Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet dreams..

My MIL was over the other night and was going to get Isaac out of his bed so that I could feed him. He was sleeping (quite soundly, I might add) and she came out of his room saying.. "oh you have to come take a picture of this.."

So here ya go..

Wook at those wips.

Such a sweet boy.

(and yes, I woke a sleeping baby to eat .. it was his last feeding for the night and I needed him to eat.. nursing moms know what im talking about). ;-)

Saturday, January 29, 2011


So we went to the circus.. I'll upload more pics later.. but for now, this is my favorite...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let me talk depression for a minute.

I have recently been in a "funk." (read: depression).

Unmotivated. Feeling lethargic and then highly "emotional." Oh and add in some feelings of severe inadequacy.

Ahhh.. the spice of life.

But walking in that "tension" as we call it in recovery.. is a good place to be. You see, because that is where God meets you. NOT once you have your "act together." He meets you in your weakness. In fact, that is where His strength is perfected.

For years, I would beat myself up with guilt because not only did I know that I felt like I was in a pit, I couldn't just "snap out of it." And for that I was angry. Add to that, the notion that somewhere in my world there was someone that had it worse off than me and my happy tale of a life, well then, you can just add more guilt.

Stir. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

So now what?

Rest. Trust. Wait.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Rest in the tension. Trust that God will meet you AND restore you. Wait for Him to do it. Not some silly, contrived, half-hearted, in my own strength, gonna "do it no matter what" waste of your time.

Right where you are.. in that tension (emotion of the moment) you are a well loved daughter (or son) of the King. That phrase "He won't give you more than you can handle??" try this one on: "You (as you are in this moment) aren't more than He can handle."

Grace comes in the morning. Mercy too. Rest in it. You do not have to be something that you aren't. (happy, chipper, upbeat, excited, etc). Rest in the truth that you are loved. In this very moment.

So now on the other side of my valley.. my peace: it's from the Lord. Not fake "peace."
My happiness: it's from the Lord. Not fake, "I SHOULD be happy."
My joy for the simple things: It's from the Lord. Not fake, "I need to appreciate this."

My friends hear me on this: You are a loved child of the King. Right in that "funk" God is walking with you. Pour out your heart to Him. He can handle it. I promise.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

C'mon be a follower..

IF you aren't already.. it's time to become a follower.. you know you want to. (trying to use "the force").

A follower of my blog.

You see, so many of you visit but I have no link to follow you and your blog (if you blog) other than following that link. I would love for you to "follow" and then I have a great way to purpose to go to your blog..

so just go on over to the right side of this blog and click to follow..


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be warned: mommy WILL tune you out..

Do you ever have those days...

Moments in your day, where the audio in your home is too loud? Where the combination of all your chillins screaming, crying, fighting over legos, toddlers whining that they are "hungey" AS you are cooking dinner and a baby who is not happy whether you hold him or not.. it all becomes too much to bear?

Because, quite frankly, you just want to cook dinner in peace?

May I suggest that you invest in some super handy industrial quality "earmuffs."

This is how my hubby found me when he came home last night. And he cracked up. (and then took my picture).

It worked beautifully.

I could see the lips moving but nothing was coming out.

It was magical.


I asked my nephew if he'd let me do some pictures. Im so intimidated by outside lighting. But I will learn. One shot at a time. Here a few of my favs..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In which the 2 y.o goes to MDO.

Let me set up the scenerio for ya.

It's 10 a.m. We have done breakfast, have gotten dressed, straightened up the house, just had a showing for the house and are sitting at the living room table to go over some phonics for school. Granted, this is supposed to be Jorge's school "stuff" but I have a baby crawling around my feet, a 4 yo trying to grab the letters off the table and a 2 yo that is yelling that it's "my tuuun."

At the moment that I put my head on the table (because the reality that the one child that is supposed to be reviewing the letters can't even hear his own thoughts to focus) I realize that something HAS gotta change.

I really don't have an issue with homeschooling. Teaching a kindergartener is not difficult. But wrangling three younger siblings WHILE trying to juggle school, the house and selling the house, well.. THAT is.

So I knew it was time.

Time to enroll Eva (the 2 y.o) in MDO. Isaac still takes a morning nap so we can do school while he sleeps. And Eva.. she can play and have someone that has her full attention and isn't telling her "no" all morning. well two mornings out of seven.

When Eva was born her older brothers went to MDO for three months. And I loved it. They loved it. It worked for everyone involved.

So, starting tomorrow (yes, they had an opening and it begins tomorrow).. Eva will go to MDO. Tonight she gets to go to Walmart and pick out her very own backpack (likely Tinkerbell or spiderman, it's a toss up).

And mommy, she gets to keep her sanity. ;-)

And Im sure that "little momma" will enjoy the time to make some GIRL friends to play "baby doll" with.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Yay! It's time for crib time!

When it comes to kids (and having them or raising them) I have gotten two solid pieces of advice.

*(as it relates to having just had a baby)- Make sure you get a shower each day. No matter when.. at some point, no matter how tired you are.. it WILL make you feel so much better and halfway normal.

*(as it relates to raising children)- Make sure you establish crib time.

Oh how much I love the wisdom of both. Therefore, today I will show you crib time. It starts at the time a baby can sit up unassisted and has enough motor skills to grab a toy and/or crawl: generally by 8 months. sometimes before: depending on the child.

You take the precious lamb and place them in their crib with some fun toys that are obviously baby appropriate. And you build up time. If the first time you do it, it only lasts five minutes before baby is yelling at you: stretch it another five the next day. As with anything: consistency is the key. Here let me show you..

Jorge was my first one to test it out on. He LOVED crib time (as you can see). He would actually stay in there for an hour.. an HOUR people, happily playing with his toys and listening to music. Lots got done: a shower, laundry (dare I say: a rest on the couch while growing human baby #2.. gasp). It was heavenly.

Next was Alex (as shown in the, also handy, pack n play) for that social baby that just can NOT handle being by themselves no matter WHAT toy you put in there with them. I think Alex was good for about 40 minutes and then he was d.o.n.e. And be warned. If an older sibling is old enough to climb in there too, you WILL have to maintain a constant visual to make sure everything is safe. Eh hem.

Next we have "baby girl," aka Eva. Not surprisingly, she was less interested in "crib time" as her brothers were. Likely because she is a girl and we are just diva's that way. I think her top time was 20 minutes. But hey.. I'll take it.

And here we have numero quatro, Isaac. Who enjoyed his very first (of many) crib times today. Contrary to his facial expression in this picture, he very much enjoyed his crib time. But when I came in to take his picture, he was very much ready for me to pick him up. His first total time: 20 minutes. Not bad.

*it is also important to note that crib time is a great way to help a child (with many older siblings) to get some down time when he/she is way over-stimulated, but isn't sleepy. it gives them a great, contained place to play, without all the hoopin' and hollerin' going on around them.

well, that's it. I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial of sorts. Now.. lemme go see about crib time for my five and four year olds. ;-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

he eats what he can..

No it's not depressing at all.. nary one bit.

Okay maybe a little. . but in a healthy way. (um yes. you can be depressed in a healthy way).

I uploaded some of my old pics from my external hard drive and this is what I found:

I mean seriously?? Look at that face (mine.. not the baby). Not a shred of evidence that a baby had just been born two months prior. NONE.

Ahh.. yes. the beach. Remember having just one baby? I think my big toe could get in that skirt now.

bahaha.. those jeans. that shirt. I remember that shirt. I had it in college. it would definitely be a tube top now. (this pic was in Mexico while visiting my hubby's extended family).

Okay, so how can i have a "healthy depression" looking at those pics? Well because I understand that there are some great side effects to not looking so young or as slim anymore:





(you knew that was coming though, didn't you?).

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ode to Isaac..

This angel is 8 months old. Unbelievable.

His royal fatness, chunk-a-monk, hoss..etc.. has my heart. Melts it daily.

it's obvious he has a healthy self esteem:

and because he is absolutely yummy.. I can NOT stop taking his picture..

and for the record.. because I was without a camera for three months of his life.. I am making up for lost time. That's all. ;-)

Friday, January 14, 2011

an evolution in babywearing..

WHO is that YOUNG gal?? Here is where it all started: The baby bjorn, with my firstborn.

I realized very quickly (however, not quick enough) that thing was WAY over rated and very uncomfortable.. for me and (what appeared) my baby..

so then.. I borrowed a sling from my sister:

of course I didn't know that it was WAY too long for my torso.. but it was very much better than the bjorn. On an aside, you can fix the sling or get one that fits you accurately. I love slings!!

Then I moved to the wonderful Moby Wrap:

I love the Moby.. especially for those newborns. And it is so cozy. for both of us..

and then finally.. to what, i think, is the best thing I have EVER purchased: The Ergo Baby.

I will put in a plug.. you can do smaller babies in the Ergo (it comes with an attachment).. but I truly love the moby for new babies.

they are just so yummy snuggly.

what is your favorite carrier??

Gearing up...

getting ready to make a comeback..

on the blog.

in the mean time.. this is what is keeping me busy..

and this..

(that'd be taking pictures.. not just Eva)