I really like them and thought it would've been neat to hang out with them.. but the obvious.. we just met them at a Chickfila.  Do you ask random strangers to hang out again and if so, how do you do that?  Of course that led to our funny conversation (btwn me and my husband).. do you say..

"So, you come here often?" or, 
"I lost my number can I have yours?"
"Look, we like you.   Wanna hang out after this?"

It was funny.  I guess if its meant to be God will bring them to us again (lol!).  

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wow!  Its been over a week since I last posted.  And its not that I haven't wanted to post but lately whenever getting on the computer comes to mind, I remind myself all the "stuff" that I need to get done instead.  So that leaves very little time lately for blogging.  But I decided to upload the pics from my camera and then of course I just have to share them.  That seems to be an easy way to tell you what's been going on in our world.  

First, some more funny sleeping positions courtesy of my three year old.  

This we call the "need to hug yourself" position.  

All those poopies make for stinky baby.  So she gets a good bath.  Notice the rolls on her legs.  She was 11 lbs 3 oz on her last check up (at 7 weeks old).

Okay so you want to know where my son gets his cheesy facial expressions.. look to the far right of this picture.. sad.  My expression was.. "hurry and take the picture, dear." 
 much better.. notice Jorge's happy smile. 

the boys holding hands. 

Okay so the following pictures were taken at "Fiesta Day" at Linn Park.  A sort of Hispanic Day.  they have it every year in October.  Apart from seeing one fight break out and rushing the kids in the other directions (stupid guys fighting) it was actually a neat festival.  Lots of yummy, expensive food and great music.  And crafts for the kids.  

We found our friend Cristian there.  

Me trying to convince Jorge to dance with me.. he was embarrased. 

Eva in her car seat after the fiesta. 

Jorge checking on his passengers in the back of the van.. 

Alex is happy

Now he is zonked out.. not five minutes after the above shot was taken.. 

now daddy is just being just plain silly.. putting his glasses on the tired boy. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots to cover..

It's been forever since I've uploaded any pictures.. so I am going to be covering a lot of ground.. Enjoy!

Starting with Alex's second birthday party. Daddy is tossing him up!
"So Alex, what is it that you want?"

Tell me she isn't the most adorable thing you've seen (okay so I am definately partial). 

Alex found the Doritos..

David W. and his nephew Jack (oh and Jen your husband can not take a normal picture can he?)

David and Jen's boy: Fritz, enjoying a delicious cupcake.

Jorge giving his Vita a goodbye kiss. And FYI, Jorge's shirts reads : I still live with my parents. 

Eva at 4 weeks. 

Eva at 6 weeks. 

My two year old is now having to wear onsies under his clothes bc he keeps putting his hands down his diaper and pees all over the place. 

My three year old sleeps in some funny ways.. on top of his pillow..
facing the wrong way.. 

Eva with Dr. Ross at my 6 week checkup.  We highly recommend the awesome Dr. R!

Alex giving one of millions of kisses to his Eva.  

Can you tell the men in the house adore this little girl?

Eva is thinking: Mom, really.. you look to tired to be in a picture with me.. you're cramping my style. 

Our family's first time going to a movie.. no worries it was the $1 theater and we saw Kung Fu Panda.  The kids did great.  Eva slept, Jorge loved it and as long as Alex had the bag of popcorn all was Zen in the world. 

Outside of the theater.. notice who still has the popcorn...

still eating..

Finally.. as we were walking to the car.. he still has to chow down.

WELL that was a lot of pictures.  I hope you got a few chuckles at our expense.. I'll try to keep the blog better updated..