Saturday, August 30, 2008

"So how do the boy's like their new sister?"

He hugged her on his own (i.e. we didn't tell him to). 

After eating he came over to check on Eva "mommy, she sleeping."

Notice the little hand to the right.  That's Alex.  He was putting the blanket on her while Jorge was holding her.  

I love seeing the boys interact with her.  They love her and aren't bothered, so far, by her crying.  I was concerned that Alex may get jealous when I fed her or had to hold her but he hasn't even made one negative reaction. When she cries Jorge will run over to her and say, "It's okay Eva."  Today he also wanted to know if she could have a donut.  Noone  was eating donuts, mind you,  but he said he would like her to have one.  He also likes to go and get her a toy.  He has even offered to share some of his favorites with her.  A gesture he doesn't even do with his brother!  

So suffice it to say, these boys are loving their little sister.  Praise the Lord.  

Friday, August 29, 2008

That's how I roll...

I said earlier that I would make a post about my entourage that was my lifeline during the delivery. I know that all those present may be tempted to think that they were there only because Im a social butterfly and want to open the door for a party in the delivery room, but the truth is that I could NOT have done it without everyone's help. Here are my heroes that made the day a success.

Obviously my amazing husband.  My coach!  I wanted him right there next to me the entire time.  He was so comforting and was my biggest fan.  In this photo he is supporting all of my weight as I started a painful contraction on the way to the potty. 

My nurses: Courtney and Nicole.  Courtney (on left) wants a natural childbirth and was so awesome and supportive from the first introduction!  They both did an amazing job!

Jennifer and Christina.  These girls were amazing.  I know they thought they would just sit back and watch but they got to do much more.  They were my support as I did squats and even helped massage my back and feet.  Thanks Chistina for bringing the massage oil!  Great idea. 

Oh my sister!  Mishka and her oldest, Livia.  It was Mishka's birthday and so she got her birthday wish.. for her and my daughter to have the same birthday.  And Livia loved watching all of it unfold... although she will now tell you that she is not going to have babies because it hurts too much.. lol. 

she must have been hiding because this is the only picture of Lori I have (that's not a candid shot).  Lori, Lori, Lori.. No way in the world to express how thankful I was to have her there.  I've already had that conversation with her so I won't go into it again or it would take three pages.  this woman has the experience (her own three birthing center births) and boy did she help us get through this birth with all her knowledge!  You Rock Girlfriend!

Pictures of friends in action:

and there is Ruth T. she did a great job even though I wasn't sure she would want to see me hurt like that.  

I can't thank you all enough.. from keeping the contraction log, to scratching, rubbing, encouraging, laughing, praying.. you guys did it all.  I am so thankful to have friends (& family) like you.  It makes me look on back on that day and truly treasure it all the more.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here's the story!

The "story." Let me just say: WOW! From the outset I need to say that NOTHING accomplished yesterday could have been done without the "hands on" support of my awesome husband, Lori B., Mishka, Jennifer, Christina, Ruth and even my six year old niece, Livia. All of them played a part in getting me through one of the biggest challenges I have ever had to face: the birth of Eva Isabel.

The Summary:
6:30 a.m- arrive at the hospital. Still 5-6 cm's dialated but with no contractions
7:30- Dr. R breaks my water. Hoping this will "throw" me into labor. Lori had me doing squats, knee raises as I walked from Point A to Point B (aka Mishka, Jen, Christina) and hanging out on the birthing ball. All in an attempt to get things going. But with no such luck.
11:00- They start the Pitocin drip. 2 units every 15 minutes, with the hope of staying put on a certain "level" once the contractions are consistently 2-3 minutes apart.  And that's what happens.  By the end of this hour they are coming consistently and are very painful, but with everyone's help I am getting through them one at a time. 
12:00-The nurse checks me because I have pressure and an "urge" to push.  However, I am told that I am still at 6 cm's.  But I have effaced to 90%.  I am highly discouraged but everyone convinces me that it's still progress and so we get back to work.
12:00-1:00- My contractions get unreal.  They are coming so hard and long that I am not having time to recover.  In this hour I move from 6 cm to 10 cm.  And it was very difficult.  Very painful.  With every contraction I am having the mental war of "what kind of idiot am I to think this was even a good idea?" and then as soon as the contraction was over, thinking, "alright Rachel you just got through another one.. you ARE doing it!."  By the end of this hour I was not hanging on very well emotionally and was getting irritated by not being able to be "comforted" during the contractions.  What worked one second was absolutely painful the next second.  But this was a good sign.. I was complete.  
1:00- I start hollering that I need to push.  They put me in the bed and check and sure enough I'm complete.  Time to push this girl out.  I start pushing at or around 1:10.  
1:30- Eva is born.  

Okay.. now what happened between 1:10 and 1:30 was THE MOST DIFFICULT THING I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE.  Why?  Well we knew my little angel was posterior (sunny side up).  That is why I had terrible back pain during my labor.  However what we did not know, until Eva started to "crown," was that Eva was coming down as a "face presentation."  Where most babies, even posterior ones, crown with the top of their head.. my little girl was crowning with her face.  Literally the first thing we saw was her nose and forehead.  If you just took a deep breath in then you understand what I am getting at.  Her head was arched back and was hitting the brick wall that was my perenium and was not able to lift up to get to the vaginal opening.  So I was obviously in a lot of pain as I kept trying to push her out but she wasn't going to come that way.  Then my doctor suggested a quick cut would have her out on the next push.  I obliged. And sure enough it worked and with two more pushes she was out.  Although I did this delivery unmedicated it was NOT quiet.  I was the proverbial woman yelling and screaming "get her OUT" and others in the building were thinking, "get that lady some help."  Even one of the nurses had to walk over to my bedside and say, "Rachel you are going to have to stop yelling.. you aren't breathing and pushing her out. You have to get back in control."  Eventually I did (how I have no clue) and pushed her out.  

Post delivery I found out that "face presentation" babies are very, very, very uncommon.  And normally when they do happen the labor ends in C-section.  Wow!  Unreal.  I still can not believe I delivered her with Pitocin and as the way she was coming out.  I have another post I want to do dedicated to all my helpers that were present during the labor but, first, here are some pictures to go with the summary I just gave you. 

Just getting started.  Water has not been broken yet.  Happy smiley faces.   Daddy in his pink shirt ready for his pink girl. 

Water has been broken.  Random contractions and not very painful.  Of course Im on the phone. 

Trying to do different things to hopefully turn that girl face down.  And wow does my bottom look HUGE!

One of the times that I was "hooked up" for baby monitoring.  Sweet husband massaging my feet and legs. 
this was during the 11:00-12:00 hour when the pain level was a 7-8 on scale.  I still had some relief between contractions.  

Dr. R talking to me about keeping the pitocin at the current level because he likes the pattern he sees with the frequency in contractions.  But it was during this conversation that I also started transition and the contractions were getting "worse" in pain level. 

Sooo.. then it became all hands on deck.. literally.  Massaging, rubbing, encouraging, praying.. this was the time when the pain level was 8-9 on a scale.  It was also apparent that the side lying position was not cutting it anymore. 

So we moved to the birthing ball while hanging over the bed.  Still needed all the support to get through EVERY SINGLE CONTRACTION!  Notice big Jorge providing counter pressure on my back because the pain there was unreal (because of Eva's posterior position).  However, I wasn't on that ball long when I started yelling "I need to push! I need to PUSH!"

Soo... in the bed I go. And it's time to push.  My face says it all.  it took me a few good contractions to be able to focus through the pain and feel how I was supposed to work with the contractions, breathe and push. 

Jorge reminding me that we are almost there.. just about to hold that sweet girl. 

Perfect picture to describe what I was feeling.  But with these last two pushes we got our baby girl!

Sweet Eva Isabel!

Worth every pain!

I am so glad to have experienced what I did. . but its another post entirely, for me to go into all the things I learned (pro's and con's) of a natural vs. medicated birth.  

Our little girl is doing great and we are expected to head home tomorrow sometime around noon.  Thanks for all your encouragement and I still have another post I want to do in honor of my awesome support team I had with me!  

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here she is.....

Eva Isabel! 7 lbs 10 ozs and 21 inches long. More pics and details tomorrow. mommy is exhausted! and very thankful!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Update #3

Went to the Doc this a.m.  Im between 5 and 6 cm's.  Still 70% effaced and she is still at a -3 station.  He did strip my membranes again.. Not counting on that working.  Great if it does, but not holding my breath.  

Either way we are to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m tomorrow.  Dr. R is (after I asked) very willing to just break my water first when I get there (instead of immediately doing the pitocin) to see if that will kick start contractions.  We will wait that out for a "few hours" he said and if nothing happens then it's on to the pit drip.  But Im not worried about that because he is willing to give me a small dose and then turn it off once the contractions start.  

I'm in a better place emotionally today.  I have a lot more to say about what this experience is teaching me and showing me about myself and my expectations.. but that is another post. I really do appreciate all of you leaving me encouraging comments and being so supportive.  You gals are the best.  I know that by this time tomorrow I will be staring, wide eyed, into my daughters eyes and everything from this weekend will be a blur!

I'll keep you posted.. right now i have to get my boys to be quiet in their beds and go to sleep (nap time).   Namely, Alex who likes to stand on his head in his crib!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

In keeping with full disclosure...

Since so many of you are interested in this process that is my "labor" I must post exactly how I feel at this moment.  I must stress that although this is my third birth, this is only my first time to labor on my own (without induction).   Well that is, until Tuesday.  My blood sugar numbers and insulin intake, just today, was proof as to why Eva will need to be taken early.  

Anyway.. I haven't so much as pooped once since drinking the castor oil.  But then at 3 pm today I had, for 5 hours, contractions that were exactly 8 minutes apart.  On the dot.  Well an occasional 4 minutes apart thrown in the mix.  It didn't matter whether I was sitting, standing, laying down, they persisted.  

Then as quickly as they appeared..they stopped.  Or went to 20 minutes apart at 8 p.m.  I am sure there are hundreds of women that groan on my behalf as they remember going through the same thing.  So I must say how discouraged I am and how frustrating this process is.  I don't think I mentally prepared enough for the emotional roller coaster natural labor is.  I do not wish to hear anymore... "she'll come when she is ready."  I know that.  I don't want to hear "your body IS working..its just warming up."  I don't know what I want to hear..wait yes I do.. I want to hear the words coming out of my own mouth : Honey my water just broke.  Or Honey..this one really really hurts.  I have never wanted pain so bad in my life.  

Full disclosure, right?  I am mad.  That's it.  At a time when I should be happy.  I am mad.  That's the ugly truth.  5 hours.  FIVE HOURS and then bam.. stop. You have to admit that is pretty frustrating.  

Either way she is coming out on Tuesday even if I have to reach in there and grab her myself. 

Update #2

Just downed some castor oil with Diet Coke.  We'll see if anything happens... well besides poop. 

We are pulling out all the stops today!  

FYI.. Im doing all these crazy wives tales in an attempt to beat an induction on Tuesday.  Even if I have to do an induction, though, Doc said he would be able to give me the smallest amount of pitocin and then when the contractions are consistent he will take me off the pit drip .  This is great news because the less pitocin I have the better my chance of not having an epidural!  

I'll keep you posted on how the castor oil works. 

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I just lost my mucus plug.. 

had another one of those "really good contractions" when I laid down for my nap.. when I got up and went to the bathroom.. well.. you know.. it was grose and I had to try not to gag.. got a weak stomach with those things.  

i'll keep you posted if anything significant happens. 

And then there was....

NOTHING!  I will actually say the words.. Prodromal Labor (*cringe*).  

Note to self:  When trying to do a natural birth (including no induction) DO NOT get your cervix "checked."  It will only make you excited for something that may not happen immediately. 

It does not matter how far dilated your cervix is, even walking around at 5cm means nothing as far as sooner or later is concerned.  I had contractions last night starting around 7 p.m and they were coming on average 6 to 15 minutes apart for a couple of hours.  I went to bed and they lasted through the night, every 20 minutes and enough to wake me up with each one but fall asleep in between.  At 6:30 I had one that made me roll over and focus and breathe through.. then it was one every 30 minutes.  Which is where I am now at 2:30 this afternoon.  

So let me say this:  this is my first time I have not been induced.  I said I wanted the experience of a "natural birth" (not just unmedicated) so here is what I asked for.  My sister did the same thing too.  Runs in the family apparently.  ;-)

So the goal today is rest, rest, rest.  I took a nap this morning and am about to take another nap right now.  Eat well, nap frequently and try to keep my mind off of what is NOT happening.  I know it will be soon enough.. she can't stay in there forever.  

For those of you reading this and have experienced prodromal labor... you do not have to tell me how you went through the same thing for two weeks or five years... it won't help me.   The best thing I need is to be reminded that my body IS doing work, she will be here soon enough and that, hey, I'll already be done with 5 cm's!  Now that IS awesome!  Our next prayer is that I can get to the hospital fast enough once the real labor starts and gets to transition!  

You friends have a great day!   I will keep you posted if anything changes!  Believe Me!  lol 

Friday, August 22, 2008

Im in SHOCK!

Well folks.. had my appointment. Let me remind you that the last time I was checked I was 40% effaced and closed, tight.  That was two weeks ago.  

During his check today this is how the conversation went:

Dr. R- So your going to feel some pressure....(followed by a very confused look as he keeps on with the exam)

Me: C'mon (bc of the look on his face) please tell me that the cervix is at least softened some...

Dr. R: Softened??  You're 5 Centimeters!!!  and 70% effaced! 

Of course, we both were very shocked!  5 Cm??  Wow!  Thats half way there and i didn't even have to work for it!  I did tell him that I was having braxtons every 20 minutes for the past week.  To which he said, "well obviously they aren't just braxtons.  They just aren't very painful, but they are working for you."  

So now what?  Im at home waiting.  I did put on the Clary Sage oil on my belly and Im about to go lay down with the boys nap time and hopefully this evening we will have some work to do!  And MAYBE we can be holding our little girl this weekend sometime.  

Dr. R said, before he stripped my membranes "now if I do this it will certainly get things going.  do you want to do it?"  I obviously said yes!  But then told him I wasn't going to listen to his prediction about it happening this weekend bc I didn't want to get my hopes up.  

Too late!  LOL.  

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The "Last Supper"

Before the birth of a child, my husband and I, go out on a date that he dubbed the "Last Supper."  I guess because we know it will be a while before we can get out again, just the two of us.  So last night was our night.  In the past we have gotten dressed up (which my husband LOVES to do.. and I am absolutely serious) and have gone to Copper Grill.  Well let me qualify that.  With or first child, Jorge, I was in the hospital for a week before we delivered so our "Last Supper" plans were almost foiled but my awesome husband went to Copper Grill and got it to go and brought it to my room the night before I was to be induced.  All the nurses were so impressed.  With our second, Alex, we knew what day I was to be induced and had our dinner two nights before at the same place.  

Well now Copper Grill is closed and I am not so sure what restaurant replaced it but I had a craving for something different anyway.  Big Jorge wanted to take me to Flemings, but I was craving of all things, Hibatchi.  I wanted some good ole' Japenese Hibatchi.  He was happy to oblige his pregnant wife and so we headed to Stix in Hoover.  YUM!  

We had a great time talking and cracking up that the cook kept giving me extra everything because of, well, the baby I needed to feed.  GREAT yummy food, not great for pregnant lady with diabetes.  Well not the rice anyway.  I also tried Sushi for the first time: the California Roll.  No worries though there is no raw fish in that one.  Of all the times my husband has ordered sushi I have never had any desire to try it, until last night.  He was so proud.  He is making me more "cultured" everyday.  HA! 

We did get a pic of us ....

Aww.. I actually like this picture of both of us.  Im going to crop it and frame it!

This pic is from last night.....

This one is from September 2006 with Alex at our last supper.. notice same dress!   Ha! Which belly do you think is bigger?

And of course he was thrilled to take this shot! lol.. he doesn't have a belly.  but he sure is a hottie. 

Like I said, we had a great time.  Its funny to think that we are doing this all over again.. the whole newborn world.  Although it has only been a short two years since the last one.  It still seems surreal.  Oh and after we left the restaurant we "had" to go to Belk so that he could look for a Pink dress shirt in honor of Eva.  Of course we found one and thankfully it was on sale.  I'll have to snap a picture of him in his very pink dress shirt and show the world!   But he is so proud.  His whole world is about to change getting this little girl.  She is going to have him wrapped around all her fingers!   Ha!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fun at the Zoo!

I was sick yesterday and it was not a good day.   So when I woke up this morning feeling so much better, I knew that i needed to take the boys out for some fun.   So we set out early for the Zoo (to avoid the heat).  My friend Christy met us there (she has a sweet 10 week old girl, Ana Elizabeth) and then we went to Chickfila for lunch.  Here are some pics of the boys at the Zoo.  I have noticed that my picture taking abilities have slacked off since I've been pregnant, or maybe since I've had more than one child.  I just seem to point the camera and click hoping that something cute comes out of it.  In other words, some of these pics aren't the best quality.. oh well.  at least I attempted.  ;-)

The boys were "running" with the little bobcat as he paced at the window.  They loved it!

Up close with the tiger.  His head was as big as my child.  A little frightening.  ;-)

Waiting for the train to "start."  This was the first time that Alex rode beside me on the train and not in my lap.. he's becoming so big.  

Jorge will never look directly into the camera.. and Alex always has his thumb in his mouth.  And that lady in the middle has a huge growth in her middle area!

I was so glad that our morning turned out so well.  The boys did a great job of obeying as we walked around.  Alex is getting better at being "voice operated."  Although you can tell that we haven't done very much play time outside this summer (eh hem.. mom is pregnant and doesnt like to be hot) because as soon as 10:30 hit Jorge started saying, "mommy, I hot."  Poor little spoiled child.   :-)  Next summer it will be better.  they will have to have more play time outside.  

Here are pictures of my new nephew's dedication at my sister-in-law's church.  

Again.. a little blurry.. (from left to right) Pastor Byron, Jeremy 11, Joshua 13, Kevin-baby, Veronica, Ernesto.  Notice the age difference between the baby and Jeremy.  Suprise baby!

Everyone except Martha (Big Jorge's mom).  that's my husband brother on the far right, Antonio.  Oh and Cecy's husband Ciro wasn't able to be there so he isn't pictured. 

And finally.. some cute pics of the boys doing what they do best!  

Alex has his big brother pinned...
and he does it again.. Jorge thinks its hilarious....
Alex thinks its hilarious.. he is able to pin down his big brother... but then....
Big brother WILL get the last word and remind him who is truly bigger!  

Ahhh.. boys. 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random post

So Jorge's teacher called me tonight.  Her name is Angie (or Mrs. Angie).  She was very sweet.  I had already met her a couple of weeks ago when I picked up the registration form.  She is pregnant with her third as well but is due in November, I think.  Anyway, she was scheduling a sit down meet and greet for us and of course it is on August 28th.. If i have not had Eva before that date.. then I will be induced by the 27th or 28th.  But I told her that Big Jorge could take him then if he was up to it.  Its only a 30 minute meeting.  

I felt much better after talking to her.  I know Jorge will only be going two days a week, but that is still a lot to me.  I know he will be fine, but I still worry about how well he will adjust.  She was very sweet and knew exactly what to say to reassure me.  Good woman!  Also a mom!

Okay so I accomplished NOTHING on my to do list.  Although I did get the boys clothes put in their appropriate age box (from the attic) that don't fit anymore.  it wasn't on the list, because I forgot to put it on there.  So of course I have to add it just so that I can cross it off.  I am seriously going to finish the four loads of laundry (fold and put away)... tomorrow.  After I do one of the other things on the to do list.  ;-)

I am getting excited about meeting our little princess.  I get about 1 to 2 braxton's every hour and each time it just reminds me that we really are going to meet her soon. Yes, I know, that braxton's aren't actually efficient contractions... but the uterus is practicing.  I just like that it reminds me of what is going to happen!  Pain will mean holding her!  Yay!

I also need to tell a funny thing Jorge said today.  When we drop him off in his room at church he always asks "mommy, you go hear about Jesus?"  and I say yes and then tell him that he is going to hear about Jesus too.  This is a normal routine.  Even if we are going to the church just to drop off a book at the library he asks the same thing.  Well today we went to our church for Sunday school but went to my mother in laws church for service (bc my new nephew Kevin was being dedicated).  At her church, Jorge gets to come to the service with us (because its a hispanic church and everyone's kids are in there).  Although, we do take Alex to the nursery.  Well on the way to "Bita's" church (nickname for his grandmother) he said this: 

Jorge:  Mommy you take Alex to his room first?  then take Jorge first? (he meant second)

Me: Yes baby.  Mommy is going to take Alex to his room first and then you can go to your room (even though I knew he doesn't go to a room, he comes with us). 

Jorge: No mommy.. you take Alex to his room.  I no want to hear about Jesus anymore.  

We laughed out loud on that one.  I knew it wasn't anything against Jesus, but that was his way of saying, "no Alex is going to his room and Im coming with you guys."  It was too funny! 

Friday, August 15, 2008

Where has the week gone?

So its been a week since I've blogged.  And rightfully so.  Its been a crazy one here.  We had the baby shower.. which was awesome.  Then headed to the beach.. which was um.. memorable.  Here are some pics from the baby shower: 

Christina (House Host) and her mom Maria!  they did an excellent job of making everything beautiful!

Look at all that PINK! And its for one of my babies!  Wow!

Ruth, Me, Mom (Darcy) and Rachel (the gymnast I told you about). 
Me and Natalie S.  She is due two days after me.. however this is her fifth bundle of joy! 

Martha (Big Jorge's mom), me, Cecy and Veronica (his sisters)

Jennifer W., me and Christina.  BTW, Jen made the best homemade cupcakes!  She is awesome like that!

Kellie and Emily!  Love you gals!

the beautiful Diaper Cake.  Christina and her mom made it!  

The shower was so much fun and so pretty! I loved all of it.  The food was delicious and I even had a 1/4 bite of Jennifer's homemade cupcakes.  I can't wait to down a whole one!  Thank you to all you precious hostesses: Christina, Maria, Martha, Mom and Jennifer!  You gals ROCK!

After the shower we left for the beach.  Let me just start with some photos that document the fun times, first. 

The first walk into the ocean (at least that they remember)

Alex needed some "warm up" time.  Eventually he liked it enough to venture in on his own. 

Jorge feeding (oddly enough) goldfish to the birds.  He did this for 30 minutes.  

My "boys."  Its hard to believe that a little girl is about to enter the mix! 
Jorgito kissing Eva.  

the boys playing together in the sand. 

Okay.. so that's it with the pictures.  Those were about it.. the only time I brought out the camera on this trip.  I will just sum up the other parts of our trip with: We had a major issue with our condo.. had to be "kept out of it" for two hours (unexpectedly) while they tried to fix the problem.  That didn't work so we had to call management and get another unit.  We finally got to dinner.. had a good meal.  Played on the beach some more (the pictures of the boys with real clothes on).  We went back to the condo and I started not feeling well.  At midnight I tossed every cookie that I've ever eaten (read here: threw up a major amount). Had a low sugar drop due to no food in my system and was ready to pack it up and head home the next morning.  We were given an extra day (by the management) because of our ordeal the day before but because I wasn't feeling well and it was raining we decided to just head home and write this one down in the books.  I will elaborate on the ordeal another time.  I truly want to remember the good times right now!  LOL.  

I will say that Jorgito did a weird thing at the beach. . whenever he would accidentally swallow the ocean water, he would throw up.  I mean more like a big spit up, but he definately got rid of something.. He did this four times.  Has anyone heard of that before.  

Well that's it.. maybe I will get to post again before another week goes by.