Monday, November 30, 2009

Go ahead and give up on me.. Im a lost cause..

I'll forgive you.  I understand I may not get anyone to read this post either, because sadly I have fallen off the blog grid.  

I just can't juggle it and I seriously am the most uninteresting person right now.  

I have very little desire to post the encouraging "your children aren't as bad as mine" posts because, well, I have enough of those that you can catch up on. 

I'm sure that you would have no desire to hear the mundane "this is what I did today posts" that generally involve cleaning, cooking, dealing with my children and getting my house "ready" to put a sign in the yard (which will supposedly happen tomorrow.. don't hold your breath).  

I would gladly offer you some witty humor stories but oddly, I got none (how's that for grammar).  My life is not very funny right now. Just busy. 

And I'd happily tell you all the wonderful things my kids are saying, doing, and otherwise, but I couldn't remember them after the fact, even if I tried.  And my memory is so bad these days that even if I wrote them down, I'd lose the paper. 

I'm starting to wonder if this fourth child is going to do me in.  I'm not much fun and I'm basically just trying to "hold down the fort."  

On a positive note. . I have births again starting in December and every month after that until my own birth.. so stay tuned for some birth stories.. ;-)

You one single reader.. have a great day.. and I understand if  you don't revisit here ever again.  

Friday, November 13, 2009

Labor support

Great post about continuous support during labor.. (with a video)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Right out of the gate. . .

I proved this morning that you can, in fact, sin before your feet hit the floor (from your bed).  

You see, I went to bed too late last night.  

Then my boys woke up at 6:03 a.m (that would've been 7:03 if not for the absurd time change). 

Then at 6:04 my boys start bickering over something and then they come pouring into the hall and then my room, all the while yelling "MOMMMMMY!!!

Then at 6:05 Eva starts crying because said boys have now woken the sleeping tigress (who has yet to adjust to the time change) and will only cause her to get more upset with each passing minute.  

Of course, this series of events made me boil inside.  I sharply rebuked my boys to get back in their rooms and then did what I knew I shouldn't: go lay back down in my bed.  

Yes boys still fighting... girl still crying.  

Boil. Boil. Boil... 

Then I jump out of my bed, stomp my way into the boys' room (this is more of a warning that mommy is coming.. how scary is that??) and then swing open their door (again, scary).  Jorge jumps into his bed out of fear (sad, yes) yet that does not break my anger.  I get down in Alexs' face and harshly say, "EVA is TRYING to SLEEP!! BE QUIET!! NOW!"  

You have to know Alex.  He puts his thumb in his mouth and his bottom lip is quivering.  He's going to try to be strong and not cry, well honestly, because I just yelled at him to be quiet.  

I stand up fully ready to waltz out of that room and close the door.. but the sight of those two boys, and the power of the Holy Spirit (praise God).. broke me.  

I sat on the floor and grabbed Alex and called Jorge to me as well.. and cried.  

And asked for their forgiveness.  

They were very gracious and kind and forgave me quickly.  

The Lord too. 

Praise God for forgiveness.  

Monday, November 2, 2009

My super boys.

So we don't "do halloween" in our house, but I will do the mess out of 50% off costumes the week afterwards.  As you may know, our little men have a growing collection in their "costume box."  

I can rest at ease knowing that Captain America and The Incredible Hulk are tirelessly defending the Garcia casa today.  Im sure I will have fun prying these off of them when it's time to head to my nephew's birthday party later this evening.