Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cactus Cuties!

I am impressed by not only these gals voices .. but that someone is teaching the kids in our country the national anthem!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Insulin it is!

Well tomorrow I will be officially starting insulin.

Please pray. the hardest adjustment is the first few days and trying to regulate the numbers so that I don't get too much.

Oh and I guess you could pray that I will make healthy choices when my blood sugar does drop.. like go for the juice instead of the chocolate donuts (i did that with Jorge.. well and maybe Alex too... only a couple of times).

Darn those chocolate donuts. You know those little ones that come in the white bag. I just won't even buy them.. there.. that should solve it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Thoughts on peeing!

Its amazing that any of us learn how to pee in a toilet.

Every mother has to have the thought at some point, "my son (or daughter) isn't going to get married because what woman wants to marry someone who keeps peeing on themselves?"

why does "every child" go through the "phase" of doing great on the potty then all the sudden forget that they know how to do it?

why does my child prefer to pee in his underwear or on the floor, get a "california outlawed discipline" than to pee on that toilet seat?

*** You may be sensing that I have entered that "phase" that seems so normal in most toddlers: my child has done great for three weeks and then decided to revert back to old habits. He went from telling me he had to "go" to just peeing in his pull-up and then taking it off. I know he knows better so he gets the ol' california outlawed disciplinary action, but yet he is still struggling.

He will learn one day right? He will not continue to do this, thus staying off all potential wife prospects, right?

more upbeat post to come.. when my child is on track again! ;-P

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nesting: Phase 1

Okay so its only the end of April and yet the "nesting" is beginning. It all started with Bible Study this morning. Somehow we got onto the topic of baby books and the running joke that by the third child they have a book with nothing in it. I am not a "scrapper" so this is particularly an area of struggle for me. I wrote down weights and well visit "stuff" with Jorge, but poor Miguel has only his weight at birth. lol.

So I started thinking about how bad it would be to get Eva's book all done (b/c she's the first girl) and have Jorge's full of good stuff w/pics and yet Miguel's is struggling. So I came home and spent 20 minutes filling in details. I was surprised that I had actually done pretty well with Miguels but it does need pictures. So I just spent the last hour and a half downloading pictures to Wolf Camera. I should be able to pic them up tomorrow.

I also made a "honey do list" of things that need to get done that can be done now. There will be a big transition when Eva arrives in that the boys will be sharing a room. Not looking forward to that one. But big Jorge loves when I get to the nesting phase because he loves "honey do lists" because he is a go getter. I am procrastinator, but a great maker of lists (even for myself). Anyhoo... i am sure this nesting phase will pass and the next will hit closer to due date! lol.

here are a couple of pics I saw while remembering Miguelito!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sick and Tired!

I keep checking my blog to remind myself that it is in fact still here. I have been so bad about posting. Sorry. I am quite literally sick and tired. I have some kind of chest, mucus, cough thing that of course I can't take anything for. Sorry Tylenol. I mean really, do doctors really think that some cold medicine is going to grow a third nipple on my baby or something? Just a thought. Obviously made out of my delirium from being tired.

I should be in bed but I wanted to put something up here to let all my blog friendlies know that I was alive.

Here are some fun things that have happened since my last post:

1. Jorge has pooped on the potty several times. But he still calls it "pee pee." So when he says "mommy i gotta go pee pee" Im not really sure what to expect. Oh unless he is holding his rear.
2. Jorge (the same child that broke our laptop) put a quarter in our cd player in the van so now we can't listen to cd's in the car.
3. Our ipod transmitter broke in our van so now I can't listen to that either.
4. Alex (aka Miguel to some) is insistent on sitting on my belly any chance he gets. I think he thinks my belly looks like extra padding or something. I dunno.
5. Alex fell from a chair and his two front teeth cut through the space between his bottom lip and his chin. OUCH! he had two little scabs on his face. ;-( He's better now.

Well thats about it. I hope everyone else is doing well.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Complete Shock! We have ourselves a little girl! Isn't she lovely! This is NOT the picture that I wanted to put up (hint hint) but my husband didn't like the idea of the other one up there (you know.. the "for sure" shot). Oh well.. but you can rest assured that this little one has no hidden, eh hem, parts.

I must've asked the tech 10 times if she was absolutely positive that it was a girl. Big Jorge is excited! Little Jorge already says her name when we ask his sisters name. By the way her name is: Eva Isabel. (Evangelina was Jorge's grandmothers name but we are going with Eva.) I know Karen is using the same one! Great pick girl!

Well enjoy the pink! We certainly are. Now I have 4 months to plaster her room in pink! Yeah!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Well blog friends.. Im still alive. I can't get on the computer/t.v until the boys are in bed so that prevents my blogging style of writing more often. Tonight I went to a women's ministry event (Briarwood) Bowling night and i came in third place. There were about 25 women there, so I was pumped.

We are headed to the beach tomorrow. Going to Dauphin Island courtesy of my good friends Paul and Christina. Her parents have a house down there and P & C invited us to come along with them this weekend. I'll take up an offer for free housing at the beach anyday! I did just check the weather and at best it's a high of 70 on saturday and 62 on sunday (with rain likely). Oh well. The possibility of at least one good beach afternoon on saturday is enough for me!

I handed out 20 invitations to the women on my street for the Bible Study at my house starting next Monday (the 14th). Can i just tell you how awesome the response was from the women. I really think we will have a good first time turnout. I went door to door as opposed to just putting them in mailboxes and got to meet 20 of my "neighbors." The first nIght I went out I only got to six houses because three of the women really wanted to talk! PTL! Anyway, please pray for these women. Pray that God prepares their hearts and that some WILL come to know the Lord if they do not already!

Well its not packing yet.. of course I save that for about three hours before I leave! lol. Im such a procrastinator. YUK!

Monday, April 7, 2008

This is NOT A JOKE!

Okay people. You can't make this stuff up. Husband and wife have first child.. without finding out the sex of the baby. Same husband and wife have second child.. without finding out the sex of the baby. Same husband and wife get pregnant with third child... decide to find out the sex of the child. For five minutes the ultrasound tech waits.. and waits. On what, you ask? For the stubborn baby to open its legs!

No such luck. Wife asks if she can get up and go to the bathroom, pee and then come back to try again. While in the bathroom the baby gets the shaking of a lifetime and is tossed about as wife/mom jumps up and down and all but stands on her head to get stubborn baby to cooperate.

Wife/mom gets back on the table. Ultrasound tech looks again. Her exact words, "Those legs are still together and there is too much cord in the way for me to make a confident call on this one. I will say that I am 51% sure that its a girl. I know that's not much help."

Husband and wife leave office. Very bummed.

For those of you who didn't know, this was with Sav-a-life. We have our scheduled ultrasound with the Doctor's office on the 15th. Maybe by then the baby will decide to cooperate.

Wife/mom is remembering the bliss of when she didn't find out with her other two!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

One more day!

Hey Guys.. Busy week.. Really typing on the computer is not as fun as it used to be. since Jorge sat on the screen and we have to hook the computer up to the t.v, its very hard to see what Im typing. so excuse typo's please.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day we find out if this baby is a Boy or Girl. I should let you know that it isn't until 6 p.m until we find out. Then we have to make sure all the family knows before I can post it on the blog. So I assume it will be late tomorrow night before the blog is no longer gray.

i should say that I am much more used to everyone asking me if I "want a girl this time." Big Jorge responded to someone this morning at church with, "..Well everyone else certainly wants us to have a girl! But we'll take either one." In fact, Im quite shocked, considering our current track record, that most everyone thinks we are having a girl! If I were a bettin' gal I'd stick with "boy." HA!

Big Jorge and I went away for a Family Vision Conference this past weekend so I will have to post about that later. I guess I will talk to you guys tomorrow! I can barely hold my excitement.. blue or pink.. Btw.. if you haven't voted on the poll at the side of my blog.. today is your last day!

In fact, I would love for you to respond to this post and put your guess. that way I have names with guesses. ;-)