Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beach 2009

this was supposed to be one of just me and the sexy hubs.. but the boys gave it a "real life" look.. sans Eva. 

Jorge, his sisters (Cecy & Vero) and his mom.  His brother was not able to come with us. :-(
Cecilia, Ciro and Marco
Martha and her current grandchildren......when we all got home we found out someone was expecting...

Not her.. Veronica and her family (l-r: Josh, Jeremy, Ernesto, Vero and Kevin (lil' man). 

HER!! Yeah Cecy!  Beautiful pregnant lady (7 weeks). the young girl up front is her daughter Natalie.. the young man in the back is her step-son marco, and Natalie's friend Emily.  
growing family! 
proud papa.. 
"hey kevin, let me tell you a secret.." 

Random fun beach trip pics to come.. 

Starting Week TWO

so I am on day two of week two of P90X.  So for those interested in my journey here are some cool tidbits and maybe some encouragement:

-it is so much easier to workout at home than in a gym.  Even though its an hour workout (whew) it is not surrounded by two hours combined time loading up kids and unloading kids in a gym. 

-although some do not like my instructor (tony horton.. ahem, you know who you are), I think its fun and heck, i don't care if he is annoying.. he's helping me get RESULTS.  

-if I can do this.. anyone can.  I am so bad at staying committed to anything but I take it a day at a time, following my older sis's advice: each day just ask yourself "when am I going to work out today?"  she had a busy day yesterday and found herself working out at 9 p.m bc other things had to get done too.  I folded five loads of laundry yesterday, did my workout, then put the laundry away.  Both things got done but I had to use some flexibility. 

-I may not have lost inches yet, but I feel like I have.  I just feel better having worked out. More energy.. and I also notice that the stretches and lifting really do help me in everyday activities.  

-Two of my favorite Tony phrases:  "Do your best and forget the rest" and "You won't see results until you press play." These motivate me so much.  

Anyway.. week two is off to a good start and I feel so good after i workout.  Comfort of my own home. . and I am able to work toward a goal..like I said, even though my pants aren't falling off me yet or people aren't noticing my chiseled abs (*sigh,* one day) I feel great!  

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is Eva and I starting out our hike at Oak Mountain to enjoy the beautiful Pevine Falls. We had to set out a wee bit later than the rest of the clan (hubby and two boys) bc it was "sprinkling." When we set out the boys were already at the falls. Right after I snapped this "happy" picture.. it started to rain, not sprinkle.

 We were too far onto the trail to turn around and head back. So what did Survivor mommy do? I took out my nursing blanket and swung it up over her to cover the sweet, poor baby. I was ill prepared for rain.

Needless to say.. our family enjoyed a nice day at Oak Mountain. And I got some extra cardio, courtesy of the 20+ lbs on my back. Good times.

(for those of you who have seen pics of my mom, you may pick up on the fact that this photo of me really resembles her.. its quite scary).


Thursday, March 26, 2009


So my boys got buzzed tonight.  Classic, sitting on the front porch getting hairs cut.  This is not the first buzz for Jorge.   Although, it is for Alex.  While I am a fan of short hair, it is taking some getting used to with Alex.  I have never seen it this short.  But I know for boys, this will be so nice for the summer: cool and as often as we have to cut their hair, cheap.  

Recession, baby!  LOL.  

In case you needed a before picture.. 

I like it.  I do.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So my little sister and her team (University of Alabama) have won the SEC Championship!! Click here for more info and photos.. and in case you want to watch a replay of the meet for yourself (3/28) watch FoxSports at 6pm.  

Wow, I am so proud of her! Roll Tide!! To watch her in action click here and choose from the many videos.  

(Rachel is the one right in the middle, up front in front of the plaque). 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

so much.. so much

So I won't be able to upload pics from our beach trip until tonight.. maybe.  So please be patient. I know blogs are so much more fun to read when there are pics. 

Our trip went well and we kept the family tradition alive: ME getting sick at the beach.  I got Strep.  OUT OF NOWHERE!  Only the Garcia's I tell you.  But once I got my antibiotics I felt much better in 24 hours.  Alex got the fever virus our last night there, but he too is all better.   

My hubby and I also celebrated our six year anniversary Sunday and enjoyed a..um.. long drive back home.  HA!  I thought that instead of a sign on our van that said "Honk and we'll kiss" it should read:  6th year anniversary-3 kids three and under-HONK and we'll fall asleep."  
It was more funny in my head.  I'll do a tribute post later. 

Also, very excited (for now, LOL) to start the P90X exercise program. My older sister is doing it as well and so I have an accountability partner, which is nice.  Also, putting it out there to all of you is a huge accountability.  You can read about the program yourself, but I am not so much after weight loss as I am losing inches on my waist (baby stuff) and toning my legs arms, and well, all over.  I am super excited and will post photos as I start to see change of before/after.  

Well I better go. I look forward to catching up with everyone's blogs soon.. 


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now this is EXCITEMENT!!

"Mommy, please I sleep in  this?" -Jorge

"Sure, why not?"  -Mommy

This picture explains how excited he is that we are going to the beach. He can hardly contain himself. Wish I had a few cents for each time he has asked me when we are leaving.

Only the Garcia's

                                                 (Beach trip 2008)

So how do you know when the Garcia's are going to the beach the next day?? 

Someone gets sick!  Never mind that mommy hasn't been out of the house for a week on account of all the rain.   Well except for that trip to the church nursery.  

Jorge (3 yr old) woke up at 3 a.m with 103 degree fever.  Although, he is fine today.  Still warm but running around and certainly no throw-up or diarrhea.  So for this, we are thankful.  In case you wanted to be reminded what happened the last time we went to the beach read here.  

Needless to say.. we shall try again.. we are headed to Destin tomorrow.. spinning vomiting heads or not.  


Thursday, March 12, 2009


From laughter.. seriously.. oh this is hilarious.

love: just gonna see if you wanted me to make you one too!

Priceless.. he is a comic genius!

check more of his creative genius.. here!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recent happenings...

We have had a busy week.. what else is new, right? There was a gymnastics meet at Alabama and then a birthday party (for Fritz) and little stops along the way. Here are some pics.

My youngest sister, Ruth, trying to get Eva to smile. 

Rachel, other younger sister, holding her favorite little angel. 

Fritz embarrassed that everyone is singing to him! 

the boys chugging Fanta.. can you tell they rarely get soft drinks? 

Eva loves her daddy.. they were both making raspberries.. 

LOVE this photo of her in his lap.. she is just a little model, that girl.

Alex pulling Jack around in the radio flyer (at the bday party). 
my hubs pulling the four boys around (his pants are rolled up, not bc he is starting a new fad, but bc they had all been playing in a creek a few minutes earlier).  

I am just patiently waiting for next week.. we are headed to the beach with all of Jorge's side of the family.  About 16 of us all (kids included) in a four bedroom house.. should be wild!  Definitely will have pics of that.  

Have a good day! 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

too cute

Jorge and Alex were laying in the bed with us this morning.  Well more like wrestling and then Jorge got hurt. 

Jorge:  Ouch. . oh my head hurts. 

me:  oh honey, what happended? 

Jorge:  Daddy happened. 


Alex was asking for his sippy cup that was behind the baby gate in the kitchen.  I went in and got it and then I said: 

Me:  Alex, say thank you. 

Alex: Thank you Jesus.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bible Time Funnies...

Well more like "Prayer time funnies.."  

This morning we read about Jacob obeying God and going back to his homeland even though he was scared his brother would be mad at him.  Then Esau met his brother and gave him a big hug. (children's Bible).  

So after the story Jorge wanted to pray.  "Dear Jesus, thank your for we obey and thank you for our spanking and our discipline and for the duck that didn't bite Alex's finger at the Zoo.  And thank you for daddy to work and help people feel all better so that we can eat food."  

He covered  alot of ground, most of which we have prayed in different prayers.  For example, after he gets a spanking, we always pray and thank God for our discipline because He loves us.  

And when he says he doesn't want daddy to go to work I remind him that if daddy didn't go to work we wouldn't have money to eat. 

 Oh and he saved his brothers fingers at the Zoo the other day when Alex was not responding quick enough to my command to move said fingers because a large, nasty black duck looking thing was going to bite them off.  Jorge ran over and yanked his brother off the fence (much to Alex's disgust) and held him back until I could run that way and explain why he had to obey!  

Anyway.. cute prayers.. I love it! 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Where you be at?"

Bad grammar aside, this has been the question I've been getting. I didn't have a computer for about four days and then when the weather turned nice we have spent every possible moment outside (mom's with boys, you understand).. no playing with dolls here. Must be outside, tearing something apart. climbing (or they climb walls..I have proof.. more of that later) or yelling as loud as they possibly can. Anyhoo.. here are some fun pics to show "some" of our adventures.. some of which are poor quality BC they were taken with my cell phone.. enjoy!

This is just to show how adorable my, now 6 month old, daughter is.  I could eat her! 

Seriously.. I found him like this.. 

Just for the record:  WORLD magazine.. only the best for our little scholar.

Birthday cake surprise at my husband's.. um.. work..  

Beauty got her first bath in the bathtub.. yeah.. she liked it. 

can you count all the rolls?? 

Proof that "sit time" at home pays off out in public.  At the library. 

then reward for sit time at the Library.. playing like crazy at the park. 

still could eat her. 

Dinner out for his bday.. cell phone pic.. i love that man. 

Color time counts for "sit time."  
OCD Alex has to put the crayons in some kind of order.. they say this makes them good in math.. we'll see.. 

Okay.. DISCLAIMER:  My husband taught him how to do this.  And he gets down without incident.  But it still makes me cringe every time he does it.  He is spiderman. 

At the Zoo.. had a blast.  NOT going to stay two hours the next time.  We all melted down.  LOL. 

Fun with Fritz at another park.  Although after the kids got "bored" playing on the playground equipment.. I suggested that we go "over to that big hill and let them run up and down it."  They loved it and it did a great job wearing them out.  This was them taking a break.  See, Alex was even too tired to look up at the camera.  

It's been wild.  Lots of fun and not alot of time to blog.  Guess that's a good thing.  I hope to do a little more blogging this next week.. we shall see.   Just enjoying my kiddos right now and the fact that we can be outside and not sweat or get sucked away by skito's.  

going to bed. adios.