Saturday, February 23, 2008

Order me a STIFF drink!

I just put the kids to bed.. nevermind that it's 6:25 p.m.   I don't care.  It was that or my sanity.  Actually Miguel usually goes to bed around 6:30, so nothing abnormal there.  But my two year old is a different story.  He is just plain bad.  Three spankings in about 20 minutes time (two over the SAME thing) and several "instructions" on other things... led me to say, "that's it Jorge.. you are going to bed."  He is upset.. and will probably destroy his room but as long as he doesn't cross that threshold, he's safe.  

All this when my dear husband is out for the evening with some guy friends.  Part of his "birthday weekend."  His actual birthday is Monday.  Boy is he missing out on the fun here at the casa.  One of the guys he is with has a fiance that is coming over and we are going to watch a chick flick... Becoming Jane.  I am so excited.  Jorge's exact words on the movie (add lots of sarcasism) "I can't believe you are going to watch that without me."  (lol)

well if I could order a stiff one ...who am I kidding?  I can't handle stiff anything.  I don't even drink coffee (GASP).  Although I am about enjoy a chick flick and load up on some sugar free ice cream courtesy of Breyers.  I love companies who get in on the Splenda market!  


Thursday, February 21, 2008


No people that number does not represent how many days I have left in this pregnancy.  It was my "score" on my blood glucose test today.  YIKES!  You know the one that I was not going to take.  Granted, my bs numbers would not normally be that high since I don't have that much sugar in one sitting, ever!  But it is obvious that I DO have gestational diabetes again (third time, baby).  Right now I will do the usual "diabetic diet"  until eventually  my pancrease goes on complete vacation and then insulin it is.  This happened around 14 weeks with Miguel.  We'll see.  

How do I feel about all this?  I need my "day" of sad frustration that God answered in a way that I did not want and by tomorrow I will be once again rallying "to God be the Glory!"  I know God has the Glory now.. but by tomorrow I will be "feelin' it."  The reality of this time around is harder just because my endocronologist told me that he (before this pregnancy) feels very strongly that after one of these pregnancies I am going to keep the diabetes.  Maybe not the insulin dependence but definately type 2.  I have my perspective: i understand this is not inoperable lung cancer we are dealing with.  However, its is daunting to think that 1) I could deal with this day in, day out for the rest of my life and even have trouble with side effects and complications later and 2) that, since this is auto immune (my mother had and died from Lupus) that I could pass that gene on to one of my own children.  Even though Lupus and Diabetes are both "livable" diseases (That was not the case 20-30 years ago when my mother had it), the risks involved over long periods of time can be saddening.  

Anyway... God is in control.  He has His purposes.  I only pray that I will honor Him with my attitude and thoughts about all of this.  Besides He has given me two beautiful and healthy babies even with all that insulin.  We will pray for the same this time too! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

204 DAYS?? WHAT?!?

okay people.. this baby ticker thing at the top of my page is really starting to annoy me.  There has to be a way that i can keep the first part where it tells the weeks and days.. but removes that painfully obvious.. countdown by numbering the days.  The only way that would be encouraging is if I had like 3 days left.  

Sorry.  random observation that is eating away at me.  

Go on.  Continue about your day. 

Useless jabber.

well.. not much going on here.  I just thought I would post something so you don't have to look at my hubba hubba forever.  I felt well enough to go to Bible study this morning and then we braved Chickfila for some lunch and now the boys are sleeping, well at least Miguel is.  Jorge has gotten in trouble twice for "playing" when he should be in his bed.  such is life.

Dr. Ross has asked that I take the blood glucose test on my next visit (this thursday) which involves the drinking of that wonderful dose of sugar and then waiting an hour.  I do not agree with taking this test (as I was able to "catch" my diabetes the last time with noticing the symptoms) so I am not sure why he thinks it best for me to do this when I don't have any current symptoms of the diabetes.  I was going to "opt out" of the test altogether (you know you are allowed to disagree with the all-knowing doctor) but then my husband said he wanted for me to "take the test."  Sooooo... I take it this thursday.  wish me luck...rather would you pray its not even an issue this pregnancy!

And we had an accident in our home a couple of nights back.  Big Jorge was playing with Jorge and, well.. certain events led to my sweet son falling onto the metal air filter grate on our floor, landing on his chin, slicing it right at the indention and chipping his front tooth.  The chip is very noticable.. good thing its not the permanent tooth.  ;-)  Now every time Jorge walks on the grate he points and tells us "I fall down here!" sad. 

well thats it for now.  I will be catching up on all of your blogs as I can.   Adios. 

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Me:  Okay babe.  I have thought and prayed about this.  I care more about us being united and on the same page as it relates to finding out the sex of the baby. So if you want to find out at the time of the sonogram, then I will find out with you.

DH:  WHAT?!?  You can't do that.. you wanted to wait until he/she was born.  Why would you do that?

Me:  Because, it's obviously more important for you to find out sooner, and I care more about us being on the same page.  Plus, I do NOT want to find out accidentally, after the fact.  I would rather do it together.  So I will find out when you find out. 

DH (FS-For sale):  Well, (speechless)..uh.. well then, I just don't know that I want to do it anymore.  

Me (ready to kill DHFS):  WHAT? (!@#$%).   Why in the world not?

DHFS:  well because I know you were all big on not finding out until the birth and I don't want to be the one to ruin that for you..... (pause)

Me: (thinking to myself).." awww thats sweet"

DHFS: (continues)... plus it kind of takes the the joy out of annoying you.   (end quote)

*You can't make this stuff up. 

Friday, February 1, 2008

Eeyore's companion

that is what I feel like. Normally I would feel like a bit of Tigger and Pooh mixed together. Although its been a long while (college) since I have had the pure energy of Tigger. I am not as Phlegmatic as Pooh, but the past couple of days I feel like I might sit next to Eeyore at the dinner table.. not to try to cheer him up.. but because misery loves company.

I am very thrilled to be preggers. I KNOW that come September (or late august is my guess) I will be the most joyous women in all the world. I just have to get through the next few weeks. The nausea is unreal. I can't even talk about it because it makes me..well nauseas..

I took Miguel today to his 15 months well visit..nevermind that he is 16 months old. Poor second child. This third baby will be doing great to even get to the doctor on or around their alloted times. Thank you Jaci for offering to watch Jorge. Im so glad he didn't destroy your house. Although he wanted to beat your gas grill to death with the plastic golf club.

It was so nice to have just one child at the dr's office. I was able to remember what it was like when you "just have one." And not to minimize the transition it is when you have that first one, but after subsequent children you realize how easy "you had it." Anyway, it was also nice to just "spend time" with him. Im sure he would have preferred a date where it didn't end with a strange woman sticking both his legs with a needle. sorry fella.

Well, I guess that sums up my day. Eeyore goes on a well visit.