Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Surely I can do this!

Im not talking about the pregnancy or even the survival of three children under 3 years old. What I am talking about is, shamefully, actually finishing a bottle of prenatal vitamins before the end of my pregnancy. The bottle that I just bought has 200 pills (i started taking them last night) and based on the little ticker (that is not my friend unless it says i only have 2 days left) I have 250 days left until i deliver. So my goal is to actually have to buy another bottle before I deliver. I am terrible at taking pills. Especially if I am supposed to do it every day. Insulin shots in the belly three times a day, I got that. But not pills.

On another note, I am NOT BRAVE! I repeat, I am not BRAVE. that has been a common theme in emails i have been getting as to my current circumstance of pregnancy. I do NOT have much of choice. That is not bravery. Now what I am is terrible at a very trusty and reliable program in Natural Family Planning. i feel that I have given it a bad name. But I still stand by it. Just be more militant that I have been. Ha! Ya think!

On that note, I am excited to have another little one in our family. It seems to be the consesus that this little one is going to be a girl! I will be thrilled if that is so. .and thrilled if i get to be a mother of another boy. I know that sounds cliche'. But I will. Unfortunatley, if you dont already know.. we don't find out until D-day. (delivery). Which is why I was in such shock when Miguel came. I was convinced he was a girl. ha! But anyway, its going to be a long 8 months. Well I guess I will part ways with this computer. Thank you to all you gals who have given us well wishes. you make my day! Adios!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Party of FIVE! We're PREGNANT!

Well if I could, just to let you know, NFP DOES WORK I just suck at it! I was a little unsure if it was "safe" and apparently I ovulated three days those little guys were a waitin'. Im in complete shock. When this precious lamb is born I will have a two year old and a one year old (three months later I would have a three year old, a two year old and a three month old baby). AAHHHHH! I may not be blogging this time next year! lol! I may not be going much of anywhere. So..once again we are going to pray that I don't get insulin dependent gestational diabetes.. but I've been 2 for 2 so my chances are high to have it this time as well. But either way, we do whatever it takes to get a healthy baby! I think my due date will be June 2, but I always deliver 2 weeks early so it looks like middle May. I guess that whole pregnant in a bridesmaid dress thing is pretty much solved...although I will be nursing my baby at the wedding. OH MY! I cant believe it. well I hope you guys enjoy that blog water because it is definately potent!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Name game

Okay..thanks Karen for the tag... here is my name

D-don't like to iron.. i absoltely hate ironing. In fact my husband jokes that if he sees something in the closet that looks like it was ironed he thinks, with a chuckle, "I guess that's what I'll wear today!" this is a sad testimony

I- into blogging.. I am addicted. another sad thing. I love facebook as well. sad. sad.

A- a very opinionated person. After almost 30 years of living.. i am getting better about sharing those opinions. i know, i know.. unasked for advice is the same as criticism. It more or less.. please don't ask me what I think about something unless you truly want to know..

N- never try to scare me.. i don't know why.. but I can't handle it. I wig out. Not a pretty sight. I will try to post a video as evidence later. My husband seems to not realize this fact even after 5 years married.. yet knowing me for at least 8 years together.

E- entertain. I love to entertain.. well more like I like to have have people over and just hang out. love it.

i tag.. melissa, jaci, dafne, jenny b and sarah L.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We miss you Colorado!

We are back! What a trip. We flew out to Colorado Springs to visit my little brother, Paul, at the Air Force Academy. It was his first free weekend, Parents weekend, since heading out there in June. The flights went well. Jorge loved the "pwanes." Miguel, however was a different story. He just did not like sitting still that long. We got to visit Focus on the Family, The Navigators Castle, Garden of the gods and had lots of good time with the family (Terry). Miguel started clapping while on this trip and Jorge broke his first two year molar. Steaks, here we come! Enjoy some of the fun photos. See if you can tell how tired we are in these pictures.