Friday, June 29, 2007

True Toddler Form

Notice the boots! They are not exactly matching. And believe me, we are trying to work on keeping the hand out of the diaper.
Hilarious!! Jorge is helping his brother out while in the Johnny Jump up. Of course he is NOT supposed to do this! I love having a toddler. He keeps things lively.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Whats a mom to do?

With both of my pregnancies we did not find out the sex of the baby. Two boys. We were pretty set on the name for Jorge. He is Jorge Emanuel. When I delivered our second son, we had the first night to decide if he was going to be Alexander Miguel or Miguel Alexander. I told my sweet husband that I didn't care either way, my only preference was that he go by whatever name was first. So my husband decided on Miguel Alexander. Well.. flash forward 9 months and we have an issue. Our sweet Jorge has a hard time pronouncing Miguel so his dad encouraged him to say Alex. So now he says with all the cuteness in the world, OUWEX. I still call him Miguel but even if I say to him, "jorge, where is Miguel?" he points to him and says "OUWEX."

What do I do?? Do I let time go by and eventually he will catch on to saying Miguel.. or do we let this "become" his name?? What do you think??

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dont burn the Frijoles!

Okay.. there is a running joke in our house..."mom isn't done cooking until she's set off the fire alarm." Its true, my kids dont even flinch when the annoyingly loud alarm blares through the house. Im almost afraid that they wont exit a burning building, they will just think someone left something in the oven a little too long. Common talk at our house when we sit down to eat is:

Me: I kinda toasted a couple of tortillas a little too long
Big Jorge: Ah, just the way i like it

Me: The garlic bread is a little....
Big Jorge: Just the way I like it??

Me: Sorry babe, but don't get the rice on the bottom of the pan..its a little..
Big Jorge: just the way I like it!

You get the point. But let me just warn you that nothing and I mean NOTHING stinks up your house quite as much as Frijoles (beans) that are burnt. And it always surprises me at how quickly it can burn. And forget about taking the ones just off the top.. it scorches the whole pot. thus I got to make a trip to Publix with both kiddos to get more beans. So, FYI, don't burn the beans!

Monday, June 18, 2007

I need drugs..I'm getting THE fever...

Someone..please.. me off the ledge (mishka..thats for you). This is the longest that I have gone without getting pregnant and Im beginning to get baby fever..its very "low grade" right now, but I wouldn't mind if I were expecting now. Sure my only point of sanity is when both kids are screaming, crying and generally melting down. Its then and there that I am at peace with spacing out our children more. Big Jorge is definately wanting to space them.. he would like Miguel to be two before the next one arrives for fear that three in diapers would send us to bankruptcy. So for now, I will remember that (for me) to be pregnant means pricking my fingers 4-5 times a day, 3 insulin shots in the belly and watching every bit of food that enters my mouth (getstational diabetes-insulin dependent with both babies) and that makes me okay to slow down the baby fever. But in the end.... they are SO worth every bit. I guess my last resort is to remember what it felt like to be the person in the picture. Which was two days before I delivered Miguel. As you can guess, my stomach was never the same after he stretched it completely out. And they say that lotion is supposed to help minimize stretch marks. Ha!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Feliz Dia Del Padre

I dont' know about you.. but I have a wonderful husband and he is the most amazing daddy. For fathers day the "boys" made a special DVD for him that included a slideshow set to music with about 85 pictures of just daddy and the boys. He loved it! We went to church and then to lunch with the Terry's. We came home and the boys took a nap (i tried, but no luck). Then woke up and did the normal night routine. So that was our day. But it was a great day and we love the daddy in this house. He is an amazing man of God and a great leader, lover and padre. Happy Fathers day baby. here are some pictures from the slideshow.


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My how time goes by....

Well.. my baby turned 2. Its hard for me to believe but he is such a big little boy. I know it will only go by faster, so I am trying to take it all in. Miguel is scheduled for "surgery" on July 6 and we are praying the doctors find what they need to. Its been a busy past few days. Briarwood just started a 6 week bible study for Tuesdays and I went this morning. Very funny.. Miguel went to the nursery but Jorge melted down so he came with me. He did very well and sat through the entire hour and 15 minutes in my lap. I think he did it because he was tired and didn't have the energy to battle with me. That, and he didn't want me to take him to the nursery. Ha! Also, Jorge has been crawling out of his crib for about three months now, but he fell this past weekend and landed on his head so we figured safety over convienence and converted his crib to the daybed. I think I have, so far, put the fear of God in him if he gets out (plus one day of five spankings in a row) so he doesn't crawl out anymore. Big Jorge hid the video camera in his room last night and captured about 40 minutes of footage (in the dark with the camera's back light on) that is HILARIOUS. Especially watching it in fast forward. I never imagined that my toddler could do that much moving around before finally falling asleep. Actually the tape ran out before he fell asleep. Fun times.

Im reading the Corrie Ten Boom biography. I just started it so I don't have much info yet. I've heard some incredible things about her life so I wanted to make sure I got it. Why the biographies you ask? God kinda laid it on my heart to read books that I've always said I wanted to read but hadn't. Books that would be worth the time that I have to carve out to read. I enjoyed the Susanne Wesley book and now I wanted to read one on John Wesley. If you have any recommendations I would love to hear them. The Ten Boom book is part of my effort to read a "holocost" related book at least once a year. But the other biographies I hope to get encouraged by "modern" day heros of the faith. I would love to know what you suggest. Well I better get to the kiddos.

My baby turned 2!