Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the power of a doctors' words..

Well, pregnant momma's need encouraging words from their care providers. And I am no exception. As a doula, I am used to giving out reassuring words to my clients. And with my own pregnancy, I need it from my own doctor... even if I know the truth already, it helps to hear it from someone else.

So today I had my doctor's appointment. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow and am already on 100 units of insulin a day. With my last baby I was 100 units at 38 weeks. So as we've already established, each pregnancy the diabetes gets "worse or harder to control." Weeell, even though I know that insulin intake doesn't matter as much as blood sugar control, I still need to hear it from a doctor who agrees (with that evidence based fact) and can encourage this pregnant momma.

So my sweet doctor (Dr. R) said, "Rachel, you could be on 200 units a day and that doesn't concern me. It's keeping your blood sugar levels in tight control that is more important. The insulin amount is fine. You are fine. Baby is fine."

ahhhhh.. Thank you! I knew (in my head) that fact before I walked into his office, but needed it to effect my behavior. you see, I have gained 12 lbs in the past five weeks (the most I've ever gained in a pregnancy.. in that short of time) because my bs numbers have been too high. And they were too high because I was "afraid" to increase my insulin, thinking that for sure I did not need to have that much insulin. Why? Well honestly, bc of my peers. The people who don't understand that beyond a perfect diet, there are pregnant people whose pancreas stops producing for their bodies. It's like the people that have never had a strong willed child, trying to convince you that the techniques that worked for their passive child will work on yours.

Sorry, tangent over. All that to say, once the facts are evaluated, and words of encouragement are given, without fear mongering attached to them.. this pregnant momma has peace.

thank you doctor!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just some pics..

Here is la princesa.. in one of her many crazy sleeping positions.. She has her shirt up so that she can reach her belly button. And of course the other hand in her mouth.. Funny, this is also how she came out of my pelvis.. Posterior face presentation.. she was completely arched. Wild.

Learning to write his name. He is so proud. I am too. Yes that "g" is written as a "q." Adorable.

the boys enjoying a nice surprise from their daddy.. Dunkin Donuts. We just had one open up in our city. It's, umm.. so I've heard. ;-P

Monday, February 15, 2010

a little update..

busy times 'round here.

*Im 28 weeks this week. Insulin is doing the usual. Needing more. Earlier and earlier. But I am staying on top of it. Just ready to get through this last trimester and meet this little man.

*Doula-ed a birth last week. My first VBAC. It was amazing. I hope to write the story at some point today/night. She pushed out a 10.8 lb baby. She is my hero!

*the weather here has been cold which means my boys don't play outside as much as they normally do, which means that they are inside a lot more, which means that they need more "things" to do, which means I don't blog. LOL.

*God has done some amazing things for our family (always) but some recently that I can't wait to share. He is so faithful.

Well, im going to go for now.. but please watch out for that VBAC birth story, coming soon.

Oh and I finally came up with a name (rather it was suggested) for my doula "business": "Sweet Birth" Doula Services.

Here is a link to my fan page on Facebook, if you care to join.