Tuesday, March 30, 2010

feeling a bit.. blah..

Everyone gets to that week in pregnancy where you just feel blah, right?

Maybe it's just me. I have my days and this evening was one of them. i just enter a blah land and pass through the time on auto pilot. I also look around my house and see the 50 million things I'd like to get done and then get a tad bit overwhelmed.

For instance:
-my ceiling fans DESPERATELY need to be cleaned.
-the chairs and table need a thorough wipe down. the top of the table is clean but not the sides, under the the top (make sense?).
-I need to mop all the house.
-I need to dust everything.
-I tried looking in the attic for the boys summer clothes but couldn't find them (way too much stuff up there).
-I need/want a pedicure.

I'll feel better tomorrow.

I am going to pick up a box of my baby boy (newborn size) clothes from a relative who borrowed them. That will help me feel like I am getting something accomplished. And yes, I know, I am only 34 weeks (on Thursday).. but for some reason the nesting is coming early this time. My guess is it's the whole limbo of not knowing when the house will sell.

Anyway, random post for ya here. Just feeling blah this evening. Looking forward to a new day tomorrow. I'll let you know if anything on that list gets accomplished. ha!

Monday, March 29, 2010

as of late..

Her royal cuteness playing with playdoh. Let's just say it's a good thing it's not toxic.

my boys.. doing their best attempt to give me something camera worthy.. yeah, we gotta work on that.

A perfect picture to describe my day to day routine.. juggling kids.

A belly shot. I promise it's bigger than it looks.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bye bye anonymous.

Sorry to my readers who use the anonymous option to enter your comments. I don't have a problem with allowing people to use it, but apparently I have been getting a flood of spam comments (including pornography links) and therefore have to sacrifice true comments to keep those nasty ones out.

If anyone knows a way around this, let me know.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Falling way behind..

I feel like I might not catch up for a little while.

But only as it relates to my doula birth stories. I just had another birth on Saturday and still have to write the birth story from two weeks ago. And of course, the one from Saturday.

This past birth was my last Brookwood client until next year (?). Because my last client, due next month, is at Trinity. Then I will give birth at Brookwood. Its such a bitter sweet thing. Of course its sweet that I am going to have my baby soon. But bitter that there are so many moms that I would love to be helping over the next year. But alas, it will be much easier to start back doula'ing when Isaac is weaned. Watch him be the first child to actually decide to go longer than 11 months. ;-)

Speaking of Isaac, I saw him today. On an ultrasound of course. Measuring beautifully and I saw his sweet little face. Every day I get more and more anxious to hold him, nurse him and just cuddle him until I just have to go to sleep. And then I'll just snuggle him right on my chest and go soundly to sleep! ;-P

Before I go I want to tell you that i have a lot on my mind about this past year of doula'ing and am excited about writing a blog about the things i learned this year. Practical stuff that you can only learn with experience. I feel i need to write them down soon so that I can document all of it. Good stuff.

Well i better go. Got to get little ones ready for naps. And while I am NOT little, I will be napping too! ;-P

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry blogging friends..

I always feel as though I should apologize for my blog absence. To be honest, it has been so crazy around here and on top of that, I go through seasons of blog inspiration. When I have loads of laundry, kids climbing the wall and generally too much to do inside my four walls, I can't justify blogging.

Which, I might add, is something I am grateful for. I am realizing that although I am a social creature and crave interaction, I also crave to just "vent/share" on the blogosphere. However, I do NOT want to be the mom/wife/daughter of Christ that has my priorities out of whack.. and for me that means.. no blogging unless my other "duties" are taken care of. I guess bc for me, blogging takes a lot of brain power and therefore time. ;-)

Enough of that.

Last week the kids (and myself) went through a nasty stomach bug. Read here, throw up. Not fun. We are all better. i attended a birth that I still need to write a birth story for. I have another mom that is due this week and one more in April.

I am 31 weeks pregnant (this Thursday) and my blood sugars are doing GREAT. I can't remember if I shared but at my last doctors appt I had gained 12 lbs in 5 weeks. GASP! But it was because I my blood sugar was out of control for about 4 of those weeks. And in the past two weeks since getting it back in control, I actually lost 5 lbs. Now, I am not saying that it is a "good" thing to loose weight during a pregnancy, but in my case.. it's not a bad thing. I will steady out now and hopefully stay within the normal range for my pregnancies.

We still don't have a middle name for baby Isaac, so any suggestions you have.. go ahead. I would like it to be a Spanish name. but NOT Jose. ;-P Our other kiddos are Jorge Emanuel, Miguel Alexander and Eva Isabel. So they each have a "Spanish" name.

Well I better get going. hope everyone is doing well. adios.