Monday, March 31, 2008

What a way to start the week!

I can barely see what I am typing. I have my laptop connected to our T.V. But still it is very blurry. To make a very long and sad story short Jorge somehow broke the LCD screen on our Mac laptop. My "lil" sister, Rachel, was babysitting the boys and when she went to put Miguel down for bed, she came out with Jorge looking at the computer saying, "uh oh." I thought for sure that since it was Hardware it would be covered under our warranty.. but no such luck. I took it to the Apple store this morning and was quoted $603.00 to fix the LCD light/screen.

Basically when you look at my screen it looks like broken glass and an array of funky colors, but the computer contents are fine. So our only option, right now since we don't have $600 for a repair on the computer, is to hook it up to the t.v. We can also buy a less expensive monitor to connect our laptop to. Oh joy!

Anyway. between the coffee and the computer.. Im ready for a vacation! ;-)

out of touch

Hey everyone.. since my toddler sat on my laptop, I have to take it to the apple store to get fixed. So I won't have a computer for a couple of days.. hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"A child left to himself..."

Of course I shoulda known that the day after posting a sweet post about how much I love my life with my two little boys they would pull a stunt like this!

I had left the boys in the "office" to watch Handy Manny. I sat on the couch and leaned my head on a pillow. Not two minutes later I hear a wierd "swish swish" in the office. I figure its just the plastic box they are sliding on the the floor (normal) and rest my head back on the pillow. About three minutes after that Jorge comes to me and says "mommy, I dirty." I look on his shirt and notice something all over it.. its brown, but not poo. It looks kinda like coffee grinds. "OH NO YOU DIDN'T" I say as I jump of the couch and step into the office and notice the following (coffee all over the floor! thank you dear husband for leaving your bag of Starbucks coffee on the counter this morning, within reach of the toddlers):

Notice the starbucks bag on the floor!

Look of Guilt!

Okay.. so do girls do this kind of stuff??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

Again lots to cover today. i do want to post a seperate post later today if I get a chance. Good stuff. Anyway. Potty training is going along great. We had one pee-pee in the pull-up at Chickfila.. but this is only day two. He does great at home though!

I have an update to the whole birth plan/doctor #3 thing (yes Missy, I know I haven't revealed names but if you really wanted to know you can email me). My doc (N.R) is wonderful and called me after I sent him the email to assure me that there would not be any problems with dr #3 accepting my birth plan and that even if he felt there would be problems he would "be on-call" even if he wasn't on call. Basically, he will take me under his wing and, barring any major catastrophe in his life, be at my delivery. That was very reassuring. Yet another reason why I treasure that doc!

As far as the doula search goes, I have talked to two. One that i really, really want. Although she is due with her fifth child in May and is discussing with her husband if she can take me on since she will have a three month old when I deliver. She was very optimistic, but I told her, if it was me.. I'd have to say no. Although i really would love for her to be my coach. the second lady I talked to today was very knowledgeable but I am not sure if we are a good fit. She seems very confrontational and I am not sure what kind of environment she would create at the hospital. Anyway, still praying through that one.

I am going to try to take a little siesta while the boys are sleeping. We just had Bible Study this morning, lunch at chickfila and now they are snoozing. I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward to posting later today!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Insulin, Peeing and Secret Stalkers!

Lots to cover today. Btw, my hubby and I had a nice dinner out to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary. Saturday night we headed to Botegas but changed our mind at the interstate and decided on J. Alexanders. The only reason: fatigue. We both had such an exhausting day that we wanted to stay closer to home. But the dinner was very nice. I love you my sexy Mex!

During this weekend it became obvious that my oral medication just wasn't "cuttin' it" and its time to move on to insulin. This is good/bad thing in that its not fun to give yourself a shot in the belly three times a day but good that I can stop feeling so tired because of high blood sugar numbers. I should be picking it up later today. The first couple of days are an adjustment because I have to figure out how much under the dosage I have to give so that I don't "crash" and have several "Shelby moments" (from Steel Magnolias).

Peeing. Yes.. I have begun potty training with Jorge. I say "begun" in that he is now wearing underwear when we are at home. One lady told me that I should "not go anywhere for a week and then it will be done." Since that thought is the most depressing thing to me ever (not going anywhere) I decided to take my sisters approach which is to just put a pull-up on when we go places, and make the first stop, when we get there, to the bathroom. The rule is still "no peeing or pooping in the pull-up" but he doesn't get a spanking for accidents. She said it took her son 3 months to be fully done training with no accidents.. so i figure that i am in good shape since I have six months until baby #3 gets here. As long as he gets it by then.. its all good in the hood.

Now to my secret stalkers. I have gotten at least four emails recently from people who have admitted to reading my blog but not leaving comments. Then there are the friends I have that have verbally told me they read my blog but don't leave comments. Those people total around 7 people. So all in all I "think" that I have a good blog following but I can't prove it. lol. but since my goal in writing is not validation I don't mind the no comments. Although I will say it gets kinda frustrating (grin) when I start to tell my friends a story and they interupt me with "oh yeah, i read that on your blog." OKAY well you should have to suffer through my story twice since I didn't know you had read it! ;-P

Anyhoo... I hope all of you had fun celebrating the resurrection of our Lord in whom we have victory over death and sin. Of course I would upload pictures but I didn't take any. Surprise. I even took my camera to the restaurant to get a pick of me and the hubby for our anniversary and I forgot that too. oh well.. such is life.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Houston we have a problem..

Well.. me and baby are great! I had a dr.'s appt yesterday and the baby's heartrate was 168. too early to decide. Although we are finding out the sex on April 15th. Anyhoo.. like I said.. that part of the appointment was great. Then I talked to the dr. This is a "new" doctor for me. Part of the "meeting with all the docs in the practice." I have already met with two other ones and had great conversations with both. Of course I am talking about conversations about my "birth plan" for a natural child birth. Let me give you an update of what the other docs have agreed to.

DOC 1 - My primary doc! He is the best!
-Yes on my plan to have a doula
-Yes on allowing me to walk around with a PIT drip (if I have to be induced)
-Yes on letting me walk around after the water breaks (on its own) if the head is well engaged (to avoid cord prolapse)
-Yes on a HEP-Lock with no IV fluids (the water can slow down labor by "drowning" the hormones that are working for your labor.
-Yes on a 20 minute "stip" on the baby (the Fetal heart rate monitor) every 2 hours (that is very liberal by the way.. i was asking for every hour but he said he could do better than that and give me every 2 hours). This allows me mobility instead of being "hooked up" and "stuck" in one position trying to cope with contractions.
-Yes on NO episiotomy.

Thats it .. all I want.

DOC 2- we like him too.
-Yes to all of the above expect he said he was only comfortable with a 20 minute strip every hour not every 2 hours.
Cool deal. I'm good with that.

Okay so that leads to DOC #3 that I met with yesterday. Here are his responses to my above birth plan.
Me: What is your opinion about doulas?
DOC 3: I hate them. (I was in shock btw) In fact I have only known them to get in the way and try to be in control of the decision making.
Me: Well, I do plan on using one since my husband would rather me use one than have him coach.
DOC 3: Well you may want to check with Brookwood because I don't even think they allow them since they have had such bad experiences with them in the past.
(I have checked with Brookwood and they DO allow them)
Me: Um.. okay. And what about 20 minute strip every hour?
DOC 3: well.. i am not comfortable with that. I would want you on the monitor more than that.
Me: How much more?
DOC 3: I am not sure but you can still be monitored and walk around the bed or sit in the rocking chair on lay in the bed.
(all of that is code for: you will be on the monitor the whole time.. oh and he has never had a contraction a day in his life and doesn't know what it would take to "get comfortable" while having one.
Me: And walking after the water is broken obviously if the head is well engaged?
DOC 3: Yeah well we would have to wait and see how well the head is engaged before that happens.
Me: No IV fluids?
DOC 3: Oh Im great with that.
Me: No Episiotomy?
DOC 3: Oh I wouldn't even think about it. Great with that too!

Then he tells me that he is going to have to meet with the "committee" (of other docs) to discuss my "case." And then I ask if that is my "case" of diabetes treatment or my birth plan. He says, "about your birth plan. We need to come to an agreement and get back to you." That is code for : Look lady I have been here longer than those other docs and I will let them know what they are allowed to approve and then we will tell you what you will be able to do."

So I emailed my primary OB doc (DOC #1) and let him know about all this and asked for some insight into the future of my birth plan if I should happen to get DOC #3 when I go in to deliver. I am looking forward to his response.

Fun times. I may be calling doc's around town in the next week or so. ...

Monday, March 17, 2008

I love when that happens!

well I obviously love when I call the pedicure place at 7:35 and ask when they close and they say "we already closed, but what do you need?" I say "pedicure" and they say, "you come now." Great! I go now! Obviously getting a last minute pedicure this late at night is a great treat. . but even more than that I love getting to make conversation with people I don't know.

Since I already know the people that work at the nail salon, they don't count. ;-) Once I was "done" and waiting for my beautimus toe polish to dry I sat across from Kim, who I do not know. We started talking about "Dancing with the stars" bc that's what they were watching on t.v at the salon. She's a big fan (me not so much- but I'll talk about anything). Then of course we talk kids. She has a nine year old daughter and she asked if "this one" (my obvious pregnant belly even at 14 weeks) is my first.

I love this next part. I really do. It is such a cookie cutter conversation that I love dearly. Here is how it went (and normally goes):

Her: So is this your first baby?
Me: Ha! Um.. no. I have a two and half year old and a one and a half year old at home.
Her: And one on the way? (I guess the shock is overriding the obvious aforementioned belly).
Me: Yep! And none were actually planned. And this is actually my fourth pregnancy. We miscarried in October.
Her: Wow! (a little disbelief in the "wow") so is this "it."
Me: (here I always assume "the last baby") *chuckle* I sure hope not! (wait for it.. ..wait...)
Her: *obvious chuckle* with that "you're obviously insane" look in her eye
Me: My husband says he wants four. Me, I will take what ever he'll let me have and not loose his sanity over. they are hard work, but such blessings, I want a house full.
Her: Oh really? So what does you husband do for living?

*Pause* This is the part of the conversation that I truly love because I get to explain a lot about Christ and it is done very casually and somewhat covertly (not that that is my intention.. to be covert)

Me: Well he is an RNFA at UAB Hospital. Basically he is an RN First Assistant that gets to assist the surgeon in surgery, not just hand him the instruments. I mean its not a doctor's salary but the neat thing is that we have never gone without. Even with adding more children. God has always provided everything we NEED. So we get two blessings: a full house and the assurance that God gives us exactly what we need.
Her: Well.. that's good.

Then the rest is me asking questions about her life and how much her husband makes per year.. just kidding. My point is this. the growing majority of our culture is so turned off to "large families." They are an expensive inconvenience to most people. But God sees it differently. "blessed is the man who's quiver is full of them.' I love that. That isn't a mandate on number! I will make that very clear. You do not have to have more than X to have a full quiver. I believe it is a position of the heart. How you value the ones you have. And that doesn't mean that we get to have everything we want. There are certainly things we sacrifice to keep having children. But we wouldn't change a thing. I guess all this to say: I love when people ask me about my view on children without really asking me that directly. And no worries.. I am upfront to explain that is very difficult and there are days when I would like to just get away.. but in the questions she was asking I only see an opportunity to give glory to God for his provision and the little blessings he has entrusted us with.

Oh and i love my pedicure.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


"This name was made known when Moses lifted up the rod of victory, in prayer, for an entire day as a battle with the Amalekites was fought (Exodus 17:15). The Hebrew word Nissi means my banner, or my covering, my protection and, also my victory."- per this site.

I can not even keep up with how many times in the past two and a half years I have said out loud, "Thank you Lord Jesus for your protection." I could list several reasons why but I am afraid that someone may be tempted to call DHR. Ha! Anyone who has had a toddler in the house can understand what I am talking about. There are times (shock of all shocks) when you are not able to be in the same room or are able to see every little thing your toddler is doing. These are generally the times, in my experience, that my toddler is doing something that is causing his angels to work overtime.

I am sure that the fact that my two are boys has something to do with the things that they are doing that gives such purpose to their angels. In fact, I am sure that angels in heaven have special training before being commissioned to the Garcia household. Or maybe your household.

For instance:
1. The numerous times (before we bolted every dresser to the walls) that we found Jorge in the top drawer of his dresser... standing.
2. the two times that Jorge has walked into the kitchen with a cutting knife that I left on the counter, within his reach, and said "look mommy."
3. The time that Jorge fell down the stairs at our old house because I forgot to put the baby gate back up. He was 13 months old.
4. the time at the zoo when Big Jorge thought I had Jorge and I thought he had him. Until we both were standing there with Miguel and in unison said, "Isn't Jorge with you?" Then we both yelled and ran in opposite directions.. looking for our son... who was happily playing on the slide (the play area of the zoo).
5. the time I found Jorge sitting quietly on the floor (this is very bizarre behavior).. only to walk over and say, "hey honey, whatcha doin'?" and as his little head turned around he opened his mouth and there were two quarters inside. "mommy, I eat it."

Anyway.. there are more but I am starting to worry that my phone is going to ring with a worried social worker on the other line. Forget the fact that I have poison control on speed dial.. you know after that time that Jorge decided to eat hydrocortozone cream. mom's no worries.. just causes a little diarrhea.

Of all the recent Jehovah-Nissi moments we have had over the past two years.. today topped them all. I had just arrived home with the boys to pick up some carnitas for dinner. Yummy. I let Jorge out of the car first because he wants to run to his daddy who is working in the front yard. Then they come back to the car and we get Miguel out of the car. At that moment we see Jorge run to our back yard. Not abnormal. Its safe back there, so we linger around with Miguel and I tell Big Jorge about my funny experience buying the carnitas. Then Miguel decides to head to the back yard. So we (me and my husband).. go separate ways.. me into the house and he to the backyard. I planned on meeting him back there I just had to drop off the food first. As I get to the front door I hear my husband yell.."Rachel.. Oh no.. I left the ladder up." We both then run, as fast as we possibly can. You see big Jorge was doing some work on the roof yesterday.. and well forgot to take down the ladder. Guess who had gotten to the back yard first.. our little angel slave driver.

We both get to the ladder, the eight foot ladder positioned against our roof, at the same time to see Jorge about one rung away from walking onto the roof. **faint**

At this time we both say, "thank you Jesus for your protection!"

I will petition the Lord tonight that Jorges' angel never get a vacation.. thus deserving a sizable raise.

Notice the little stinker in the picture below..

Friday, March 14, 2008

Going Gray!

Not my hair. Im going to make my blog bland and boring.. any day now. But all for a good cause. We have about 4 weeks until we find out the sex of this baby. And at that point I will blow the lid off this blog by suffocating it in either pink or blue. Part of my big reveal.. since this is the first time that we are "finding out."

I have also been craving cherry tomatoes all the time.  They are quite pricey but are a "free" snack for diabetics.  

My blood sugars have been up and down since i've started my medicine (Glyburide). So far no insulin. But my bs goes really low in the morning so I have to be ready. I thought twice today about buying Oreo's for when my bs drops.. i need healthier choices.. darn.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A week already?

It's hard for me to believe that i haven't blogged in an entire week. And not because of any sicknesses, PTL! We have just been busy.

A wonderfully kind lady has volunteered to make invitations for my neighborhood Bible Study. She is a SAHM and does invites and jewelry on the side. So please check her out. She is very creative. Anyhoo.. The date for the study has been moved back to April 7th. I am really excited to hand out the invitations and talk to my neighbors face to face. I have also had several people *warn* me not to get discouraged if noone shows up the first time. Which I am completely okay with. I consider this a mission field and I am sure there are thousands of missionaries that can testify that they did not get immediate response when they began their missions either.

On a sad note.. my next door neighbors Rob and Jen are moving. Well no "For Sale" sign yet. But after a phone conversation yesterday she relayed to me that they are actively looking for a bigger house. So here is my "Ode to Rob and Jen (with Miller and Mary Margaret)." (Jen is a silent stalker of my blog.. you know you are girl.. she reads all the time, so she says, but never comments.. AH HA unless.. Jen is "anonymous." .. Naaah.)

(she's never been one for decorating.. I've never really liked her blue walls in her living room.. J/k this is at Pump it UP for Jorge's Birthday party).

1. Thank you Jen for being my supermarket. You are more convenient than Foodworld. My meals have been blessed by your curry powder and cream of chicken. I can only hope the new neighbors understand that they need to be readily available to provide me the groceries that I need.. last minute.
2. Thank you Rob that you answered my desperate cry from my front door.. ran to my house only to find that I needed you to oversee my two sons (who were both crying bc of fighting with each other) while I ran to the bathroom to throw up! (pregnancy related). You handled it as only a great man would who has been there with his own wife.
3. Thank you Miller for all your wonderful conversation starters (he's five, right?) most of which begin with "Hey Mrs. Rachel.. Guess What?" Sometimes I can hear him speaking to me before I ever see where he actually is. Very cute.
4. Thank you Mary Margaret for your timely entertainment at 3:15 everyday Monday-Friday, when your bus arrives from school. Jorge will stop what he is doing and run to the window to see "May Mayget" get off the bus.
5. And it wouldn't be a true tribute without thanking Flash, the family dog. Ah Flash. thank you for the protection you have offered our family by warning of of possible intruders, dogs in other yards and for your warning me not to bother with my crying children. No lie.. Flash has barked at me several times if I have to "pop" my child while playing in the back yard. If they start to cry .. Flash starts barking at ME. Awesome.

I know you have been in your house for nine years.. but its only been almost two years that we have been neighbors. You guys are awesome and I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Forever and a day!

It's been forever since I've posted (or taken) any pictures. Here are some for your enjoyment!!

He has my sunglasses, keys and cell phone.. he's ready to go!

FYI.. he's trying on the Mr. Potato Head glasses.

Just like a "boy."

I asked him to put his clothes in the laundry room.. this is where I found them.  (kitchen sink)

Miguel (Alex) after eating his cookie. 

Driving with a toddler.