Friday, January 16, 2009

On the road again..

Headed to Tuscaloosa tonight for Rachel's first home meet.  Very excited.   This time my hubby gets to come and the boys are staying with my awesome friend Christina, who offered to keep them.  Eva is, of course, coming with us.. since I hate to pump.  Ha. 

I am hoping that you will participate in a new feature on my site: polling.  I have some interesting questions that I will be polling for.  It's all anonymous so no worries that I would know your answer.  So check the poll often.. so that you have the opportunity to put your opinion out there.  

Well I am on to other things.. hopefully I will have more to say later.  ;-P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dinner Talk

Big Jorge and Jorge were talking and then this: 

Me:  Jorge, you need to eat your pasta. 

Jorge: Mommy, I talking to daddy. I not talking to you. 

Me: Excuse me (with that tone), you do not talk to mommy like that. 

Big Jorge:  (after he had to turn his head from laughing) son you are smart, but you need wisdom. 

He did end up eating his pasta.. and not talking like that to me again.  ;-) 

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tough start but getting better as the day goes on.

Today was starting out very badly.  Not because of anything in particular.  Just the whole scenario itself.  We have been cooped up inside for a week because of sick littles and it finally was taking it's toll on me.  Im a home body so its saying a lot for it to finally be getting to me.  The kids were done.  And by that I mean, they have been staring at the same toys, movies, games, etc for a week and were getting cabin fever.  So was I.  

After five days of antibiotics the boys (who had walking pneumonia) are doing so much better.  Jorge still has a cough occasionally but I called the nurse this morning and she told me that you take Azithromiacin for five days and its still in your body five days after its still working for him to help get rid of the cough.  But that he is NOT contagious.  Which is good because I have not seen a single soul or my kids had a single playmate in over a week and that bit of info was music to my ears.  

So I decided to take them to B & N for a little train time.  Alex played with the trains for an hour (usually lasts about 30 minutes) but he was so happy to be out of the house he extended his self control and ability to not throw the trains for and extra thirty minutes.  LOL.  Jorge also did very well.  He kept bringing me book after book to read with him.  Which brings me to something.  A question for all you mom's with boys.  My son will be 4 in June and he is fascinated with not only Spiderman and Batman but also, eh hem, princesses and Ariel.  I know this is normal but for how long?  Ha.  Im not nervous.  Its just that whenever he brings me these "princess" books I try to get really enthusiastic when they talk about the prince character and ask him if he is a prince like Eric or Tritan.  That's when I get the response, "No mommy, I a mermaid.  I a Dash Mermaid."  Which is funny because he always says he is Dash from TheIncredibles, but I guess he is a fast mermaid too. I dunno. I will say that whenever I say something like "Don't stand on that, baby, you'll get hurt" he replies, "mommy, I not a baby. I a wild man."  He is all boy for sure, but at what point do you get a little concerned with the fairy stuff? 

Any thoughts?  

Speaking of the little fella, here are some pics of his recent visit to the bowling alley.  It was his first time.  

He looked so cute.  Check out his little bowling shoes. 

Taking the ball over.. very carefully. 

Setting it down gently.. and then ever so gently pushing it.  No matter how many times I said "Jorge you gotta push really hard." We even tried the granny toss and that didn't help. 

It was taking a while to get to the pins.. So he waits.. with hands on his hips.. to cute. 

this time he decides to squat while he waits. 

He is a funny little guy.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Younger sisters' first meet for UA!

The meet was at Auburn.  And going in to the meet UA had beaten AU the past 95 times the two have competed.  It was a close match all night.  AU looked great!  Especially on Floor.  Two of their girls scored 9.9's.  And at the very end Alabama pulled out the 96th victory by a margin of .02 of a point.  Is that not INSANE?  This site will have video at some point.  

Here are some pics.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get any good action shots.  But I will try to upload my own video of Rachel on the Bars.  The team also wore pink bc it was a Breast cancer awareness meet with proceeds from tickets going to research. 

The only "action" shot I have of her.  about to take her place on bars.  She was doing an exhibition so it didn't count for scoring. 
After the meet. 
She loves Eva and showing her off to her friends. 

Mom (Darcy), Rachel and Dad (Jim). 
Rachel and some friends that came down to the meet.  

This is Rachel's coach.  No he is not as short as she is.  He is like 7 ft tall and is on his knees.. oh and still taller than her!  She is the shortest on the team at 4' 10.  

One of my BFF's that lives in Columbus, Shelley, came to the meet too.  Please notice the little girls looking at each other.  Naomi Hope and Eva.  BFF's too! 

They are one month apart.  And even though they were tired and it was way past their "bedtime" they did great! 

Even fell asleep during all the noise.  

We had a great time.  It was so good to see Rachel in the college level.  The night before the meet I asked her if she were okay if I were to cry when she walks out and she said "yes.  I'll probably cry too."  I asked her "Is it because you'll be nervous or because its the realization of a dream come true (competing at Alabama)."  She said, "umm, both."  '-)  We love her and can't wait to see the gymnast she is going to become over the next four years, Lord willing. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a year already!

As obvious as it is that I have not blogged but twice in the past two months, I still feel the need to let you in on what has kept me from it.  Blogging has always been an outlet for me.  But as of late I can barely get the desire to put the dishes in the dishwasher much less type out my thoughts.  It is an understatement to say it's been a whirlwind since our Christmas in Colorado.  We got back, had New Years celebrations with both sides of the family, a visit to Montgomery to visit my older sister, my husband got a heinous GI virus and now the boys (Jorge and Alex) have walking Pneumonia.  Thankfully Eva and I have steered clear of all this yuk in our house.  (thank the Lord for breastfeeding!).   

The hardest part was not just the being cooped up indoors it was the fact that we didn't even have the option of going outside.  It has been raining for the past three days.  And yesterday, when my husband was taking the boys outside to play during the small break from the downpour, he made it to the radio flyer in our front yard before he had to turn the boys right round and come back inside because it started raining again.  The boys were so upset.  They were like, "FREEDOM!"  only to have it stripped away.  Sad.  

So you can imagine my joy to see the Sun today.  I mean.. really, I have never been so excited to see that bright ball of fire!  Even if today included a doctor's visit and finding out about the Pneumonia.  I feel much better having the option to go outside if we want.  I know I could not survive in a place like Seattle, or Alaska for that matter.  

well I bettter go.. the kids are sleeping and I need to catch up on some much needed cleaning.  I still am not completely caught up from coming back from our trip. :-(

Enjoy the Sun! 

Oh and I told you I would catch her in the act: 

Lil' stinker..

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in Colorado

Im having trouble with uploading the amount of pictures I have from our trip.  So I decided just to put up a couple of the highlights.  I hope you enjoy!  Christmas in Silverthorne (with visits to Keystone and Breckenridge).  Our first ever white Christmas.  

This was our cabin.  At one point there were at least 22 people.  It sleeps 24.  I'll explain later.  

Getting out on a pretty day.. although when the sun went was freezing.  

walking to the bus stop. 

Best seat in the house. 

Visiting Breckenridge on Christmas day.  Stunning. 

My new coat. 
Got milk?

Date night.. courtesy of my little sisters.. (with my old coat.. this was the night my hubby bought me my new coat.  Red coat was $6 from the thrift store).  

New coat was a steal too.. but not $6. 

 Rachel T., me and Ruth... oh and Eva.. 
All the girls.. Ruth, me, Esther, Rachel T., and Darcy (aka, mom). 

I have been non stop since we got  back.. we are battling sickness and i haven't been able to catch up yet.  but there are worse things happening in the world right now than the state of my house.  ha!  I look forward to telling you all about our trip and show more pictures.