Friday, December 28, 2007

Zoolight Safari!

Feliz Navidad!

And nope.. i didn't get one picture of the boys opening up their big present: A train table. But they loved it! We had a busy Christmas with all of the family, at different times..and are ready to ring in the new year!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Birthday!

Im 30!!! Im okay with it.. Im still alive so all is good. I had an absolutely wonderful day. I spent time with my boys, all three of them. We went to Wings for lunch. I love wings. Oh and they have the best cheese fries in the world. We came home took naps and then did a little shopping. By the way.. my birthday shirt was made by Shelley and it said on the front "Smile its my birthday" and on the back it said "Garcia 30" like a jersey. It was very cute. Thank you Shelley. I got much attention for it.. which you know I hate.

For dinner we headed to Ross Bridge Resort to eat at Brock's. This was a present from "Mom and Dad" (Jim and Darcy). They told me that I could invite our great friends the Wendorf's squared (as I call them). Paul and David are brothers. It was the first night that Christina's baby boy, Jack, had been without her for longer than two hours. She held up great. And so did Jack..of course. And Fritz (David and Jen's boy) stayed with friends of theirs. My boys stayed with Darcy.

Dinner was incredible. I can not even put into words how incredible it was. I was the goof in the restaurant taking pictures of everyones plate. But I had a blast. We all laughed so hard I snorted, on several occasions. I could not have asked for a better evening.. and then.... after dinner, while I wasn't looking Jorge slipped a surprise (courtesy of mom and dad) on the table in front of me. When I turned around I saw an envelope with room keys for a room at the Renaissance Hotel at Ross Bridge. (check it out here). Okay guys.. if you can get an idea of how incredible the restaurant is that will give you an idea of how nice the hotel is. Of course I invited our friends upstairs to check it out.. but then we kicked them out so that we could.. um.. get some sleep. yeah..sleep. ;-)

Mom (darcy) stayed the night with the boys and they survived and so did she. I am so thankful for my incredible birthday. By far one of the best! I think this year is going to be one of the best as well!

Whats a night out with friends in an elegant, fine dining restaurant without a little accidental "lack of culture" on my part. Funny moment of the night to spotlight my lack of fine dining knowledge:

The waitress is allowing Jorge to taste the wine he's ordered. He does the usual swirl, smell and slurp.. uh..I mean sip. Then she comes to me..and since my taste buds are not designed for wine.. I pass. david is sitting beside me and the waitress walks past him right to his wife, Jen. I lean over and say, "guess she doesn't like you very much." Which he then replies.. "Umm.. you serve the ladies present, first." Ha! Look what I know..obviously nothing. lol.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Is there a Doctor in the house??

Soooo.. Im still 29!  at least for the day.  

I am heading to Auburn University today to watch my bff, Shelley Walls, graduate.  Well.. I guess I will have to start calling her "DR." Walls.  She has worked her b-u-t-t off the past four years (and with two kids, 3 and 1, 14 months apart) and is now FINISHED!  Her P.h.D is in special education and her dissertation was on Inclusion.  And props to her hubby, Jim, who has been an incredible support system for her and not to mention her biggest fan.  Also props to Jim and Linda (parents of Jim, Shelley's husband).. they have had a HUGE hand in caring for those little bundles, Ella Grace and Thatcher, on those many days of having to go to campus for school and research.  Big Jim and Linda.. you guys are da bomb!  Don't you want to move to the Ham???

Anyhoo.. Congrats Shelley.. I mean Dr. Walls, I am so proud of you.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

2 Days left...

I am still in my twenties..  well for two more days.  things I have done in my twenties include:

-enjoyed undistracted devotion to the Lord as a single
-full time job in ministry (outside of home)
- met and married my husband
-had two precious kids
-got adopted
-bought a house
-changed at least 4,500 diapers
-started a blog
-changed churches (SMI to Briarwood)
-started and finished my first book

there really is a lot more.. i guess i need to make a list of all the things I will do in my 30's. I just feel like Im still 26!   Ready or not.. 30.. here I come.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Calgon take me away!

5:10 p.m-  Miguel is screaming at the baby gate while I prepare his plate for dinner
5:13-  He is at the table.  crying through the prayer before eating. 
5:14-  We have said amen.  He is not happy with mommy's choice for dinner.  Ham.  I have to give him the ham before he can have the grapes or you know what he will eat first. 
5:14:15s- He has picked up his plate and thrown it on the floor.. still crying..well screaming too.
5:15- mommy reminds him that its not good to go to bed without eating.  
5:15:05s- Miguel picks up his sippy cup and throws it on the floor too.  This is a big shock.  He loves his milk. 
5:17- after 2 minutes he is still screaming. and refusing to eat what little ham is left on the table
5:24-I decide to just give him a bath instead.  He likes baths.
5:28- I put both boys in the bathtub.  I start to wash their hair and clean their faces..etc
5:29- Jorge laughs while peeing in the tub. 
5:30- I have to keep Miguel, who is crying, from trying to climb out of the tub.
5:30:10- I catch Jorge just has he has leaned down to take a big gulp of the bath water..with pee
5:31- I start to drain the bathtub, with pee water, and start to use fresh water to rinse soap out of their hair.
5:31:15s-  Miguel and Jorge commence in splashing, the pee water, and it is getting all over me. 
5:31:18s- I begin to pray.... outloud!
5:32- Jorge is out.  Miguel is on his way. Drying them off.  Lets see that was.. a 4 minute bath and I still managed to get soaked.  With pee water. 
5:37- The boys are fighting over the lotion.  
5:37:10s- I say forget the lotion.
5:37:12s- the boys start crying.. like they have lost a limb..or they are dying.
5:40- p.j's are on.  mom needs a stiff drink.  

Monday, December 10, 2007

Why do I love my life??

5.   "mommy, dank ewe for chick-a-lay." -Jorge

4.  "ooh, ooh." -Miguel, big smile on his face as I ask him if he wants more chocolate

3.  Me:  "Jorge, can I have a kiss?"
     Jorge: "Nooope." wait for it.... "Okay mommy.  I wub ewe mommy."

2.  (me sitting on the floor with Miguel)
     me: (singing) "We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship..."
     Miguel:  "aaaahhh" as he gets up and runs toward the t.v (that is off, btw)

1.  (saying our prayers before bed)
      Me: Thank you Jesus.... 
      Jorge:  for Nemo.

Cute pics...

Help Please

can any of you ladies please give me a link to get a new look for my blog.. i want something pretty and not already on blogger.  I need help.  


Friday, December 7, 2007

19 Years today!

Penelope Cook. This is my mom. She died 19 years ago, today at the young age of 36. The top picture is when she was in her late twenties and the bottom one is of her about three years before she died. And before she was on Predisone (steroid) and gained a lot of weight. She died from complications with Lupus (which there have been major medical advancements with living with Lupus in the last 19 years).

She died 11 days before my 11th birthday (I turn 30 on the 18th) so what I remember of her is very sensationalized. My sisters remember more of her, including things that I think are just impossible (she had a temper! No wonder where I get it!). I was the baby so i only remember being spoiled. Ha! This lady was a true spark. My dad had a saying, "When I come home from work I turn on the t.v or the pick up the newspaper just to see what Penelope did today." She was THAT mom that was the advocate for every other mom on the planet. Very outspoken, opinionated and most of all ready to help anyone that needed it. Even when it was inappropriate. My sister told me recently of the time my mom tried to break up a fight.. between a man and his wife, out in their front yard. The man kicked my mom after the cops arrived. But she was trying to fight the man.. just to help the lady. Thats just... well.. my mom. She was fiesty. Your best friend..that you didn't want to cross.

Had she been a Christian, I am not sure of her heart only the Lord knows.. I know she would have been a "prophet" or whatever you want to call the gift of wisdom and seeing things black and white (the same spiritual gift that I have). We probably would have butted heads in my high school years and been best friends now. She was beautiful and the apple of my daddy's eye. It wasn't until I got married that I grasped how difficult it was for my dad to loose her. He truly treasured that woman. My favorite memory was growing up sitting on the floor listening to all her records and mom and dad dancing in the hall, even after the music ended.

Mommy I miss you very much! My boys would have loved you tremendously and my husband would have picked on you as much as he does me. And you would set him straight! I love you!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Not getting rid of the internet!!

Jorge on the carousel at the Galleria

Miguel at the McWane Center. He loves playing in the water!

Me and the husband with family at a banquet dinner with Jeb Bush as guest speaker.

*** while I began typing this post.. my oldest son, who has been in the habit of taking off his diaper when I put him down for naps or nighttime, came out of his room with his diaper off and poop all over him. In the past, he has pooped and come to me saying yucky! But this time he ventured out and decided to "play in it!" It was all over him, clumps on his legs, arms, fingers, ears (yes, ears!) Calgon take me away! Can anyone make me feel better and that this is normal because I am about to loose my mind. He knows better, right??

FYI.. we are keeping the internet! So I am here to stay!