Sunday, September 28, 2008

My little blue eyed angel is TWO!

Is it September 29th already? My sweet Alex.. I can't believe that you are already two years old.  How fast it has gone.  You are such a joy to me and your daddy (and Jorge and Eva love you too!).  Those blue eyes and affectionate kisses melt my heart and make me treasure you all the more.  

Our first time seeing you.. already smitten.
Your brother loved you immediately too..
You loved to snuggle up with daddy.. and look at all your hair!
at 6 weeks we got our first of many smiles.. you sure do love to make us laugh. 
Kisses from your brother.. so sweet. 

You boys love getting baths together.

the eyes that have my heart!
From the beginning you love to pick on your brother. 
always quite the character.. 
The shirt says it all.. you definately know how to keep us on our toes
having fun at the amusement park..
Daddy putting his hat on you.. so cute
still sleeping like a baby.. 
You love your baby sister. 

Alex.. you are a joy to my heart.  Yes you are a determined child, but I trust that the Lord will use that determination for his purposes. God has great plans for you my sweet boy!  We are so thankful that you are apart of our family.  We would be lost without you.  Happy Birthday my angel baby!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Discovering the "cons"

So Jorge has a 103.3 fever.  MDO does have it's drawbacks apparently.. but rest assured I can deal with fevers.  What did I do during MDO today, you ask?  I got a pedicure.  I should have slept but I was offered a pedicure from my hubby (meaning he suggested I go get one and since its on his tab..) I had to take advantage of the opportunity.  :-P

Not getting much sleep.  Is this a common theme in my blog posts?  Yes.  I am not complaining.  I really don't mind..its part of the territory or season with a new baby. 

On a different note.. we are going to Colorado for Christmas this year.  With mom and dad terry and the rest of the clan as well as another family.  I am so excited.  Last night Dad (Jim T.) gave me the name of the cabin we are staying in and so I pulled it up online last night.. beautiful.. here take a look.  I was nervous about going with three little ones but after seeing the cabin and knowing that its not a cramped little place but rather spread out with lots of play room, I feel much better.  There is also going to be plenty of "help."  And of course fun in the snow as well as activities "in town."  We will be flying out on my bday (the 18th) and getting back on the 26th.  So excited!  Plus Eva will hopefully be sleeping through the night by then.  One can only pray! 

Well I gotta go.. 15 minutes until The Office premiers.. 


UPDATE:  Jorge threw up at 3 a.m.  fun times.. please pray this virus is short lived and that no one else in our house gets it.. last time we got this, Alex was spared.  So we pray that happens again. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Update

Wow.. i have not felt like blogging. That is so weird for me to say.  I guess each time I think about the actual brain power it takes into jotting my thoughts down, I got a little overwhelmed and decided to just "wait 'till later."  And since I am the worlds best procrastinator, later never came.  But rest assured my faithful readers.. it had nothing to do with you.. it has everything to do with surviving off of very little sleep and then surviving by the skin of my teeth during the day.   Now onto some blogging randomness.  I need to cover many things...

Four weeks into this thing (having our third baby) I still believe that going from two kids to three is still easier than going from one to two.  I think mostly because your confidence level is way up and you can roll with the punches better.  However, the lack of sleep is harder.  I think because at this point your kids are toddlers and they want serious play time or NEED it.  

Funny story.  At 4:30 a.m this morning I said a prayer.  Simple and to the point: "Lord, please please please allow Jorge to sleep in until 7 a.m (he had been waking up at 6:30).  That would be so helpful Lord, really."   Well, apparently the Lord has a sense of humor.  Jorge did in fact sleep until 7 a.m.  BUT Alex woke up at 6:30!!  I guess the next time I will be a little more specific with my prayers.  

Annoying habit.  How do you keep your child from constantly sticking his finger in his nose and then putting it directly into his mouth?  The nose thing is really the bad part.. today he made his nose bleed bc he kept diggin'.  

Pep talk.  I had to call my sister Mishka today for a pep talk.  Its the same talk I've had every time (around this time) post-partum.  Let me give you her response and then see if you can guess what I was complaining about.  
Her: "Oh Rachel.. it takes nine months to get your body like that. you have to give it more time to get back to normal."
Yes. I was frustrated when I tried on "regular" clothes only to see that the buttons on the capri's I was trying, were not going to go within five feet of each other.  But I know, I know.. its only been four weeks.  The frustrating part is that I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.. just not the inches around the waist.. but all in due time.. Im not obsessing about looks here, per se, I just want to fit into regular clothes bc the maternity are too big.  

Praise Report:  Big Jorge and I went to Cold Stone Creamery the other night (Amen..) and I ate a strawberry shortcake thingy and it was huge (probably why my pants don't fit) and when I came home and checked my blood sugars it was 110!! and that was only after an hour!  God is so awesome!  four weeks ago that same thing would have put me into a diabetic coma!  

Well I am going to go.. I hope you all are doing well.  Can't leave you without at least one pic. 

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It was time..

Well, I did it.  I was reluctant and almost felt guilty (as I always do) but I had to.  People... I had no choice!  So before you get all "shock and awe" on me.. just remember what it feels like with only 4 hours of sleep at night AND that's not in a consecutive pattern!  

Notice anything  *different* about this picture?  (besides the fact that she is on her belly.. this is only during naps if that makes you feel any better... SHELLEY! lol).  What else do you see?

That is Eva in her Moses basket... but... in her OWN BED.  She moved to her room last night.  Now if any of you know my house you know that this is not a huge move.  our hall is probably 3 feet wide from our room to hers.  And i used the monitor, which I of course did not need.  I could still (with my mommy ears) hear her grunt as she was rousing for the times she needed to eat.  But the groans and grunts in the middle of those feeding sessions were not as noticable so I could sleep more soundly too.  I know Alex was around 2-3 weeks when I made this transition with him and Jorge (being the first child) was more like 4-5 weeks.  But my sister "called" it.  She told me to make this move 2 weeks ago.. but when I said I wasn't ready she correctly said, "yeah, you'll be ready when the lack of sleep catches up with you."  well my dear friends... that time arrived last week.  My brain was such mush that on Friday I loaded all the kids in the car and then got onto hwy 31 only to look in my rearview mirror to see Jorge practically standing in his carseat!   I forgot to strap him in!  

This picture is for Linda.. She is adorable in this outfit you got her!  She is so excited she's become a little pentecostal.  hehe
And of course the ruffles on the back are my favorite!

This was her quality time with daddy as he ate his lunch.. he worked her into this position bc it was the only one that made her happy (tummy issues). 

The boys playing together.. they are running up and down the hallway and around the house.. it is so much fun to watch!  

I "caught" this shot as he was running and stopped for a brief sec..he loves playing with his brother!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Field Trip..

Eva got to visit her daddy today while he was at work. After I took the boys to MDO, she and I headed over to UAB to see daddy (and show her off). ;-P Then we went to lunch at Los Juanes (yum!). It was fun introducing Eva to the people at Jorge's work, since I feel like I know them from stories he tells me (good ones, guys!).

Me and my handsome hubby..and Eva of course..and the jolly green giant (paci). 

This is Harriet (holding Eva) and Jennifer..they are on the same surgical team that Jorge is on.  

Thanks ladies for being so sweet with my baby girl.. it was fun to show her to you guys!

On a different note.. when I brought the boys home and put them in their beds for nap time Alex and Jorge decided to have a contest.  Who could yell the loudest and longest in one single breath.  Of course they were happy and laughing hysterically while they screamed for about three minutes.  I thought about going back there and putting an end to it.. but it was quite funny..and I thought, "what is it hurting?"  Then after about three minutes of it.. it got very quiet.   Very quiet.  The kind you think, "uh oh.. what are they up to?"  But guess what, they were passed out asleep.  So note to self:  if you want to wear your kids out.. let them have a screaming contest!  lol.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Bit Much...

Well I think I recognized my limits today. I had this great idea last night that I should take the kids to the Zoo today since its been so beautiful outside.   I invited Jen W.(you really need a blog, btw)  and her son Fritz to come with us.  We had a late start and got to the Zoo around 10 a.m.  I wasn't in any pain.  In fact, this time post-partum has been awesome in that regard.  What I didn't count on was how exhausting the whole venture would be.  I had Eva in the sling and Alex walked alongside Jorge.  But its still daunting to keep Alex "in line."  I also had to stop to nurse Eva while there..not that big of a deal for me.. just time consuming.  We were there for an hour and a half and still didn't get to the lions and tigers.  Seriously Jen, what were we doing that whole time?? 

Then we went to get lunch afterwards at McDonalds and by that time my whole brood was d.o.n.e.  Tired and letting me know..more so Alex.  It was on the way home that I realized how exhausted I was and was praying that the boys would not fall asleep in the van, therefore bypassing a nap at home.  All was well until we got to our exit and I realized that Jorge had just fallen asleep.  I was heartbroken.  I so desperately needed a nap.  So when we got home I put Alex in the bed, fed Eva and got her to sleep and then put Jorge on the couch with me and laid with him until he FINALLY fell asleep 35 minutes later.  

At one point in there I was seriously going to cry if he didn't fall asleep.. i was that tired.  When I called my sister this afternoon I was mentioning all this and she said, "You went to the Zoo?  Rachel.. its only been three weeks.  Your sleep deprived and the Zoo is a BIG deal."  Thats when the light bulb clicked in my head.. its not just about pain per se.  Its also watching what you do because of sleep deprivation.  It clicked as to why I was so snippy with the littles while at the zoo.. so much for fun.  Although, I think we still had a good time.  And of course I have some pics..  (and special thanks to Jen for helping me while there.. sorry my kids taught fritz how to go through the "tunnel.")

The boys checking out some of the reptiles..Fritz wearing the cute hat..
Jorge and Fritz checking out the monkeys
Riding the train.. Jen I didn't realize that you were trying to avoid the picture..shame shame
Of course I am the only one actually looking at the camera!

For the record.. i do not like this paci!  Its HUGE! notice half her face is covered... but its the only one she will take, as of right now.. I'm working on getting her to take the Nuk.. its a slow process. 

Ahhh... sweet sleep!  I was so excited when those sweet little eyes FINALLY closed! 

All in all it was a good day.. just don't think im ready (sleep wise) to do a big event like that.. not for a little while at least.  And a HUGE thanks to my SIL and BIL who came by the house this evening and picked up the boys and took them to the park for two hours. WOW that was awesome.

Talk at you guys later. 


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Funnies and babbling..

At the church picking up Alex from his room: 
Jorge: (calling for Alex) "Hey Awex.. you mommy is here."

Today during "nap time" both boys are cutting up while in their beds. then I hear Alex making "zerberts" on his arm and Jorge laughing hysterically. Followed by: 
"Awex.. do it again.  Awex do it again pweese."

I love those boys.  They are fun to watch as they interact together.  I'm seeing the advantages of them being so close in age.  But also seeing that this time next year (or even in the next 6 months) its going to get pretty ugly.   Alex will probably be as big or bigger than Jorge (in weight) and then the battle is on!  You mom's of boys are going to have to help me work through the boundaries with the wrestling.   ;-) And how to explain that to a three and two year old. 

Alex is turning 2 at the end of this month (29th) and I am excited.  He is understanding so much more and becoming better voice operated.  Although, he is still disobedient and not always obeying the first time we tell him to do something.  He really struggles with the whole : delayed obedience is NO obedience thing.  But he is also early enough in the game that if he just sees the "rod" he corrects his behavior.   

I have also been out several times with all three kiddos and I must say that moms are right, its a much easier transition with the third than it was with the second.  I dunno why, but it is.   We still don't stay out as long because I end up having to deal with discipline issues, but we do get out.  I must say, I am really enjoying it so far.  

well I'll talk at 'cha later!  


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Update

The pictures aren't in "order" because I need to tell you this story first.  Jorge (my son) is obsessed with the color purple (hey.. isn't that a movie?).  That is his favorite color, by far.  Well today the obsession was taken a bit further...when he.. (eh hem) stole from the church!  
After he came home he of course had to change clothes.  Big Jorge grabbed his shorts to throw them in the hamper and felt something... 
Apparently my dear son swipped four purple crayons from his classroom.  
Not sure which item to be worried about most: 
1.  My son stole from the church
2.  My son's anal tendencies had him taking only the purple crayons.. 
3. (my husbands biggest concern) that I could have washed the shorts and dried them WITH the crayons still in the pocket.  

Anyway.. here are some pics from the rest of our weekend. 

Going to the park by our house (technically this pic was taken on the way back..oh well).. 
Eva's first ride in the radio flyer.... with Alex
This is Alex's first ride with.. with Jorge.. (sept 2006)

Big Jorge pulling the kids (little girl from the neighborhood) with his belt.. makes it easier I suppose.. 

Eva's first official bath.. Not a fan. She did much better tonight.. although she does not like the getting dressed part. 
Or the lotion part. 

Alex seriously dislikes wearing pajamas with long sleeves.. Alex also seriously dislikes when his daddy takes pictures of him while he is crying. 

However, the night will end on a happy note.. one last "time" to jump off the couch onto the cushions.. Notice Jorge's face and how close he is to his brother. 

White boy (well.. and Mexican) can JUMP!

It was a busy weekend.. I will try to talk more later.. right now it's 8:23 and I need to go to walmart.. yuk.  

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I did IT!

Confetti everywhere, horns blowing, an uproar of applause!  Can you hear it all?  why all the rejoicing?  Because I did it!  What is "it" you ask?  I went out with all three of the littles by MYSELF.  (insert my 3 yr olds "I do it all by myself").  

I was in the shower by 6:30 this morning bc my boys are intent on torturing me by getting up early these days.  not to mention my daughter tortures me throughout the night (not really but I do get little cat naps in between feedings).   Anyway, had my shower and then took the boys to MDO by 9 a.m.  Then Eva and I headed over to the thrift store so I could get some transition shirts for me and pants for Jorgito.  To bad I came out with more than that.  ;-)

Then I headed home and did some cleaning and laundry.  Picked the boys up by noon and we all came home for naps.  I got a good hour nap in before Eva needed to eat.  

Then I got brave..I decided (once I found out that my husband would be coming home late) to take the boys (and girl) to Chickfila for dinner.  It went better than I thought and the only flaw was that I forgot Eva's pacifier at home so I had to hold her while trying to eat.  The only reason we left "early" was because of discipline issues with my oldest (some things never change).  Then I headed over to Walmart to buy some more laundry detergent.  That actually was better than dinner.  Alex rode in the big part of the cart for the first time and did great, Eva was in the car seat at the front and Jorge walked beside the cart.  Good times were had by all.  Even picked up an extra paci for Eva (so I could leave on in the car).  

Came home and did baths and then put those wild boys in the bed.  Now Im just waiting for Eva to eat at 10 and then hopefully get a few hours of sleep.  But I am proud that I ventured out and noone got injured... namely me.  Ha!  

We'll see what tomorrow holds! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mi Gordita!

My chubby girl!  We had her 2 week check up today and she is 8 lbs. 5 oz's.  Dr. A was very impressed.  He said the goal is for them to gain an ounce a day but she has been double that!  Yeah!  She also grew an inch and is now 22 inches.   We took her two week picture for the picture frame.   Here she is.. 

                                                        Eva @ 2 weeks
           Alex @ 2 weeks (look at that hair)
Jorge @ 4 weeks (couldn't find 2 wk)

Of course taking Eva's picture was not without some drama... 

"What's in your mouth Eva??"
"Oooohhh, I see!  NICE!  after a bath too!"
All better now...all ready to kiss
Wide awake!  

Isn't she adorable.. we think so!  Lets pray she takes it easy on me tonight.. I need more than three hours of sleep!