Tuesday, February 24, 2009


And two networks rejected airing it on their network bc they claimed it would make people assume that the president is pro-life. What a sad, sad excuse.

Talking Points: Prayer

POLL:  Do you have a consistent prayer time?  
YES: 30%   
NO:  70%

There may have been some confusion as to what I was asking for with this question.  Do you have a pattern in your life of taking time out for undistracted prayer/talking  to the Father.  I'm not talking about the many times we randomly talk to Him throughout the day as we are busily going throughout our hectic schedule.  Rather, times set aside and not necessarily at the same time everyday, of talking with Him.  

Please leave your thoughts about this poll and feel free to leave them anonymously.  

Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay so I about wet my pants on this one!

Bible Time Funnies...


Me: God made the Sun and the stars (we were reading about the creation story).  What is this right here? (pointing to the animals in the picture)

Jorge:  a lion. 

Me:  And who made the lion?  

Jorge:  Larryboy.  



After going over the fact that Adam was in the garden and was lonely so God made Eve to be his wife...

Me:  So Adam and Eve got married, just like mommy and daddy.  

Jorge:  you got married to Daddy Garcia?  

Me:  yes I did!  

Jorge:  you got married to daddy and I get married to Alex!
(not sure he will like that story when he is 16).  


Friday, February 20, 2009

It's no secret..

You may or may not know that Jorge and I are praying through the timing of our next child, via adoption.  I have such a strong passion to adopt out of the foster care system (the huge mess that it is!) and don't necessarily feel like we HAVE to have an itty bitty new baby.  In fact, since the process can take up to a year or two, I would like to get a toddler close to the same age as Eva (or how old she will be) at the time of adoption.  Which,  if I had my choice for timing, would mean a girl between the age of 18-24 months.  

Of course, all of this is in the "talking about" stage.  I have made a few phone calls but haven't really taken the plunge of calling a social worker because my hubby needs a little more time.  I was telling a friend the other day that its much more "nerve wracking" to plan the birth of a child (or timeline for adoption) then if its all a surprise.  Well pregnancy can be a surprise, but not adoption.  And my hubby gets a little "nerve wracked" at the discussion of  time which is why, incidentally, none of our four pregnancies were planned!  But as I have told him over and over again.. our fourth child will not be that way.  We will have to start the process at some point.  ;-)

I honestly have no issues with $$ for adoption (if you adopt through the state there are only legal fees), or concerns over which of the thousands of children do we pursue.. No everything is just about timing.  So friends, whenever you think of us.. please pray for us and that the God of perfect peace will shovel some our way and we will know when is the time to pursue bringing in the next bundle God has for our family!  

Some days I am so ready to have them in our family and then other days I look at the ones we have and think.. it wouldn't hurt to give a little more time.. but even as I type that I feel like I am contradicting what my heart tells me:  another child is a blessing.. it doesn't matter how close in age they are.  Some of you may not understand what I'm getting at here and others will.  Anyways, I just want to rest in the peace that God is in control of our "family planning" and He knows when is best!  So you better believe the day that God confirms it in the heart of my husband.. you guys will be the first to know!! 

**its neat to think that our little baby could already be born right now, just waiting to meet us!  


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We don't need to get out!

Another CFA post.  I don't know why, but some days my boys do great and some days there are little terrors.  Today was the Mr. Hyde side while in the play place.  I will say, to their credit, that they weren't being mean per se, just terrorizing two of the girls in there.  Mainly Jorge was terrorizing.  And again, to his credit, these girls were VERY sensitive.  If one of my boys just looked at them they would run to their mom and "tell on them."   It was funny, the first 10 minutes.  Then it was a wee bit exhausting.  Trying to convince her that they were not going to hurt her.  Bother?  Well that's a different story.  Its kind of hard to do "personal space" when there are fifteen kids in the same play place.  Anyhoo... we did have to leave when Alex bit Jorge.  And that makes the second time today.  Jorge has a nice little bruise (and outline) on his cheek (the face one) from where Alex bit him this morning.  Don't worry, Alex got his marks too.  

So apparently I have two biters.  Jorge did it too but it was not out of anger like Alex's is.  Oh the issues.  I am so thankful that they will move past this soon.  And then its on to bigger and better issues, right?  Ahhh.. the joy of parenting.  

On a funny note.. I am loosing my mind.  I had a true "mom" moment.  i was in my car on the phone with a friend.  And I am so used to telling people "hey I just pulled into my driveway, I gotta go (to unload the kids)" that even though I was in MID SENTENCE with my friend.. I looked at my phone, pressed end call and hung up on her.  While I was in mid-sentence.  Why?  Because I had pulled into my driveway and thought in my mind that I had told her I needed to go.  Proof of what being a mom does to your brain.  

For you mom's out there please share your funniest "mom" moment with me.. I'd enjoy the laugh (and the realization that I am not the only one).  Although I can also add that there has been at lease two times that a neighbor has come to my front door to tell me that I have left one of my van doors open (yeah, the automatic door)!  Holla Jennifer G!  

Monday, February 16, 2009

Larry Boy and Spiderman Collide

Jorge's two favorite superhero's are Larry Boy (Veggietales) and Spiderman.  He was YELLING the Larry Boy mantra "I am that HERO" and then I asked him to show me his muscles, to which he had a funny reply... enjoy. 

All boy.  All the time. 


Eva, Spiderman. 
Spiderman, Eva. 
So glad that you two could meet!

Eva got some yummy food for the "first" time.  Sweet Potatoes.  Although, her true first bite of food was banana pudding.  A perk of being the third child.  

She did like the SP but this picture is of her arching her back in her bumbo.. not cool, Eva, not cool.  

"hang on mom, gotta finish this bite first." Fingers help so much! 

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fantastic Park

Well first a big thank you to Lindsay for telling us about this park. Since it was such a beautiful day on Saturday we decided to head out (a long way, I might add) to Leeds to see this fine specimen of a Park. Its actually Leeds Veteran Park and is chalk full of fun and neat things for your kids to enjoy. They have a massive slide or two, a toddler playground, a walking trail, boulders for climbing, a rock wall and just lots of room to run wild. We spent THREE hours playing. We had some friends come with us too, which made it more fun.

A look at the massive slides.. 

At a distance.. 
One of my monkeys.. 
He got a bit nervous at this point. 

Yes, Alex is wearing his Pj's.  He's two and that's what he wanted to wear.  You pick your battles.  

Jorge started out in the AU shirt but landed in some mud coming off the merry go round so he will be wearing a blue shirt later.  But here he is climbing the rock wall. 
Our friends Paul, Christina and Jack came too. 
Eva was so sweet.. notice her hand on her head.. adorable. 
He couldn't contain his excitement after coming down the highest slide.. 
Perspective.. me and Jen. Her son is Fritz.
I wondered how he was gonna get down.. 
ahhhh.. then Alex wanted to do it. 
cutie patootie.. 
The three amigos.. swingin'.  Booty shot. 

They were showing muscles.. while climbing the boulders.. this was BEFORE Fritz fell and had a date with the rock.. 
Eva is so quiet sometimes we forget she is there.. but this time next year we will be chasing her around.. 

too sweet.. 

This was about four minutes after getting in the car.  They were OUT.  And after three hours I would have expected nothing less.  

I highly recommend you try out this park.  Depending on where you live it may not be an every day kinda thing.. but its definitely worth the trek (about 20 miles one way for us) for a special occasion.  In fact, today we went to a park by our house and when I told Jorge we were going to the park he said, "With the BIG SLIDE?" as he squealed.  Sadly, son, no.  HA.  

Thursday, February 5, 2009

9.9 on Vault.

Rachel's start value on this vault was a 9.9 and she scored a 9.9 which means it was PERFECT!! GO RACHEL!

Once you click on the link below, scroll down until you see the section for Vault and watch the video for Rachel Terry. She also competed on Uneven Bars. You can look for that one too!

Watch here!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few pics.

Eva's 5 months pic.

this picture is to document the fat rolls on my chunky girl. 

sorry for the blur.  At the UA v. UK meet in t-town.. with my niece, Nataly. 

Jorge ready for church.. and you can thank his daddy for putting Jorge's pants up to his elbows. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little progress.

I had Bible study this morning.   Last week this same event prompted this post and full fledged "war" in my house.  Alex was having a rough morning (last week) and I ended up having a conversation with the director of the nursery that, for her benefit and that of my son, they don't have to worry with the "naughty chair" (yes, my son got sent to the naughty chair because he refused to share the trains with other kids, well and he was throwing them too I might add).  So I told the wonderful workers in the nursery that I would rather save them the trouble of having to "contain" him when he does this.. and just come get me out of the class and let me deal with it in the bathroom (if you get my drift..).   They said that would be fine.  And were very appreciative.  

So fast forward to today.  I drop the boys off in their rooms.   then I get down the hall in time to hear Alex screaming (mad) and decide to head back down to his room.  Long story short.  They were trying time out and of course he was giving the response you might expect.  Anger.  Read here: NOT BROKENNESS.  Which is why time out does NOT work in this instance with a two year old.  But for nursery workers with no other option.. I completely understand.  So when I got to the door they told me what the problem was and then she asked what I wanted to do, time out or bathroom.  I voted bathroom.  So then we went to bathroom had our event (explanation, spank, prayer) and then came back out in the room.  He walked over and then yelled when another child came near "his" trains.  So right back in the bathroom we went for round 2.   He was sad and still upset when I left.  

So... when I came back from Bible study (I did notice they never came and got me again) one of the teachers was gleaming when she said "Oh Alex did wonderful.  We never had another problem after you left."  I was so happy to hear that.  Then we joked that maybe I should just do that as soon as I drop him off.   But seriously.. Alex has had a rough few weeks.  But as I was telling the women at the church.. PRAY.  Please pray.  God is so good and if I will just stay focused and know that diligence will pay off we will get through this.. me and my sweet blue eyed two year old.