Sunday, November 30, 2008

Country Music fan or not.....

You will appreciate this video.  I tear up every time I hear the third verse.  So true.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

God is so gracious.

We had family pictures last night and the DMV today.  And yes, I went by myself with the kids, to the DMV.  But God was/is so gracious.  I had packed snacks, a couple of books and sippy cups for the boys to keep them busy while we were to wait in line.  However, when I got there there was only one other person in line and by the time i made it up to the front he had been called.  Then I got the boys' apples out and then I heard, "next."  Woohoo!  I was saying out loud, "God is so good!  Here I thought this might take forever.  He does answer prayer!"  The women were laughing.  

That is one of the pluses of living in Shelby County rather than Jefferson County.  The JC DMV takes FOREVER and there is no way I would wait there with all three of my kiddos.  

Tags are done.  Now we just have to put them on the new car.  Well my husbands new car or ride I should say.  

Going to bed.  I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Pace yourselves!  


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Before I go into the H-E-L-L that was our family pictures tonight.. I will be kind and give you the end product first.  Here are the poses we went with: 

It's much brighter printed.  But this is our family shot.  Christmas cards too. 

trying to kiss Eva.. Mommy thought it was cute. 

Adoring Eva.. This was the best we got with all three of them. 

This was a good one except for Jorge not really doing a real smile.  

Now to some of my favorite bloopers.  BTW, i got all these pics on the CD so this is totally legal for me to do this.  ;-)  some of these are worth ordering just to show the pain it is to try and get three children under three to cooperate.  Well, Eva actually did very well!   But she did not want to smile until AFTER the pictures were done. 

Jorge using his shirt to clean his nose.. classic.

Getting the boys to laugh a little too much. 

I honestly don't know what Alexs' question is.  He probably wants to know what's wrong with his brother.. 

Laughin' it up.  Notice my husband and I are just trying to remain calm.. is it convincing? 

At this point, the kissing had become a game and Eva was getting concerned. 

Ha!  Promise we didn't give Jorge drugs.  

I love this one.. Jorge is wondering why both parents have to hold down his arm.  Because, he kept picking his nose! 

Ahh.. dear blog friends I wish that were the only bloopers.  Most of it was just getting the boys to look at the camera at the same time.  I seriously don't want to gripe so I will just leave you with this to explain my evening.  Our appointment time was at 4:40 p.m.  Pictures were actually taken at 6:30.  At 7:17 I sent the boys home with Big Jorge.  By 7:45 I was viewing and picking my pictures. And at 8:30 dad came to pick me up and take me home.  FOUR HOURS later people.  But I have my pictures in hand.  

And tomorrow I get to go to the DMV!  Seriously!  

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Okay so the clip below has me in tears.. I LOVE it.  When we actually watched it in the movie we had to pause the movie so that I could gain composure bc I was laughing so hard. 

I think what cracks me up the most is her reaction.. I LOVE it! Even though I did two epidurals and one natural birth, I love the response... because it sure is much "easier" with the epi. OH well, I hope you got a good laugh.

Rachel is awesome!!!

Im not talking about me! For those interested, and who wouldn't be, one of my little sisters (i have three. to find out how link here) is a gymnast for the University of Alabama. Here is a video from this site, of her practicing her floor routine. The official season starts in January. She is awesome. Enjoy.

Visit Gymnastike For More Videos

I love you Rachel. (yes my sister has the same name as me!)


Another video of Rachel. It's kinda long but she shows up at 5:04 in the time and is the one with two wrist bands on. Oh and she is also the one KICKIN' IT on the leg lifts! Notice the ease with which those legs are thrown up!!! woot woot! representin'. (well, not me since i probably couldn't do one! lol).

Visit Gymnastike For More Videos

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Brave little man!

Today Jorge had his first dentist appt.  He kept saying he didn't want to go, but in the end he was very brave.  First the hygienist, Mrs. Julie, showed him all her "toys" (aka equipment) and what she was going to do with them.  After she finished just showing them to him he said, "mommy, we all done now?"  Too funny.  

Here she is flossing his teeth.. 

I didn't get any pics of her actually cleaning his teeth because i had to hold his hands.  He kept "still" but cried through that part.  This picture is right after that ordeal.  Then he was fine. 

He even let me get a picture of him with Mrs. Julie.   

After he was assured that it was, in fact, "all done" he opened up and started talking to her and to the other women in the room/area.  Of course he was putting on the charm and they were all loving it.  When we stepped out to pay the copay, Mrs. Julie walked by and had this interaction with Jorge:

Julie: Oh you're still here...
Jorge:  Yea, mommy, she gots to pay the monies.
Julie: oh that's good.  Well I'll see you again next time. 
Jorge: Okay.  I bring Awex with me to see you next time.  
Julie:  Okay. 
Jorge: Bye.  You have a good trip (that's his send off lately-its from "The Incredibles" movie).
Julie:  Oh you are too cute.. i love you. (as she knelt down to give him a hug).

Then the receptionist said, "you know, he really is very sweet and absolutely adorable.  And we do NOT say that to all the parents."  

That made my day.  He really did do a great job and seeing him charm the ladies made me smile inside.  

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Not my child.

You probably have the type of child(ren) that are very cooperative. 
Or are obedient with a "happy heart." 
Or, more specifically, happily sit whilst someone is reading a story. 
Or participate in songs without throwing themselves on the floor because they think its funny.

That's probably the type of child(ren) you have.  

Not my child(ren).  You may have guessed it, for those who follow my blog, today was "story time at the library" day.  We have done this two times before with some success.  However, today my children were less cooperative.  The best way to describe it is by using a phrase I grew up hearing: My children were "actin' a fool!"  Yes.. That is the only way to describe it.  Also, they acted like "they ain't got no home trainin'." 

Which is exactly my point.  It was ever so obvious today that, while my children can successfully sit through a two hour movie of their choosing, they will not sit for story time at the library.  This IS A PROBLEM.  I am full aware people.  Believe me.  Yes, we have sit time at our house.  We sit for Bible time every morning before we do anything else.  We SIT for breakfast, lunch and dinner until we are excused from the table.  We sit for stories at home.  Lots of them.  SO WHY do my children get into that room at the Library and "act a fool?"  
They go to school and follow directions (MDO twice a week).  I know, I know act worse for their moms, but still.  

My sons are wound tighter than a banjo but I apparently need to unwind on their hind quarters and do some home training on this issue.  

Humor in the madness:  At the moment I had had enough (during the middle of story #2) I told the boys, "that's it. We're done.  We are leaving."  I grabbed them up and started to walk out, as quietly as possible.  Two moms in the back were watching the whole ordeal and were giving me that grin of empathy (although their kids were two girls who were sitting ever so sweetly where they were supposed to) when Jorge said, "mommy, I not want to get a spanking."  He said it all the way to the car.  Hopefully, the 10 people we passed on the way to the car won't call DHR.  

And one last comment.  If you are the parent of compliant children: 
 Thank the good Lord Jesus for the gift that he has given you, for the moment.  

That's it.. I am done. 

Monday, November 17, 2008

Cool Mom...

So as I was pulling into a parking spot I noticed another mom waiting patiently on her toddler.  She had returned their cart to the cart return spot and her son was walking along the railing.  You know, feet on one part and hands on the top rail..slowly "walking" alongside until he reached the end.  The mom was just standing there patiently, even smiling.  Her son finished up and they were walking to their car (next to mine) at the time I was getting out.  I then said, "you are a cool mom.  Good job!"  She of course was curious as to what I was talking about.  

"You took the time to let him do the things toddlers love to do!  I feel like, with my three, Im always in a rush with the 'list' that needs to get done that I often times forget to slow down long enough to let my kids enjoy the 'little things' like that."  

I think she was very encouraged by my noticing.  But, truly, it was a reminder for me to slow down and let the kids be kids.  If its not going to hurt them I should not be in such a rush to not allow them to do the things that kids like to do.  For instance, Jorge loves to ride on the bottom of the cart.  He's still small enough to not be hanging out too far.  But most of the time Im in such a hurry and don't want to take the time to remind him not to put his mouth on the cart, keep his arms in..etc.  But he LOVES it.  I want to take the time to let him do it and take the time to train him at the same time.  

Anyway... here's to hoping you slow down too with your littles! Have a great, slow day!  


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sick Sunday...

My husband is SUPER SEXY.. especially when he shows off his great daddy skills..I guess that's why his name in my cell phone is "A Sexy Mex" (Mexican, duh).  
If you were wondering why he was "slinging" Eva.. here ya go.  He was holding her and she wanted him to be standing up (read here.. would only stop crying if he was standing up with her) and then his shoulder started to hurt so he donned the sling and all was well.. and didn't miss a beat of the game!  How's that for awesome?

Later she was talking with me.  Of course we stayed away from discussing politics ...ya know.. to keep it light. 

How in the world did a crab and a turtle get in my house slippers.........

I rented Kung Fu Panda for the boys today (Sunday.. mommy's home sick) and they were mesmerized.  Alex is a cuddle bug so he climbed up in his big brothers lap..and for once, Jorge didn't kick him out.  It may have something to do with the fact that they had just spent two hours outside playing and they were EXHAUSTED..  still cute and we had to capture the moment.  Alex looks tense but he's really as relaxed as they come.  

I like this one because they were holding hands right before I snapped it.  Will this embarrass them one day?  I hope not! 

As I said.. I'm sick.  its a cold.  Got it from my awesome husband.  Eva has it too.  Just snew in her nose.  The worst part about a cold, for me, is when I can't breathe through my nose and then the ability to taste is lost not too far behind that.  Oh well, hopefully it will go away soon. 
I hope you all have a great rest of the day! 


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More pics.

Time to post a zillion pictures as an update for all the time NOT blogging.  Enjoy.. 

Eva is talking (cooing) to us cute. Just like a girl.

Our friends (and former neighbors Jennifer G. and her daughter Mary Margaret) came by for a visit. 

Jennifer.. don't take so long to come over the next time..otherwise Eva will be 2!  LOL.  I loved seeing you and I hope we can get together to hang out again. 

I decided to go to story time again. This time friends came with us.  Christina, Jennifer W. and Amanda (and all the subsequent chillin's).  I did take pictures this time.. ones you can actually see.  

Of course I had to document what my children do while at story time.. this was during the craft.  My three year old is on the floor under a chair. 
Alex, not doing the craft either, is messing with something he is not supposed to touch. 

And Im just wearing Eva.  And do I look tired or what?  Also could use some powder on my face.  
This was during one of the songs.. Jorge really likes that part. 
Amanda and Ian!  They look nothing alike!  LOL.  Riiiiight...
Alex sitting in Jorge's lap!  Not for long though. 
Jack holding his craft. 
Fritz happily coloring.  Obviously his favorite part of story time. 
Jen holding Eva while I attempted to get some shots of the boys. 
We all came back to my house after the library, ate lunch and then let the boys play outside, minus Jack (it was his naptime).  

Fritz was throwing leaves into the pool. 

the others were "swimming" in the pool. 
Jorge giving glory to God, obviously. 
climbing in a tree. 

Jorge helping Fritz climb the tree. 
Ta-da!!  His papa would be so proud. 

Monday, November 10, 2008


Nothing I have ever done.. and I mean nothing, has gotten more attention than when I wear my baby.. in a sling!  

It's obviously not a part of our culture here in the states, although it is catching on in a lot of places.  The sling I have is actually my older sister's, Mishka.  So its a new idea for me..but I love it.  But what cracks me up is the response that I get when I wear it out in public.  I do get  the typical, "oh how neat" or "where did you get that?"  Most people are openly inquisitive.  But some of the comments I just don't understand.  Like the people that walk past me and turn to the person they are with and say, "did you see that?" all secret like.  Is there something strange about a sling that I am not getting?  Or the other day a lady was trying not to stare at it and then as she got closer she peeked inside and said in surprise, "Oh, you have a baby in there."  What would I have in a pouch in front of my body?  Does it look like a purse?  

One day, at my little sisters gymnastics meet at UA, I was walking into the event and there was a mom outside with her baby trying to get him to sleep.  She too had a sling, although hers was different.  Even from across the building we were drawn to each other (ha!) and when I finally got to where she was I said, "hello fellow slinger." And her face was beaming.  It was like we understood each other.  We were not "odd" to each other.  But then I had to go and couldn't really get to talk to her much.  Anyway.. I thought I would share.  Tell me.. what do you think of slings?

If you are interested, there is a Birmingham group called Magic City Slingers that meets every month to help you learn your sling.  The also meet for other neat events.  For instance this Saturday is Slingfest at Vulcan Park from 1-5!  That would have to be fun!  

(also check out this site about wearing your baby and this one to purchase a sling).

Saturday, November 8, 2008

a whipped little puppy dog.

Its 3:30 a.m right now.  I had to do an online confession.  I am a whipped puppy dog.  I don't know what is the reason, solely, for this behavior but there is now no denying the depths to which I will go.  But this little thing ...

has me doing things I did NOT do with my other children.  I don't know how much of it is because this is our last child (by birth..see more about that here) or is part of it because she is a little girl?  I hate to think that I am whipped because she is a girl because I love my boys like crazy and obsessed over them too when they were ity bity.  

So what happened, you ask?  She has been successfully sleeping through the night for two weeks now.  For 10-12 hours.  She dropped her 2 a.m feeding that long ago.  I feed her at 8 p.m and she will wake up some time between 6-8 a.m.  Not once has she made a peep through the night.  Then an hour ago she started to wake up.. just a bit fussy.  She was obviously going to start crying..which she did.. but not for long when I (GASP) went and got her.  Normally, I would just let my littles cry until they went back to sleep.  I know for some that is unthinkable, but that's the way we do it and our kids have always had great sleeping habits.  But today (or this EARLY morning) I took it a step further.  I actually (GASP AGAIN) fed her!  I fed the child who so obviously doesn't NEED to eat since she has already adjusted to those long nights.  As my big sister says, "if they can do it once they can do it again."  And she had done it for two weeks!  What was I thinking.  But even as I was sitting there on the couch feeding her at 3 a.m.  I was just staring at her.  She was so cute! I mean really who could not adore that sweet little pudgy face?  

I guess it's not the worst thing in the world, huh?  
I'm a lost cause.   
going to bed now.. and she is blissfully asleep in her bed again.. 

Friday, November 7, 2008

an insane amount of pictures.

I totally need to set these pictures up in a slide show. .there are so many. I still have more to post.  But I figure I wont put them all up in one post.  Here is our week (or two) in pictures. 

On one of the rainy days we had a play date at my house.  Guests were Jaci and Jennifer and their precious littles.   this is the only interaction that my boys get with girls their ages.  ha!  And these girls (Mia 3, Averi 1) are soooo sweet and have to be watched after around my hooligans.  Fritz (jennifers' boy) is used to the fact he is now old enough to contribute!  lol!
Eating lunch.  
Alex jumping on Jaci.. this is a game to him.  I just thought the action shot was hilarious. 
Alex is loving on his sister.. we call him the "stalker."  

They are watching a movie, together.

then it's play time.. this round about game happens throughout anything we are doing.  I love the face Alex is making.. all smiles.  He smiles with his whole face. .very cute. 

Baby girl with her daddy. 
Eva @ 8 weeks.  (she is now almost 11 weeks, btw). 

One of my little sisters (Rachel Terry..the one with the green hair!) is a gymnast for the University of Alabama.  This is her first year and we are so excited for her.  We went to an exhibition meet where the team "competed" against each other.  It was the week of Halloween so the two teams were the ghosts and the Goblins.  Rachel's team won!  woohoo!

um.. obviously a goblin.. with attitude. 
Eva and her nana catching up on some sleep.. but not when it was Rachel's turn. 
and yes.. her arms are sick!  the girl has more strength in her arms than I do in my.. um .. whole body, if I were to have strength in my whole body!  
as my Auburn fan husband says, "he supports Alabama gymnastics" which is why his son has on an Alabama jersey.  I think he says "Roll Eagle" or something like that. 

One day after nap times.. i heard Jorge leave his room.  I was a little slow in getting to him.. I kept calling out for him, "Jorge, where are you?"  I wasn't getting a response.. this was why...he had a mouth full.. sneaky boy!

No denying the proof!

The boys playing together in their room!  yes there is a mirror by Jorges bed.  It was there when he was smaller and would sit on the floor in front of it.  Now his bed covers half of it.. but it is still a source of much enjoyment for the boys. 

Yet another pose of my quirky sleeper. 

Eva and her cousin, Kevin. He is two months older than her.. oh and the stalker is behind them.. ha!

So sweet..

I can't remember if I mentioned that Eva is sleeping through the night. . so that is awesome.. 10-12 hours.. woohoo.. now if i can just adjust to going to bed early!  The boys are waking up at 6 a.m thanks to the new time.  And I will share one of the cute things Jorge has said.. it is amazing the verbal jump he has made in the past 2 months.. he is talking so much more and is able to really express what he is thinking.. we love it. although it has its down times.  The other day we got into the van and Alex grabbed one of Jorge's toys before Jorge could get to it. 
 Jorge said, "Mommy, I want to play with that toy. Not Alex." 
Me:  I know you do honey.  Remember what we learned in our Bible time today?  God's little boy shares.  So lets try that.  
Jorge: Mommy I no want to share.  (still says "no want to")
Me:  Well babe, sometimes you have to do things that you don't want to.  But you still have to do them because it's what God would want you to do. Don't you want to do what God wants you to do?
Jorge: Mommy, I can't want to.  

Too funny.. I took that to mean that he just could not get to that place of actually wanting to do the right thing. . it made me chuckle.. but for the story he did share with his brother. He just asked Alex if he could have his turn after he was done.  Very sweet.  Some times are better than others.