Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Apparently, I stress you out.

So I went to walmart to do a map.

Yes, a map. Of what was on each aisle, by number. This isn't what my post is about. But I thought it would be interesting to tell you. I did the map so that when I go grocery shopping with all four of my wild ones, I will know which aisle my items are on and not forget things (that are even on my list) because I don't want to go ALL the way on the other side of the store to get it.


As I was exiting the store I was getting quite the chuckle from the kids. I was wearing Isaac and holding Eva's hand. She was supposed to hold Alex's hand who was holding Jorge's hand. Got the mental picture??

Well, Eva thought it was fun to keep snatching her hand away from Alex. And every time he would "scold" her, she would just get more and more tickled. It made for a fun walk to the car. Seriously, I loved seeing Alex try to "help" Eva. I wanted to see how he would solve the problem. (which he was gaining no ground on, btw).

So when we got to the van I just said, "Alex, we are here now. Go ahead and get in the van. I have her hand." He was saying something to me when a woman, parked across from me (who had apparently watched us from the time we left the store) came up to me and said, "ma'am, can I help you please?"

That sounds nice enough when I type it, but let me give you an idea of her tone (which says everything). You know when you are so tired of seeing your kids do something that is irritating the fire out of you and you just want them to hurry up already? You then look frustratingly at them and say, "Can I help you PLEASE?"

that was her tone. I seriously think she thought I was in over my head. But we were just laughing it up. Well, all but Alex.

The rest of us were seeing the humor in the situation and this lady, I assume, had had enough. Of what? Im not exactly sure. But it came across in her tone. To which I replied, "Oh no, we are great here. Just having fun. thank you though."

I think she wasn't happy with that response. Because, apparently, we stress people out.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Overwhelmed by 2!

My sweet girl, Eva Isabel, you are 2 years old today.

You share this day with another of my favorite girls, your Aunt Mishka. I love that you both have the same birthday.

Eva you are such a joy to me in so many ways. While you are insanely mischievous (just like your oldest brother Jorge was) you are just too cute to be "mad" at. Already by 2 you have.. had me call Poison control twice, you had a stint of taking off your diaper at every turn, hid my cell phone many times (after you manage to turn it off), played happily in my laundry detergent and dumped it all over the laundry room floor, climbed up onto the top bunk of the boys bed (and demand that I come get you, every.single.time) and tormented your brothers in special ways that only you can.

But oh sweet girl, you have way more sweetness in that little petite body than you could ever have "trouble." When your brothers come out of the bathroom from getting discipline, you are standing at the door and open your arms and say, "uh huuug."

You love to sing songs. Your favorites include:
-itsy bitsy spider, Jesus loves Me, God is so good, and "Happy" as you say (If you are happy and you know it).

You light up every room you walk in to. You say "Hey" with a big smile to anyone you come in contact with. You give orders better than anyone. You are talking way earlier than your smart brothers did. Every day you amaze me with what you know. In fact, just yesterday you got upset when I said you couldn't have any more "candy." And you said, "Mommy. Meeean." That, you got from your brothers ("You being mean").

Your brothers adore you. They share their toys better with you than they do with each other. And your little brother already adores you too. You love your "Ikick" and give him tons of slobbery kisses.

Well as we joke that we have 3 boys and a family idol.. we do know that you are so special to have. You bring so much to our family and we are thankful that God gave you to us. I love you sweet girl.

Kisses and squeeze hugs.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Cause and Effect..

This product:

successfully STOPS this behavior:

But because he is no longer able to lull himself to sleep with his thumb, he may do this when he is supposed to be napping:

but I will venture to say that NOT moving bone structure in his mouth (per the dentist) is better than not napping.

I haven't fully decided on that one yet. ;-)

(Do NOT leave this product in your house with a 2 year old little girl. Said girl can, to your surprise take off the top, put the little brush thingy in her mouth, drool profusely, vomit her breakfast, make you dial Poison Control, stuff ice cream down her mouth, which she will gladly take, gag a few times and tell you at least 100 times, "mommy, yuckies" as she claws at her tongue. but otherwise be just fine.)

Friday, August 13, 2010

If trying to lose weight, don't......

eat the whole bag in three days.

Just sayin'.

(these are the generic brand and they taste just as good as the "other" kind).

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cooking dinner: good night vs. bad night..

Having four kids is a blessing. Lots of blessing. Multi-tasking is the name of the game. And what you are able to accomplish in a day can vary from day to day.

Take for example, cooking dinner.

Most days my hubby is home by 4 p.m (he leaves at 5:30 a.m). So he is typically available to help entertain the kids (or at least re-direct their energy) so that I can cook dinner. However, there are some days where he is not home in time for the dinner preparations and I have to occupy four children while trying not to burn something.

thus we have cooking good days and bad days.


Jorge and Alex: Arguing, complaining, asking for items I am NOT cooking for dinner, tormenting their sister, running around the house nekked (yes, you read that correctly), "drinking water from the bathroom sink" (aka making a huge mess while laughing hysterically at the way water can splash all over the place). Generally, destroying the house.

Eva: crying, wandering around without her diaper since she took off her clothes and the diaper (and thus, typically pees on my floor), running around nekked with her brothers, getting water dumped on her in the bathroom while her brothers are "getting a drink of water," getting knocked down by brothers running around the house.

Isaac: crying. period.

But then, alas, there are good days. Days where I have my wits about me and can redirect all the energy into some productive things they can do while I cook our dinner.

A Good day looks like this:

Jorge and Alex: happily playing with their cuisenaire rods, (as they are in this pic while listening to classical music), coloring, building spaceships, happily playing together with their clothes on.

Eva: sitting contentedly in a high chair playing with playdoh (while occasionally tasting it, of course), singing, talking sweetly to Isaac, and NOT pulling her diaper off and peeing on my floor.

Isaac: NOT crying. (for the moment).

So there you have it. Dinner is served.. just a little toasty.

(it is important to note that my children do much better while playing outside, which is generally where they are when it doesn't feel like 115 degrees outside. Fall, please come quickly. Besides, "nekked" is so much more fun outside).