Thursday, March 31, 2011

Don't like how you look?

I have to share an amazing post by my OLDER sister, Mishka. (that's a bit of an inside joke: the older part).

It's compelling, encouraging and you get to see her pretty face.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We did it!!! We went to the beach. Ft. Walton Beach (6 miles from Destin). Fun. Relaxing. Yes, relaxing. We hired a nanny to come with us. Best decision of 2011, so far. Ha! The kids had a blast. They swam, in the hot tub.. because the beach in March is still too cold. And so is the regular pool. Thankfully the hot tub was not that hot and therefore safe for the kids.

This is Blessing. She was our nanny. She is amazing with children. She is one of eight in her own family. She was a God send. Very sweet and a heart for small children. I highly recommend you take her along on your next vacation. Her help is worth any amount! Thank you Blessing!! We miss you.

and alas, this is my favorite picture of 491 that I took. This picture is a perfect reminder to me to take that shot..even if i think it looks cheesy or isn't going to turn out. I very quickly bent down to get this shot. I stepped in front of Blessing and about knocked her over, because Eva was moving so quickly and i was just sure i'd miss the opportunity. In fact, when i looked at it in my camera (pre-editing) I was sure I wasn't going to like it. But now.. it's my favorite. two things: take the shot.. and lots of them.. second, always wait until you can edit a photo before you dismiss it.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Cut me some slack.. i have young children.

I remember being a teenager and thinking that moms in their 30's were, well, out of touch. Out of touch with reality, culture and anyone not inside their head. I remember thinking how you must not have much on the inside of your head as a mom.

Turns out, I was right!

As a mom in my thirties, I can say with complete confidence that my middle name is "Scatterbrain."

I long felt that moms needed to get a life, but it turns out: ya can't! Not happenin'. And not for some time.

Most people have compassion for "young" moms. I think that is the classification if you are in your 20's and have small children. I mean, c'mon, 20's are like babe years. But what about having some compassion for the mom in her thirties, that has "young" children? Don't count us out, please. I often feel like I need to wear a shirt, sticker, or neon sign that says, "BECAUSE I HAVE YOUNG CHILDREN ____________" (fill in the blank or vice versa). Here let me help you:

*I can't pee in a bathroom by myself because I have young children.
*I put the phone in the refrigerator because I have young children.
*I get water dumped in my lap at a movie theater because I have young children.
*I forget to take my insulin for days because I have young children.
*I pull out of my driveway while talking on my home phone because I have young children.
*I can't stick to my exercise plan because I have young children.
*By the end of any given day I do not want ANYONE to touch me because I have young children.
*I wipe poop off of humans because I have young children.
*I cry over spilt milk because I have young children.
*I wish to take a nap everyday because I have young children.
*I don't care that the baby is eating eggs off the floor from breakfast, because I have young children.
*I don't care what tweeny bopper is dating which tweeny bopper because I have young children.
*I don't care about the label on my clothes or my children's clothes' because I have young children.
*I forget to call you back, send that email or know you exist because I have young children.
*I want a vacation because I have young children.
*I totally flub adult conversations because I have young children.

So, while not an exhaustive list, this is a starter. So please, cut us some slack. We ARE smarter than we appear. We will not always be in this phase. But know.. we are awesome. We just... have young children.

Feel free to add your own in my comments. :-)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bye bye LONG hair.

Bye Bye LONG hair...

Heeeeelllooo easy.

He likes it. I promise. Even though he didn't notice until I told him. Eh boys.

Whatcha think??

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This girl needs a family!

I know a family that wants to bring this little girl home. They just need funds..

Sharon, the precious little girl with HIV, has an "account" once it reaches a certain amount, then this family can commit to her and move forward with the process. Please consider giving something.. $10, $20 $1000. ANYTHING WILL help get her closer to a family!

click here..

thanks guys..

oh and please share her page.. it will get her face out there for others to see!