Monday, June 10, 2013

My return?

Over a period of three days I've had two different people ask me when I planned on "returning" to my blog.  

I laughed.  

It's quite complicated.  

But not in the "oh I have four kids and a crazy schedule" complicated. 
Or the "it's summer and we are never in one place long" complicated. 

No.  It's more about the fact that I've truly been at a loss as to what in the world to say.  

I love writing.  I really do.  And I keep a journal regularly at times.  So I do have some form of an outlet.  Not that I would ever assume to pour out those thoughts on a public forum.   But I think I've been at a place where I don't ever.ever.ever.ever.nay, ever want to come across as though I have something to enlighten you with.  

But in that tightrope of being vulnerable to share parts of my journey on a public forum and the desire to encourage others, I realize that sometimes it's probably best that I just not write at all.  

I could also just keep it to the facts but who wants to hear about someones endless checklist of things accomplished or derailed? 

Alas, I guess that is the nature of most blogs anyway.  

In a nutshell my checklists would include (since my last post in, eh hem, February): 
*My eldest finished his first semester of public school (and 1st grade). 
*We went to Disney. 
*Our car died on the way back from Disney.  Long two days followed.  
*We had to buy another van.  Which I love, btw. 
*My baby turned 3. 
*My oldest turned 8. (today!)
*My little sister got married.  (who's feeling old?? Not me). 
*My hubby started graduate school (who's gonna pray for me over the next two years?)
*I surrendered to the purchase of an insulin pump so no more daily injections. 
*I just completed my first triathlon last weekend.  Absolute blast (and another post entirely). 

And I think that sums it up.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.  Oh well. 

I have a lot of things that I am trying to process and hopefully those will result in future posts.  But for now, I will leave you with some picture cuteness.  If anyone is still following this thing.. give me shout in the comments.